H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad has recently given a transparent, as usual, detailed interview to Russia 24 TV. One of the main interesting topics raised by the journalist was about the secret which enabled the Syrian people to survive and avoid despair.

Simply President Assad cited many reasons for the Syrians' triumph against multinational terrorists and their backers. An important factor for this glorious triumph, not mentioned by President Assad , is his own leadership.

First and foremost, President Assad has been bravely defending his country and people fiercely and masterfully. A captain doesn’t think of life and death, he thinks of saving his ship. If the ship sinks, everybody will die, so we would rather save the country, President Assad declared in his interview with the French 'Paris Match Magazine, December 4, 2014.

"But I want to stress an important point here. Remaining president had never been my objective, before, during, or after the crisis. But we as Syrians will never accept that Syria become a western puppet state. This is one of our most important objectives and principles," added the savior courageous  President.

President Bashar has indeed kept, as ever where words are deeds, his 2000 inauguration pledges  that the  trust in  and love to Syrians  are infinite …the man you have known and loved some of his merits and exchanged trust and love with him will not change at all once he assumes his post. He came out of the people and lived with them and shall remain one of them.

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We wonder what the interview contains, for having curbed RAI in transmitting it: perhaps the picture that emerges does not coincide with the poison and falsehoods built for years by Rai? Yes, we are prejudiced and suspicious, because information on the Syrian conflict is one of the most ignoble pages in the history of Italian information. Therefore, many questions are asked on social networks by users following Syrian events, vietatoparlare. It news website wondered.

It is not alien to think that the delay can be explained by the concern that the interview could undermine the official narrative. Now that current events are clarifying the whole truth of the war in Syria….other contradictions may emerge.

In other words: the content of the interview could be detrimental to the credibility of the editorial line held so far. The interview could give the coup de grace to an information that is proving to be increasingly prone to power and that is only good for entertainment and distribution of advertising. Of course it may be that someone from outside has come into play who has asked RAI to let it go, but then what reason is there to pay the RAI fee for information that is defined as objective and that is protected by the Constitution?

Naman Tarcha, a Syrian - professional journalist who has been in Italy for years said when asked: How can a country that does not even have the courage to broadcast an interview, claim to play a serious role in international foreign policy! From Syria to Libya it would be appropriate to make a serious cost-benefit analysis on the errors of European governments especially in Italy to support the crazy policies of our great allies.

Other comments by Italians on facebook pages said that we no longer have decency and morality and we do not serve the good even if we say we are "infinitely humanitarian" is a fact ... but then - in the long run - the hoax will take place: we will be punished anyway by those we respect ...

All the Chinese press agencies have taken up the story of the failure to broadcast the interview with ASSAD on RAI. Ample space also in the Arab media. Most speak of political decision. 

The facts and reality ,as declared by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, which the West has been trying to hide as to continue misleading its public opinion in the interest of the minority exploitations and colonial sinister schemes:

Mainstream media in the West do not talk about the reality on the ground in Syria, ignore any talk about terrorists and their slaughterhouses heinous crimes.

The Syrian Army is advancing and liberating the Syrian territories from the foreign-backed and affiliated to terrorists and even from the Western plots as to prolong the war of terrorists against Syrians to an attrition war.

The US, West and their satellite states, are indeed responsible to the suffering inflicted upon the Syrians, the Western and US sanctions, support to terrorists are responsible for terrorism mushrooming, refugees crisis, and they have to stop meddling in Syria's affairs, to use reason and stop violating international law.

France was one of the main backers of terrorists in Syria, along with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others

The ongoing in Syria has never been a civil war , nor a political one for or against the president; it is indeed the terrorists' war, supported by foreign powers, against Syrians and against their country's integrity , secularity, and sovereignty. It is the war launched by the extremists, terrorist, al-nusra, ISIS and wahabbis' ideologies   and fundamentalists.

Syria's war has been waged in the face of extremism, vandalisms , outlaws and against the terrorists affiliated to foreign intelligence and foreign powers.

True religion is but peace, dialogue and love and not the so-called islamaziation and distortion of religion. Accordingly, the Vatican is warmly invited to play its role as to spread the culture of truth and independence, as to ascertain facts and encourage the West to alleviate the suffering imposed on the Syrian by sanctions, support to terrorism and as to stop pushing its nose in Syria's domestic affairs.

