The humanitarian and welfare of the First Lady of Syria, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, has been non-stop, and even increased during more than 5 years of the war by the foreign-backed terrorists, backed by some Western states! Mrs. Al-Assad's presence in the Syrians' life has but bolstered their steadfastness, and togetherness, consoled and consolidated. In the footsteps of her husband, President Bashar Al-Assad, Her Excellency braves ever danger, moves from Homs, to Lattakia, Sweida to where she would find a bereaved to console, a mother, sister, brother to stretch a hand of oneness, unity, humanity and determination to vanquish against darkness, ignorance and extremism.   

With this in mind, here are some official Excerpts from a talk given by the First Lady Asma Al-Asad while participating today, Sunday, December 4th, 2016, in the 10th anniversary of the foundation of Syrian Organization for the Disabled, which falls on the same day as the international day for persons with disabilities:

''The importance of Syrian Organization for the Disabled a pioneering institution- comes from its concentration on preparing new cadres in an academic and professional manner, because its directors acknowledge the fact that any process needs such cadres in order to succeed and achieve the desired outcomes...This is what makes Aamal a pioneering institution...the strength of which comes from its expertise and performance...especially during the war...because the war increased the need for such cadres...for the issues are now much harder, complex, and important...and of course, I mean the wounded who fell in service of the homeland..."

''We stand with every child born with special needs, we support them throughout their school years, all the way until they complete their university education, and to continue their life the way they are supposed to...
We stand with every child and every family hurt by this war and we support them to carry on to the best of our abilities. As for those who sacrificed a part of their body for their homeland, our homeland, the homeland will stand by them..All of us, individuals, and private, public, and joint institutions are combining our efforts and our capabilities to help the wounded...yet no matter what we do, it will not be enough, they deserve so much more from us..."

The most important achievement after all these that our ''…children can now hear us, talk to us, understand us..."

''When we say that Aamal benefited 46,000 people in ten years, we also have to say that 30,000 of them were affected during the war...when we say that more than 160,000 people graduated in the past ten years, we also have to say that nearly half did so during the war years...and when we say that these achievements across the past ten years were not easy, we have to remember that in six out of those ten years we were witnessing the war on Syria..."

The First Lady Asma al-Assad during her participation in Syrian Organization for the Disabled 10th anniversary

#WeLoveYouAsma #InternationalDayOfDisabledPersons

 The Syrian Organization for the Disabled (Aamal) is a nonprofit NGO, which was founded at the behest of The First Lady Asma al-Assad, and has until today helped more than 46,000 people, most of whom are children. And under its supervision, more than 160,000 young women and men graduate from Syrian universities specialising in providing different services to persons with disabilities.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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"You are the Ambassadors of Syria: the Syria of openness, science and of knowledge and you have to contribute to the development of your society and your Syria. I do strongly believe in you and in waiting for you," said Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, Syria's First Lady addressing the first batch of the Syrian Academy for the Distinguished graduates, Wednesday, September7th, 2016.

"All fields are based on the main  pillar of belonging to the homeland. The most of what I focus with my children is to be dedicated to Syria, resect the people, particularly the old, to be committed to the rich variety in the society and to the many sacrifices offered in the ongoing war. The future and safety of my children is attained through their commitment to the future and safety of the homeland; once the homeland is well, they will be well." Added Mrs. Al-Assad.

"I do care about excellence and distinction as part of the academic process as a whole; the distinguished are more able to invent and develop the homeland,  and more able to find solutions for crisis in their homeland." Outlined H.E. the First Lady.

In reply to a question about the graduates post-graduation scholarships in Russia, Mrs. Al-Assad recalled the Syrian Presidential Couple visit to Russia in 2005 where such topic was discussed and thereafter Russian experts contributed to training of the Academy staff, dispatched experts and underlined the criteria for this.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Man is the Most Sublime of All Ends

H.E. the First Lady Mrs. Asma Al-Assad in a field visit, July 1, 2016, to Dar al-Rahma Orphanage, asserting that caring about orphans is but  one of the most sublime of all human behaviors and deeds given the fact that man is the most sublime of all ends we aim for in Syria.



"We, the Syrians, have illumination, civilization, culture and history as our identity for more than 7 thousand years,"

Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, the First Lady of Syria, January 14, 2016.


"We all pray  for the martyrs of this barbaric massacre and to all of the martyrs, civilians and soldiers, of Syria to rest in peace. It is our fate that barbarians come through our land with different forms and names. The nations of the deep-rooted civilization are, however, to stand up again and become stronger and better than before, and so are the Syrians, who have become stronger by the war imposed on them, which indeed has increased our immunity and  firmness,"

Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, the First Lady of Syria, January 14, 2016.


