President Bashar Al-Assad's unofficial Website:  founder  and Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim, takes pride in publishing the following interview, simultaneously on and, with  colleague and friend, Kris Janssen, the distinguished veteran journalist from Belgium, who is also the Chairman of Syrian Friendship Association:

Our exchange of ideas, thoughts and aspirations started about the unjust causes  behind the ongoing for years bids as to launch campaigns of slander and smearing ! I recalled what H.E. President Assad said  on March 29, 2015, CBS interview,  "As long as I have the public support of the Syrian people. That's my legitimacy; legitimacy comes from the inside, but why? I will tell you why. Because the West used to have puppets. Not independent leaders, or officials in any other country. … the West, and especially the United States, don't accept partners. They only accept followers. Even Europe is not partner of the United States. That's to be very frank with you. So, this is their problem with Syria. They need somebody to keep saying yes. Yes-- a puppet. Marionette. And so on."

Is there a president, king, leader worldwide more clean, honest and popular than the president of Syria? NO, we both agreed according to present and documented facts. "…but we’ll never be puppets who work against our interests for their interests," reiterated President Assad in his BBC News interview, February 10th, 2015. "I care a lot about being independent president for independent Syria. And do my best, according to my convictions. That's the most important thing,"  as declared to ABC's Barbara Walters, December 7, 2011.

You guess Kris! If President Assad-like were to be a presidential  candidate in many countries where rulers call for his down in Syria, President Assad-like is surely to be elected, said Mohammad, given the large support shown by world civilians worldwide. Yes, many French voters wrote President Assad's name in their ongoing Presidential elections!

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 "It was President Assad’s interview with RT in 2012 that started to wake me up about Syria in the first place. Until I watched that, I could not have picked out a picture of him or perhaps not even been able to confidently locate Syria on a map. I was an all-too-typical American, full of opinions about the Middle East but empty of knowledge, understanding or in many ways I’m ashamed to say, empathy.

While acting as Commander in Chief during one of the most complex and brutal conflicts in history, against an array of enemies including the US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and of course the Muslim Brotherhood, President Assad has also had to fight an unprecedented information war against the most well-coordinated and sophisticated media propaganda blitzes ever seen.  This dark, false narrative has supported the terrorists on the ground and the diplomatic terrorism that’s been employed against Syria by every major western country and their allies as well as the UN.

That is all in addition to running a country in wartime and in the most conflicted region in the world.

Yet I have watched him rise to each challenge. He and the First Lady are exemplary in my opinion and personal heroes of mine now. Have mistakes been made? I would be shocked if there weren’t; he is human after all and these are extraordinary times.  However, the foundation he was and is trying to build of quality secular education, health care, sciences and technology, opening and growing of the economy and tourism, respect and protection for women , all religious and people groups, is positive and productive. I particularly appreciate the Assads’ devotion and commitment to the younger generation. They know that that is where real change begins to defeat extremism.  I am heartbroken when I consider what the past several years would be have looked like had the west and allies not intervened to try to crush the prosperity and stability that was growing.

Syria Times and the President Assad unofficial site I use again and again. Syria Times is a broad spectrum resource that is kept up to date and relevant both for the daily changing situation on the ground as well as general information about Syria. The President Assad page is a welcomed archive of news and information related to the president with invaluable articles, photos and background to help activists like me combat the constant slandering of that great leader."

US Peace Activist, Janice Kortkamp, January 17, 017.








 Bashar and Asma al-Assad Visit Saidnaya Monastery For Christmas, Reaffirming Their Status As Protectors Of Syria’s Pluralism

by Jonathan Azaziah

December 26, 2016

Gotta love Bashar and Asma al-Assad. The Syrian Arab Republic’s President and First Lady, as well as their daughter Zein and two sons Karim and Hafez, spent Christmas Day at Our Lady of Saidnaya Monastery in the ancient Aramaic-speaking town of Saidnaya, which rests on the slopes of the rugged Qalamoun Mountains that were liberated from Takfiri terrorist occupation by Hizbullah and the Syrian Arab Army last Spring. The Assads visited with the nuns and orphans of the Monastery and spent the day eating, laughing, snapping photos, unwrapping gifts and just generally enjoying the holy occasion.

 “God bless you!” is what Bashar and Asma were hit with when they first entered the Monastery, and as they made their way down into the courtyard where they were adorably mobbed by loving children, they were also told by the nuns, “Now we are truly feeling the holiday spirit!” ‘Twas one of those moments in which you realize that these individuals, Dr. Assad and First Lady Asma, truly are FOR the people, OF the people and BY the people. This is the kind of popular support that cannot be bought, nor staged, nor forced. One simply has it or one does not. Clearly the Assads ABSOLUTELY have it.

