"Assad in Person: Confident, Friendly, No Regrets, he radiated confidence and friendliness as he ushered a group of British and American journalists and policy analysts into an elegant wood-paneled sitting room. Indeed, Mr. Assad has managed to hold on not only because of decisive intervention by foreign fighters, but also because of deeper support in some quarters than many thought he had".

 "Mr. Assad, in a dark suit and trademark Windsor-knotted tie, met us at the top of the palace’s sweeping staircase, saying he found it “more cozy” than the official one. There were no security checks".


Anne Barnard, Beirut bureau chief at The New York Times, November 1, 2016.






Congratulations on Pope Francis letter

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   Dear President Bashar al Assad,

Congratulations on receiving letter from Pope Francis and the Syrian government troops success at liberating Allepo.

I am sorry that the US/Saud/Israel/Turkey funded terrorists are still creating chaos to still attempt to destabilize Syria for Israeli interests, but the Pope can clearly see the legitimate Syrian government fights with honor with its honorable allies, Lebanon's army of Hezbollah, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp, and the Russian Federation.

Our prayers are with you and your people to thwart this Despicable terror funded by the West that profits only Israel and it's parent World Bank.

 Respectfully Yours,

 William Logg

William < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >




Syriatimes.sy: Message to the President Mr. Assad

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          Marcel Beck


 Dear Sirs

 Just wanna say that I did work about 20 years ago in the Power Plant of Mehardeh under the government from the President Father Assad and everything in Syria was well...He was a very good President and He controlled all in the Region of the Arabien Countries! Well I am sure that Mr. President Assad Junior is same as He's Father and He is the only One and best President for Syria! I hope He get more support from around the World and I hope He does not listen to the stupid Europe governments! Putin knows what He is doing! I was in Aleppo, Hama and so on...all the beautiful Places from Syria and I feeld always sure and well! So my Heart beats for President Assad!!! Best Greetings from Switzerland!!! Kindly Regards Marcel Beck

 Marcel Beck < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >



Congratulation for liberation of Aleppo


Fri 12/16, 3:13 PM

Congratulation for liberation of Aleppo. The evil has failed and truth triumphed. Long live Syria.

dofnp mardan

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 Support for Assad from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Amer Spahic

Thu 12/8, 4:10 PMYou

Dear President Mr. Assad,

I'm Amer Spahić from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Sarajevo, me and my people support you and your people to  win in your war. We also have the war 1991-1995 and we win. We hope If you have time to give  interview where you tell Bosnian people about the war in Syria because the people in Bosnian believe the American newspaper and Tv.
Amer Spahić

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Dear Mr. President al Assad,

congratulations for your actual success in Aleppo !

I'm happy to hear about these positive developments in your county,  and of course I'm ashamed for our criminal politicians in the west, also here in Germany, where I live.

But I'm also sure, that you already know  that a lot of Germans know about the lies in the media and they know, that you're a good President, and really care for your people and your country.

keep going on the good work, god bless you and your country !

The very best regards,

Stefan Link

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 syriatimes.sy: Thank you for this enlightenment.

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        Treasa van Ommen Kloeke This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

nowhere else do we find such explanation and reasoning as we wonder why such terrible atrocities are committed against Syria and its innocent people



Pat O'Donovan

October 31 at 11:43pm ·

Two heroes of this war Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim and Eva Bartlett. Steering us towards truth in a sea of lies. Stay safe.

 All of us should be reading the news from the Syrian point of view. How can we be aware without knowledge? Thank you Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim, Editor in Chief.



 Dear Mr. Assad,

Good luck with your battle against terrorists and extremists in Syria. You are doing great work which western governments lack the courage to undertake. 

If these terrorists are allowed to win in Syria then the rest of the civilised world will be under threat from them.

I wish that western governments would come to their senses and recognize that you are the only person who can end the war and bring order to Syria.

Mr D Haylett, United Kingdom.

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To. President Assad.

I feel I have to  e-mail you my support with your fight in your country against the evil terrorists and the US led coalition who are arming these rebels. The west interference in your country is shameful.
With your Russian friends i know you will win against these evil people.