Syria's advanced and free religious institutions, schools, culture, art, intellectuals are an example to be followed as to combat terrorism and extremism.

Russian interests and stances by Syria in her fight against terrorism is to balance the negative US role, in respect for the principles and in commitment  to international law. Russia has been dealing with the reality on the ground, with no compromise on Syria's integrity and sovereignty.

President Assad does support reforms and peoples demands for the better as has been the case in Syria and Lebanon recently, BUT not to allow anybody from outside to manipulate and exploit peoples demands.

None is more careful about their children than their own mothers, and the motherland is the first to care about civilians' life. Such a fatherly care about the Syrians enabled President Assad to liberate the territories and the Syrians, along with allies, cannot win without public support.

We did not use chemicals against our people; why should we use chemicals, which we do not possess, while advancing against the terrorists and their masters!   OPCW  falsifications recent leaks prove but the immorality and politicized work of such an institution as an American arm, and a Western arm to create and spread chaos.

The Syrians, who are collectively the survivors from such a terrorist war,  have their own necessary funds for reconstruction and are ever ready to make business but away from sanctions and foreign interference.

Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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I  have been doing this since my first day in office, I haven’t changed my nature.  I would like to stress an important point, which is that my security detail hasn’t changed before or during the war.  It has remained the same, stated H.E. President Bashar  Al-Assad in his recent interview with Russia 24 and Rossiya Sevodnya.

We haven’t introduced any additional measures, neither in relation to driving a car nor with regards to the security motorcade.  They remain the same….I drive my car because I don’t like the trappings of the position; this is my nature.  I’m self-dependent, I have always driven my car and that hasn’t change, underscored President Assad.

I prefer to let my personality dictate the position rather than allow the trappings of power to dictate who I am.  That is it Mr. President and this is one of the infinite reasons which made Syria victorious on the path of Correction Movement led by the father of all Syria, the late president Hafez Al-Assad.

This has always been my principle: before and during the war, and it will not change.  Neither terrorism nor anything else will succeed in changing my nature and my relationship with people. This is but a part and parcel of what you believe Mr. President as one of the strengths of any official who cares about his relationship with people, and who likes to be as close to them as possible.

The brave captain who has been navigating the ship among the risky storms, if not tsunamis, is thus pursuing the march of the late President  Hafez  Al-Assad, who  on November 16th, 1970 was able to rescue Syria  from bloody coups, chaos, unrest, and  to wash away the humiliation of June, 1967, to restore elegance and civilization role to a country, plagued with long thorny years of occupation, colonialism and all-related aspects of darkness and backwardness.

Syria's today brave citizen president has been able and successful in leading the fight against terrorism and its multi-national backers and financers.

As the late President, the Leader of the Correction, stated clearly in the 70's, through the correction Movement, " we have emerged out of chaos, ended the isolation between the masses and leadership,…. put an end to the spoiling of the country economy, as well as to the exploitation and wasting of the civilians means of living,’’

 ‘If we weren’t able to achieve victory, let us spare our generations to come defeat,’’ Yes, your Excellency, you did spare us the many of unbearable defeats. Actually, the ongoing fierce war against Syrians was long expected by the late far-sighted President; thus, many of our steadfastness factors in the face of these attacks were strongly made by the late President and well-safeguarded and developed by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

The Syrian Lion untimely departed, and only in body, to afterlife. His last words, in a telephone conversation with former Lebanese  President Emile Lahoud , so that we would ‘ inherit better than they did’ do always echo deep in the Syrians’ heart and conscience and mind. Indeed, we have inherited the modern Syria of today, the legacy and national and steadfastness stances of the most beloved like-father president so far.

This very inheritance has so far enabled us to encounter and foil many of the most evil conspiracies in modern history against us. President Bashar promised the masses in his first landmark inauguration speech in the year 2000,  to honestly pursue the March of Correction, to naturally modernize the inherited as to keep pace with up-to-dates: " because the great leader, Hafez al-Assad has prepared for us a firm ground, solid basis and a great heritage of values and principles which he defended and adhered to, till he parted with us and moved to the afterlife.