And this is the essence, isn’t it? Every drop of Zioganda that the mainstream media has spewed out like an obese ‘Israeli’ settler with a torn stomach tract over nearly 6 years is rendered useless with scenes such as these. If Syria’s First Family was as despised by “everyday Syrians” as the Zionist press says they are, why the warm welcome and embrace from nuns and orphans, i.e. some of the most vulnerable persons in all of Syria, especially during this “conflict”? If the Assads were so petrified of their well-being because of this aforesaid hatred from “the people”, why’d they travel to an area as volatile as Saidnaya, which had been attacked by Takfiri gangs at numerous points, with nothing but basic security?

And if Bashar, Asma and their children were “divorced from reality” as a cornucopia of officials from Western ZOGs, “activists” of the NGO-Human-Rights-Industrial-Complex and terrorist-sympathizers the world over have suggested since the opening days of the manufactured rebellion in March 2011, wouldn’t they be holed up in some mountaintop mansion bunker somewhere instead of traveling around Syria to be with their countrymen in these most desperate times? Yes. Certainly. Dr. Assad and the First Lady are in fact very much in tune with Syrians, hence why they were voted back to the People’s Palace in overwhelming numbers by Syrians, why the SAA is supported just about entirely by Syrians and why Syrians view the Assads’ leadership as a trusted source of guidance.

For posterity’s sake, let us be fully lucid: The Saidnaya visit was not some kind of publicity stunt or media operation but the latest stop in the routine nationwide rounds made by the Assads. The Syrian President has recently been in Kafar Souseh to celebrate Mawlid al-Nabawi and was also on the front lines of Aleppo to mark the liberation of the city. Asma, for her part, has been seemingly even busier, visiting wounded soldiers, the disabled, orphans, shellshocked students and the families of martyrs in and around Damascus, Latakia, Hama and Tartous.

Can the same be said about the Takfiri terrorist darlings of Washington, the EU, the GCC and ‘Israel’? No. Because celebrating Mawlid al-Nabawi and/or Christmas in the ever-shrinking “rebel”-held areas is grounds for lashes and beheadings. Zio-NATO’s proxies continue tormenting Syrians from all ethno-sectarian backgrounds and from every age bracket. And the only “martyrs” that these Wahhabi mercenaries have any interest in receiving are the ones who bring disgrace and dishonor to the very concept of martyrdom, i.e. those who are brainwashed as well as manipulated, among them children, into unleashing suicide operations on Syrian civilians.

Indeed, Christmas Day highlights the genuineness of the Assads along with the stark contrast between their commitment to upholding and safeguarding Syria’s pluralism vs. the hateful, destructive barbarity of the Takiri scourge. Imagine for a moment what life would be like for the people of Saidnaya, or Maaloula, or Halab, or Armenian Kessab in Latakia, or Wadi al-Nasara (Valley of Christians) in Homs if the Assads were no more and all that remained was the Christmas-hating Wahhabi fanatics bankrolled, armed, trained and politically supported by the US-‘Israeli’ Empire.

Let that sink in and try not to scream from the horror. So if it comes down to the democratically elected Resistance Axis leader and his brilliant, compassionate, composed-but-fierce and elegant missus, or the head-chopping maniacs that Zio-Imperialist powers keep referring to as “revolutionaries”, check the scenario: I’ll take the “dictator and his wife” over the “democratic freedom fighters” each and every day of the week plus twice on a beautiful Christmas Sunday in Damascus.

And you know what? Syrians–from liberated Aleppo to protected Saidnaya–would, and do, agree. Emphatically. #LongLiveSyria #LongLiveTheAssads #MerryMouqawamistChristmas


  Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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"Assad in Person: Confident, Friendly, No Regrets, he radiated confidence and friendliness as he ushered a group of British and American journalists and policy analysts into an elegant wood-paneled sitting room. Indeed, Mr. Assad has managed to hold on not only because of decisive intervention by foreign fighters, but also because of deeper support in some quarters than many thought he had".

 "Mr. Assad, in a dark suit and trademark Windsor-knotted tie, met us at the top of the palace’s sweeping staircase, saying he found it “more cozy” than the official one. There were no security checks".


Anne Barnard, Beirut bureau chief at The New York Times, November 1, 2016.






Congratulations on Pope Francis letter

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   Dear President Bashar al Assad,

Congratulations on receiving letter from Pope Francis and the Syrian government troops success at liberating Allepo.

I am sorry that the US/Saud/Israel/Turkey funded terrorists are still creating chaos to still attempt to destabilize Syria for Israeli interests, but the Pope can clearly see the legitimate Syrian government fights with honor with its honorable allies, Lebanon's army of Hezbollah, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp, and the Russian Federation.