Good Luck.
Alan Marwick

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My dear friends, let me tell my own point of view about last events in Syria.
I wish you realize that something wrong had happened in main stream media field. Some corporations which represent the joint NATO project are the organizers of all military coups. Media holdings are the carriers of information war which is impossible to understand. That’s why I want to divide business systems into two opposite groups. The first one is the business of knowledge focused on high technologies & peaceful partnership; the second type is the last century strategies of capturing territories, property redistribution & socio-economic deadlock as a result of it. Such kind of people have to bet on military coups (so called revolutions) ignoring all democratic tools. The terrorist state Daesh / ISIS / ISIL was formed after a series of so-called revolutions in the Middle East and Syria was no exception. In order to destroy the state it was necessary to discredit President and entire propaganda machine was turned on.
Bashar al-Assad is a legitimate popularly elected President of Independent country where there is Rule of law and religious moral and ethical criteria. It is not easy to Muslim leader to rise above religious prejudices and form a society of unity and brotherhood. I wish every human being to comprehend the consciousness of human spiritual. The path of hardship and pain of all Syrians & their Leader should be the lesson for war dreamers.

Irina Pomeranseva



Syrian conflict

President Assad, It has come to my attention lately that the media in the "west" is completely controlled by, let us say, the Illumined ones". It seems they are "nation building" in your country, as they have all over the world and not telling us. I pray for the restoration and peace of your people. The Middle East was relatively peaceful and tolerant of the West and its' customs until they started destroying Iraq. Then came Egypt, Libia, parts of Africa, and now your country. We in the states united experienced a similar event called the Civil War. Really the whole thing was orchestrated  by "money interests".  I am a follower of  Yeshua and I pray His grace and mercy on you and your people. 

Bill Reiland


 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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  Aleppo's Purge of Terrorists Victory for All World

 Aleppo, Cry for Humanity!












By evacuating and pardoning terrorists, is Bashar al-Assad being too nice?

 Contrary to Western fake news, Assad's approach towards terrorists is deeply humane, some would say overly humane. Here is what we know and what must be answered.

Images of green bus convoys leaving Aleppo have provoked mixed reactions across the world. The coaches are filled with the surrendered terrorists who had occupied parts of East Aleppo prior to its liberation by the Syrian Arab Army.

Far from the fake massacres reported in the Western mainstream media, President Assad and his Russian partners are handling the situation in an utterly humane fashion, perhaps too humane. Assad’s rationale is that in order for Syria to once again be a peaceful and united country, as it was prior to 2011 when Western provocations triggered the current crisis, there needn’t be any Nuremberg style trials for the terrorists who continue to plague the country.

Assad has offered amnesty to any Syrians participating in terrorist activities in return for their pledge to lay down arms and permanently return to civilian life or join the fight against terrorism. He is also happy for the larger bulk of foreign fighters to peacefully leave the country, with many suggesting that  Turkey, knowing that her plans for regime change in Damascus have failed, will cooperate in this.

It is a safe assumption that many of the terrorists formerly operating in Aleppo will flee to Turkey, where they will no longer be Syria’s problem. Others may flee into ISIS controlled regions of northern Iraq and others yet may seek safe passage further abroad, to the terrorist paradise that is the failed state of Libya. But the danger for Syrians are the terrorists who stay in Syria.

The buses from Aleppo are heading for Idlib. There is a high probability that many terrorists from Aleppo will refuse to disarm and simply join the battle that other terrorist groups are currently waging in Idlib. This strikes one as a consequence of short-term thinking on the part of the Syrian government.

In a recent interview, Assad has stated that because of the finite resources of the Syrian Arab Army, one must understand occupied regions of the country as a set of descending priorities.

According to the Syrian President, Aleppo was the priority for obvious reasons. Its size, its location within Syria, its historical importance and its importance as a large urban centre for the region, all meant that Aleppo’s freedom was essential to secure first and foremost.

Assad’s second priority are regions on the outskirts of Damascus which continue to be occupied by terrorists. It is only after this that regions around Idlib, Palmyra and ultimately Raqqa will be dealt with.

All of this is totally logical, except for the idea that terrorist fighters should live to fight another day. The move is clearly one born of humanitarian concerns, but the question which necessarily follows is, why should anyone show mercy to terrorists who showed no mercy to their victims, and, furthermore, why should they simply be transferred to another region of Syria to do in Idlib or beyond, what they did to Aleppo?