 " We have started the Syrian Scientific Olympiad since 10 years back with the aim of having distinguished genius students with different and more developed methods of teaching and learning. Thus, we have moved from one subject and 100 participating students in 2006 to 5 subjects and more than 45 thousand students from all Syrian Governorates in 2016, which asserts that the vision for the Olympiad has been expanded and spread,"

Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, the First Lady of Syria, January 14, 2016.



H.E. the First Lady, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, April 2, 2015.

"Taking care of orphans in normal conditions is the moral and humanist duty, and in such exceptional circumstances, this care needs greater efforts."




 H.E. Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, on Mother's Day, March 22, 2015. 

"Our wounded heroes are the example for strength, challenge and life. You, the mothers who have brought up the heroes and heroines and never surrendered twice: neither in the battle nor in life."

H.E. Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, on Mother's Day, March 22, 2015.

 " We together stand  with all the Syrians like the trees of Syria, live standing and die standing. Syria does merit a lot and does deserve life on this earth."

H.E. Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, on Mother's Day, March 22, 2015.

 "We all along with the families of the martyrs and the wounded help each others. Since the moment of martyrdom or injury, our concern and yours become one, our objective and yours are but one: a dignified life for the martyred or injured family."



  '' Nationalism is but belonging to the homeland; Citizenship  is our daily practice as to declare our belonging and love to  our homeland. Citizenship is not only ID card, Passport or a place of birth; it is rather to collectively cooperate and help each others as to make of tomorrow better than yesterday and today."



Mrs. Asma Al-Assad on volunteering Day, December 5, 2014.

 "Syria is indeed out big responsibility and we have to spare nothing as to bring it back as it has been. Spreading the culture of volunteering would help us for a strong social resource and we have to be united and work collectively with a organized approach as to benefit from all of the potentialities where none is to be excluded.''

Mrs. Asma Al-Assad on volunteering Day, December 5, 2014.

 'The President is the President of Syria, not a faction of Syrians, and the First Lady supports him in that role,' said Mrs. Al-Assad in an e-mail according to the Times, February 7, 2012. 'These days she- H.E. Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, is equally involved in bridging gaps and encouraging dialogue. She listens to and comforts the families of the victims of the violence.'


From Mrs. Al-Assad  address to the 6th Arab World Conference of Harvard Arab Alumni Association (HAAA), March 17, 2011. 

''Our identity must become that of a ''learning region''; constantly building our will and capability to do things better, opening ourselves to new perspectives, learning and adopting new skills, and above all, relying on ourselves. This is not to shut out the rest of the world but rather to offer it something new. An Arab world able to develop for itself will also be able to provide so much more for mankind.''

 "Syria's wisest investment is in growing that new identity of responsible citizenship in its young people through initiatives like Massar. It empowers them to make their own contribution to shaping the future of our country.''

 ''Our diversity is a positive advantage for us. It can enable us, as it has through history, to endow the world with fresh perspectives, ideas and innovation'.

 ''When we fully embed the mindset of developing skills, products and systems for ourselves that we can genuinely shape our own future.'      

  Excerpts from Her Excellency Mrs. Asma Al-Assad's Vogue Interview, February, 2011 

“I like things I can touch. I like to get out and meet people and do things,”

“Let me try to explain it to you. That church is a part of my heritage because it’s a Syrian church. The Umayyad Mosque is the third-most-important holy Muslim site, but within the mosque is the tomb of Saint John the Baptist. We all kneel in the mosque in front of the tomb of Saint John the Baptist. That’s how religions live together in Syria—a way that I have never seen anywhere else in the world. We live side by side, and have historically. All the religions and cultures that have passed through these lands—the Armenians, Islam, Christianity, the Umayyads, the Ottomans—make up who I am.”

 “Before I had any official engagement, I went to 300 villages, every governorate, hospitals, farms, schools, factories, you name it—I saw everything to find out where I could be effective. A lot of the time I was somebody’s ‘assistant’ carrying the bag, doing this and that, taking notes. Nobody asked me if I was the first lady; they had no idea.”       


Excerpts from Her Excellency Mrs. Asma Al-Assad's Paris Match Interview, December 17, 2010

 ''Indeed, we believe that the only solution is peace. But for a tango, you need to be two. And, today, we do not have a partner for peace.''      

 Excerpts from Her Excellency Mrs. Asma Al-Assad's Statements  in France, December 10, 2010

 "This civilized and architectural history was accompanied by an accumulation of customs and beliefs and the values of openness that the Syrian people are known for all."