Our prayers are with you and your people to thwart this Despicable terror funded by the West that profits only Israel and it's parent World Bank.

 Respectfully Yours,

 William Logg

William < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >



  Message to the President Mr. Assad

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          Marcel Beck


 Dear Sirs

 Just wanna say that I did work about 20 years ago in the Power Plant of Mehardeh under the government from the President Father Assad and everything in Syria was well...He was a very good President and He controlled all in the Region of the Arabien Countries! Well I am sure that Mr. President Assad Junior is same as He's Father and He is the only One and best President for Syria! I hope He get more support from around the World and I hope He does not listen to the stupid Europe governments! Putin knows what He is doing! I was in Aleppo, Hama and so on...all the beautiful Places from Syria and I feeld always sure and well! So my Heart beats for President Assad!!! Best Greetings from Switzerland!!! Kindly Regards Marcel Beck

 Marcel Beck < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >



Congratulation for liberation of Aleppo


Fri 12/16, 3:13 PM

Congratulation for liberation of Aleppo. The evil has failed and truth triumphed. Long live Syria.

dofnp mardan

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 Support for Assad from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Amer Spahic

Thu 12/8, 4:10 PMYou

Dear President Mr. Assad,

I'm Amer Spahić from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Sarajevo, me and my people support you and your people to  win in your war. We also have the war 1991-1995 and we win. We hope If you have time to give  interview where you tell Bosnian people about the war in Syria because the people in Bosnian believe the American newspaper and Tv.
Amer Spahić

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Dear Mr. President al Assad,

congratulations for your actual success in Aleppo !

I'm happy to hear about these positive developments in your county,  and of course I'm ashamed for our criminal politicians in the west, also here in Germany, where I live.

But I'm also sure, that you already know  that a lot of Germans know about the lies in the media and they know, that you're a good President, and really care for your people and your country.

keep going on the good work, god bless you and your country !

The very best regards,

Stefan Link

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        Treasa van Ommen Kloeke This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

nowhere else do we find such explanation and reasoning as we wonder why such terrible atrocities are committed against Syria and its innocent people



Pat O'Donovan

October 31 at 11:43pm ·

Two heroes of this war Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim and Eva Bartlett. Steering us towards truth in a sea of lies. Stay safe.

 All of us should be reading the news from the Syrian point of view. How can we be aware without knowledge? Thank you Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim, Editor in Chief.



 Dear Mr. Assad,

Good luck with your battle against terrorists and extremists in Syria. You are doing great work which western governments lack the courage to undertake. 

If these terrorists are allowed to win in Syria then the rest of the civilised world will be under threat from them.

I wish that western governments would come to their senses and recognize that you are the only person who can end the war and bring order to Syria.

Mr D Haylett, United Kingdom.

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To. President Assad.

I feel I have to  e-mail you my support with your fight in your country against the evil terrorists and the US led coalition who are arming these rebels. The west interference in your country is shameful.
With your Russian friends i know you will win against these evil people.

Good Luck.
Alan Marwick

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My dear friends, let me tell my own point of view about last events in Syria.
I wish you realize that something wrong had happened in main stream media field. Some corporations which represent the joint NATO project are the organizers of all military coups. Media holdings are the carriers of information war which is impossible to understand. That’s why I want to divide business systems into two opposite groups. The first one is the business of knowledge focused on high technologies & peaceful partnership; the second type is the last century strategies of capturing territories, property redistribution & socio-economic deadlock as a result of it. Such kind of people have to bet on military coups (so called revolutions) ignoring all democratic tools. The terrorist state Daesh / ISIS / ISIL was formed after a series of so-called revolutions in the Middle East and Syria was no exception. In order to destroy the state it was necessary to discredit President and entire propaganda machine was turned on.
Bashar al-Assad is a legitimate popularly elected President of Independent country where there is Rule of law and religious moral and ethical criteria. It is not easy to Muslim leader to rise above religious prejudices and form a society of unity and brotherhood. I wish every human being to comprehend the consciousness of human spiritual. The path of hardship and pain of all Syrians & their Leader should be the lesson for war dreamers.

Irina Pomeranseva



Syrian conflict

President Assad, It has come to my attention lately that the media in the "west" is completely controlled by, let us say, the Illumined ones". It seems they are "nation building" in your country, as they have all over the world and not telling us. I pray for the restoration and peace of your people. The Middle East was relatively peaceful and tolerant of the West and its' customs until they started destroying Iraq. Then came Egypt, Libia, parts of Africa, and now your country. We in the states united experienced a similar event called the Civil War. Really the whole thing was orchestrated  by "money interests".  I am a follower of  Yeshua and I pray His grace and mercy on you and your people. 

Bill Reiland


 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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  Aleppo's Purge of Terrorists Victory for All World

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