H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad has recently taken  the Constitutional Oath for a New 7-year Presidential Term. For the majority of the Syrians who elected him he is indeed the Oath because the Syrians infinite trust in him is indeed sacred. H.E. has been defending all against every injustice, evil, aggression and terrorism.

President Bashar Al-Assad won a third 7-year presidential term with the absolute majority: 10 million, 319 thousand and 723 voters voted President Al-Assad with an 88,7 percentage.11 million, 634 thousand and 412 Syrians participated in the balloting process. 15 million, 845 thousand and 575 Syrians were eligible for voting. 442108 balloting papers were considered invalid, according to the Supreme Constitutional Court.

You have been steadfast and committed to your homeland, president Al-Assad said to the Syrians in his historic inauguration speech on this glorious day in Syria's modern history. You are one people with one heart, added H.E. President Al-Assad to his own people, who wanted, decided and implemented what they aspired to practicing democracy and voting for their constitution and parliament.

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The President of the Syrian Arab Republic, Dr. Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, spoke on behalf of the majority and addressed all who have hearts, humanity and minds. It has been, among many other things, the discourse of the most courageous elected leader to the most coward ewes, who fell nothingness and absurdity; these symbols of rotten pre-historic half-men, and this is the fact of the matter; the discourse of the most courageous leader to the most brutal and greedy colonialists, who have been afraid even of the Syrian expats votes! It has been the popular Syrian decision to go forward and pursue the march of building, reform and progress. It is a call for justice, mind and reason as to how the slaves and their masters should reconsider their sinful and criminal practices against the cradle of civilizations, humanity and religions.

The President of Syria has given all a unique example of how to stand up high and steadfast and defend his country and people against every enemy, every greedy and most importantly against terrorism. He has been sincere, transparent, and courageous in protecting not only Syria, the region, but the whole world from the scorpion of terrorism. The President who sacrifices the most precious of everything in the battle of freedom, dignity, sovereignty, independence and fight against terrorism and extremism has alone the floor to speak. The ewes, colonialists and illusioned should shut up and be all ears to learn how to in dignity and honor defend the noble and just causes. H.E. President Al-Assad is alone the icon of humanity, reason, logic and democracy in this part of the globe.

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The path of President Bashar Al-Assad has been clearly outlined and mapped out to the tune of the Syrian masses and interests. Al-Assad's path of pragmatism, transparency, sovereignty, justice, peace, reason, and secularity has been targeted by almost every non-objective jealous leader!

The Syria Al-Assad's path has been made during more than 4 decades and especially made for the Syrians to follow. It is the path of sacrifices, martyrdom, work, and challenges. On this very path, not only the majority of the Syrians but every Syrian has been admitted to everywhere and every post in Syria. Learning has been for all and principles of equity prevailed. Syria has been moved from coup plagued country belonging to the elite of families from some cities into Syria for all families from all and every city.

Thus, the Syrians hand in hand continued and pursued the path; to the disappointment of the ewes, particularly of the Saudi and Qatari folks, and of course the old-new-colonials and US. These forces of evil allied themselves with their own made  cannibals and terrorists  as to end Syria. President Bashar Al-Assad has stood up to his words and principles; a fierce defense of His Syria and Syrians. He has been the Guardian Angel defending his country and people.

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On July 17, 2007, His Excellency, President Bashar Al-Assad took the Constitutional Oath before the Syrian Parliament , for a new 7-year presidential term, following H. E. landslide victory of the May-2007-held Presidential Referendum, with a 97, 62 YES by 95.86 percent of the Syrian 12 million voters.

 President Al-Assad delivered the much-awaited for Presidential- New- Term Inauguration Speech, to the standing ovation of Syria’s 250-member Parliament. H. E. outlined in his speech some of the achievements realized in Syria during his first 7-year presidential term, with particular reference to the process of reforms, and modernization of Syria.

President Al-Assad gave optimistic figures and statistics regarding what has been achieved in different economic, social medical, financial aspects, pledging to continue and speed up the process of reforms, notwithstanding the pressures exerted against Syria . Of no less importance was President Al-Assad reiterated commitment to the realization of just and comprehensive peace in the region, calling on Israel, to declare its real desire for the realization of such peace: announcing officially and clearly guaranteeing their withdrawal from the occupied Syrian Golan Heights to the line of June 4, 1967.

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Since November 1970, we have paid a great attention to the national economy and built an economic base upon which the progress of society and the country’s growth have relied. We are committed to comprehensive development as a national responsibility to the State and society. We have developed agriculture and industry, built dams, big industrial installations, set up economic pluralism, encouraged talents, given opportunities to all to contribute to society’s development.

We have created solid economic and social base which has enabled us to complete our infrastructure, such as, electricity, roads, dams, potable water projects, schools, universities, hospitals, medical centers, social educational, cultural and health services, which have all contributed to raise our people’s living standards and meet their material and spiritual needs.

These big achievements push us to exert more effort and to shoulder responsibility and to realize social and economic increases which enables us to be competent partners in this world, strongly defending our rights and future.

We have to concentrate on balance in the national economy by working to increase production, expand the base of development and investment, reconsider Investment Law in order to close the gaps which prevented maximum benefit from it and make new investments.

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