These are questions which Syria and her allies will ultimately have to address, either in a diplomatic forum or perhaps directly on the battle field as part of Assad’s long term solution to gradually eliminate all terrorism from Syria. With Obama on his last legs and a seemingly cooperate Donald Trump on his way to the White House, the idea of meeting Obama’s America half-way in terms of sheltering Al-Nura/Al-Qaeda is becoming a non-issue.

The matter as British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson of all people said, is now in the hands of Syria, Russia and their allies. Terrorism cannot be tolerated in any form. This must be the long term and lasting message.


Adam Garrie




Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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It's interesting how westerners who spend time in Syria end up supporting President Bashar al-Assad. Why is that? Why does he have the support of 80% or more of his people when "leaders" in the west struggle to get into double digits? (Hollande in France - 4% support!) Well, I'll tell you why I support him:

1. His courage and integrity. "Anyone can be president. I'm Syrian. I was born in Syria and I'll die in Syria" he said. And he meant it. He could have run from Syria with a blank check by the Saudis; his wife and children safe. But they stayed. Like the captain of a ship he determined to stay at the helm. He is known throughout Syria to be incorruptible. He and his wife are steadfast in their devotion to the people.

2. He is a unifying figure. His support comes from every religious and people group in Syria. The majority of Sunnis (Sunnis make up about 70%+ of the population), the Alawites, the Christians, and other minorities support him. They despise the "rebels" and their fanatical religious fundamentalism.

3. His total commitment to secular government. Syria is predominantly Muslim but everyone is free to practice their own religion without any persecution. He has a fierce dedication to education - free, quality, secular education and positive initiatives for young people. Sports, the arts and sciences. Care and protection of all historic and archaeological sites. Quality healthcare.

4. Women's rights. Women are engaged in every aspect of Syrian society. They can wear miniskirts or burkas - it's up to them and their families. They are leaders in government, scientists, business owners, professors - you name it.

5. Non-aggressive. Bashar al-Assad has never invaded another country. He had always wanted positive relations with the west - but he was unwilling to be our puppet. He is not a puppet or proxy for Russia or Iran btw but is committed to maintaining Syria's sovereignty and independence.

6. His patience and wisdom. Even while being continuously and maliciously slandered by the west and our allies, his calm and pragmatic nature and message have not wavered. He has told the truth of this conflict from the beginning. Both he and his wife Asma have modeled the highest standard of conduct in the face of terrible danger - and unending false horrific accusations by western and gulf media.

7. His reforms. Syria has plenty of problems to deal with especially being at the heart of the Middle East - a region subject to intense pressures from regional and global factors and factions. Yet Assad has been patiently working on improving the lives of all Syrians while building a strong foundation for a functioning and maintainable democracy. I'm sorry if it offends people in the west that he is a "dictator". But as long as our governments keep bowing down to the utterly depraved despots, the absolute monarchy, the ISIS and al Qaeda godfathers - of Saudi Arabia - who behead more people than ISIS, who allow no religious freedom whatsoever, and who consider women as property - I will keep laughing at this "offense". Truth is when you're in a region as volatile as the Middle East with the Saudis bankrolling violent fundamentalism and terrorism wherever they go, and every global power wanting to control your gas and oil, you've got to have a strong man in charge.

8. His warmth. He's just a likable guy. When I first showed my husband an interview with him in 2012, Syd said, "I want to have that guy over for dinner!" He drives himself around Damascus often. Wherever he or his wife are, the people swarm around him, get so close. Would never happen in the US.

9. His accomplishments are many. President Assad was voted Most Popular Arab Leader in regional polls in 2008 and 2009. Syria was one of the 5 safest countries in the world to live in before 2011. It was becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The economy was opening up and improving. Syria has gone from one recognized political party to over 20. They have a popularly ratified constitution and have held elections for parliament and president even while at war.

But the bottom line is this...whether anyone likes Assad or doesn't...what is reality it what he said himself: ONLY the Syrian people can and should decide their leader and government. Not the US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey. Not the Muslim Brotherhood. ONLY Syrians.

I said before, I make no apologies for President Assad. In EVERY other country in the world, the forces he is fighting are called terrorists. Terrorists is what they are and have always been. It is impossible to fight terrorists without killing people, without bombs. There would be no terrorists in Syria to fight if the United States had not been using them to perform our illegal regime change coup against this popular and positive president.



Janice Kortkamp added 32 new photos.