President Bashar has indeed kept, as ever where words are deeds, his 2000 inauguration pledges  that the  trust in  and love to Syrians  are infinite …the man you have known and loved some of his merits and exchanged trust and love with him will not change at all once he assumes his post. He came out of the people and lived with them and shall remain one of them.

You may expect to see him everywhere whether in the work place or on the streets or in your picnics in order to learn from you and sharpen his determination by his contact with you and shall work for you as he has always done.

Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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The Syrian citizen has always been the main focus of President Bashar Al-Assad. President Assad's recent Syrian TV interview, tackled several issues concerning the domestic affairs for this very citizen. Amaong the raised points underscored by President Assad are:

•        Fighting terrorism is not achieved by theorizing, making rhetorical statements or by preaching. 

•        As for postponing, had we waited for an international decision – and by international decision I mean American, British, French and those who stand with them – we would not have liberated any region in Syria since the first days of the war.

•        We give political action an opportunity so that there is no pretext, but when all these opportunities are exhausted, military action becomes necessary in order to save civilians, because I cannot save civilians when they are under the control of the militants. 

•        The military intervention aims at protecting the civilians, by leaving civilians under the authority of terrorists you extend a service to terrorists and take part in killing civilians.

•        We have not made any concessions and no concessions can be made.  

•        The constitutional committee and the outcomes it might produce later would be used as a launching pad to attack and strike at the structure of the Syrian state.  This is what the West has been planning for years, and we know this.

•        A constitutional committee while the terrorists are still there will solve the problem – how? This is impossible; it is rejected.  The solution starts by striking at terrorism in Syria.

•        The constitutional committee has nothing to do with the elections it is only tasked with the constitution

•        There is no real difference between amending the constitution or having a new one, because there is nothing to define the new.

•        We are fully aware of the game they are going to play. They aim to weaken the state and transform it into a state which cannot be controlled from within and, consequently is controlled from the outside.

•        It starts by stopping external interference in Syria.  Any Syrian-Syrian dialogue complements, contributes and plays a certain role, but it does not replace the first and second elements.

•        If we take Aleppo for instance, it is the heart of Syrian industry, and with Damascus they are the center of the Syrian economy.  So, areas are different but if we liberate areas without taking the necessary measures to invigorate the economy, things will not improve. 

•        So, as a state, we need to accelerate the rebuilding of infrastructure – like restoring electricity and other utilities, and the role of state institutions, in order to facilitate the return of the productivity cycle.

•        The challenge now is to integrate these people into the economic cycle.  The answer to the question: (can we do it?) of course, we can.

•        Dereliction of duty is one thing and corruption is something else.

•        State revenues have also receded as a result of fewer exports and the lack of tourism; no tourists will visit a country during a war.  Countries that we depend on for exports are contributing to the sanctions in one way or another.

•        Nonetheless, we have managed to identify unofficial channels for exports, which has contributed to the inflow some hard currency.

•        Small or medium-sized industries help us reduce our dependency on importing materials and hence reduce the pressure on the Syrian Pound. 

•        The solution lies in accelerating state services and facilities to push projects forward and this is what we are doing; we are waiting for a response, because there is a lot of pressure on foreign investors not to invest in Syria.

•        Now fighting corruption was given priority because of the economic conditions we are living and because this reservoir, which is the state, is punctured in many places, so any revenues going into it were syphoned out.

•        As long as there is corruption, fighting it we will continue. That’s for sure. In these circumstances and in other circumstance.  This is part of developing the state. We cannot talk about developing the state in terms of administration and other aspects without fighting corruption.

•        The first thing in the constitution, or one of its most important provisions, is the protection of private property.  We cannot tell somebody, under any title, we take this property. 

•        The law for the disclosure of financial assets is part of it, prosecuting corrupt individuals for certain wrongdoings is another. 

•        My last meeting with the government was dedicated solely to the role of the media…  the meeting was dedicated to advancing the state media; because it constitutes the most important tool in fighting corruption.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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The preparations for the battle of Idleb caused a hysteria condition for  Western countries as the liberation of Idleb, the last fortification for terrorist organizations,  would but put an end to the war of terrorism against Syria and foil their schemes as to prolong this war, H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad outlined.

Presiding over the meeting of the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) here today, President Assad, the BASP Regional Secretary General, reiterated that the Syrian Army would after the liberation of Idleb liberate the remaining areas, which also was another cause for the said hysteria.

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