 Excerpts from Her Excellency Mrs. Asma Al-Assad's Statements  in France, December 10, 2010

 ''The Syrian civilized heritage doesn't belong only to the fathers and grandfathers, but also belongs to the children and grandchildren if it is properly invested culturally and developmentally to benefit the future generations of our people.''

 Excerpts from Her Excellency Mrs. Asma Al-Assad's Statements  to the Russian Gazeta, December 19, 2009.

 ''The Syrian People are capable of doing every thing; and the Syrian Youth are necessarily to master Advanced Technology,''

''Religions coexistence in Syria guarantees Equity between Man and Woman. The Syrian Society, like other oriental societies, has many merits; westerns , however, turn blind eyes to the Oriental Society merits!''


Excerpts from Mrs. Al-Assad Statements to the  Turkish Press , 2005

   “The Syrian woman has achieved success in the field of business and finance. There are many physicians, teachers who work for private as well as public establishments. In addition, the Syrian Woman has occupied high positions in the Judiciary System. Thus, the Syrian Woman has proved her success and presence in all fields; this very woman is able to play successfully the role of a mother, wife,  worker. This situation, of course, has persisted in Syria for along time; the changes witnessed recently in our laws are the guarantee keep this  continued persistence  during the coming years.”

  “ There are still many problems and causes facing the woman in all of the world; many are still the rights that we ought to have. As to accomplish this objective , we need for more women occupying decision-making positions as to guarantee a continued distinguished, active role in the realization of women ambitions worldwide.”

     Excerpts from Mrs. Al-Assad Statements to the  Russian Press , 2005

 “ The problem lies in the prevailing idea regarding woman where some consider the women of the Orient as oppressed, uneducated, as not active members of the society. However, whoever visits our region is convinced directly that such idea is false. The woman in Syria takes part in every field of life; for example we have women parliamentarians  , ministers, physicians, writers, artists, judges etc. The Syrian woman is active in every field, like in many other countries of our region and the rest of the world. The number of  participating women in practical life is on the increase in taking important decisions at the highest levels. Most importantly is to have an active efficient women role, where they contribute to change the living reality where they live. The women of our region are so doing , and we have to realize the appropriate reputation for them in the rest of the world.”

 “The Syrian people and government do accord big interest to the growing generations; once one becomes a father, he becomes more practical and realistic; once  became a mother, I discovered through my children themselves, a source very rich of knowledge and information for myself. I make use of this source once work on issues related to Child National Affairs. The role of our children should never be underestimated : they are great teachers, and we have to listen to and learn from them. This, in turn, makes us better parents and guaranteeing a continued frank dialogue among all of us.”

Excerpts from Mrs. Al-Assad Sky News Interview ,  2005

  “President Bashar Al-Assad wants to ensure there is prosperity for all the Syrian people, I know the man behind the presidency,  I know the husband that he is to me and more importantly, I know he is a man who cares and wants to push Syria forward and ensure there is prosperity for all people,"  

 “Syria is in progress, you could see this in the streets, during your movements in markets, visit to the restaurants, discourse exchange. A progress has been achieved; most importantly is to follow up this progress, to be capable to depend on the growth, which we have achieved during the last five years, ”

 “ I hope to see one day a world where both women and men occupy an equal position in the field of business, establishments, and politics. Then, and only then, I think, our world is be more human.” 

 Excerpts from Mrs. Al-Assad "Woman in Business International Forum 2005.”  May 22 Opening 

 “This year's forum coincides with an especially important chapter in Syria's modern history.

''We stand at a crossroads on our own development path, as Syria faces the complex but not insurmountable challenge of creating a sustainable and prosperous future for all its citizens. As I want to show you, the active participation of women in this process is imperative, which is why the timing of this forum is so significant. I believe the strengths and talents of women can and must be released everywhere, but particularly in the Syria  own developing economy. Actually, the Syrian values and our rich heritage figured in many aspects of my life whilst a British education trained me in analytical thinking, creativity and teamwork.”

 “I chose investment banking as a career. And as I climbed the corporate ladder, I learned the rigors of professionalism and of working to the highest international standards and practices in global finance and investment. Syria has a proud history of commerce and manufacturing, built on its position at the center of trading routes, and on the enterprise and energy of its people. Today, this nation is building again on that heritage. Syria is shaping its business environment for today’s global economy. This means major change at a sustainable pace, introducing the reforms necessary for a dynamic and prosperous enterprise economy. The financial sector is now embracing new and important freedoms. And the investment climate continues to improve as more liberalization is introduced. Further changes to our legislation will cover education, the labor laws and civil society.”

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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