 Taylorstown, VA, United States ·

December 13 2016



Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Janice Kortkamp, a US Peace Activist




Why He Is Popular…

"Assad wasn't targeted to create stability in Syria"

Thank You President Assad






"President Bashar Al-Assad is the leader of Arab Nationalism and of all honest Arabs, who are defending the Arab people's independence and sovereignty. President Al-Assad will triumph in the war waged  against Syria by the hawks of the U.S. Democratic Party, Britain, France, Israel and the Unites States' agents in Ankara, Doha and Riyadh. Syria under President Al-Assad  is indeed the last defense line for civilization and Europe is indebted to the Syrians who have been defending civilizations against terrorists."

Magdalena Tasheva,  Bulgarian Member of Parliament, August 2016.


Henry Lowendorf: What we saw in Syria goes against everything we read in the United States

Patterns have long since emerged.  We know that each illegal war of conquest is prefaced by a Public Relations campaign that demonizes the target country’s leader and its government as it lies about on-the-ground realities.  Muammar Gaddafi, for example, was presented to Western media consumers as a lunatic and despot. The Western narratives, however, were contradicted by the fact that he earned broad-based support from Libyans, all of whom enjoyed public services such as free healthcare and schooling, and a high standard of living.  

The same demonization campaign is being waged against the hugely popular Dr. Bashar al-Assad, the democratically –elected President of Syria.

Terrorist –embedded propagandists teach us that he is an evil dictator who kills his own people, and that “he must go”; however, credible evidence inverts this logic.

Henry Lowendorf, a member of the Executive Board of the U.S Peace Council’s Peace and Fact-Finding Delegation to Syria -- recently returned from Syria -- reports, that, “What we saw (in Syria) goes against everything we read in the United States.”

He repudiates the Western media’s demonization campaign against the government of President Assad and the Syrian Arab Army in these words: 

“When you go to Syria, which I did last month, the popularity of the government and the Syrian Arab Army is rampant. It's not out of some dream fantasy. It comes obviously from the government and the army being the only thing between living a secular life on the one hand and the hatred and violence of ISIS and the various other terrorist groups underwritten by the terrorist Saudis and US and their allies on the other. The refugees who don't leave Syria do not flee to the terrorist side, they flee to the government side, in huge numbers. So would all of us in similar circumstances. Syrians do not want their country turned into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, or any of the other countries the US has liberated.”

" President Assad must stay, for the sake of civilization, and for the sake of destroying Western-backed terrorism."

The reality is an inversion of the propaganda lies fed to Western audiences.  In fact, President Assad must stay, for the sake of civilization, and for the sake of destroying Western-backed terrorism.  Each time Empire succeeds in destroying another country, the problem of terrorism worsens – as might be expected. The destruction of Libya, for example, set the stage for the attempted destruction of Syria.

Weapons stolen from Libyan armouries, thanks to the invasion, were covertly shipped to Syria – all beneath the radar of the U.S Congress.

A recently declassified Department of Defense document indicates that,

“Weapons from the former Libya military stockpiles were shipped from the Port of Benghazi, Libya, to the Port of Banias and the Port of Borj Islam, Syria”

And none of this is accidental. Sustainable Western open-source documentation demonstrates that the growth of terrorism is willful, and according to Western plans.

The propaganda lies, the false flags,  the terrorist-embedded NGOs , and the use of terrorist proxies to criminally destroy one country after another, is not only empowering terrorism world-wide, but it is also leading us to engineered conflict with nuclear-armed countries, in particular,  Russia.

Whereas the propaganda lies further the causes of barbarity and ignorance, as best exemplified by the  women who burn their burqas  --- once freed from terrorist held areas of Syria-- we need a redirection towards the polar opposite: towards trajectories that support civilization, progress, and the rule of law.  

Prof. Chossudovsky explains in “America’s ‘Humanitarian War’ against the World” that

“What is consequently required is a massive redirection of science and technology towards the pursuit of broad societal objectives. In turn, this requires a major shift in what is euphemistically called ‘US Foreign Policy’, namely America’s global military agenda.”

 We need to shift from Death Industries of the Military Industrial Complex, to Life Industries that serve, rather than destroy, humanity. We also need a strong anti-war movement based on a broad-based support of the truth, and a broad-based rejection of the “governing” lies.

*The declassified Department of Defense documents:


Mark Taliano

Mark is a retired high school teacher.




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