"The war on Syria has started to take a new form based on sieges and economic war, and the tools of the international politics have changed today, and the differences that had previously been resolved through dialogue are now being addressed in a different method based on boycotts, withdrawal of ambassadors, economic siege, and the use of terrorism."


H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad upon receiving the visiting Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister, Chen Xiaodong and the accompanying delegation, March 10, 2019.



''Yes, there is a new Middle East vis-à-vis this bleak vision which I spoke of in my speech in 2006 several days after the Israeli aggression on Lebanon… I began the speech by saying we are now at the threshold of a new Middle East. But this is not the Middle east they talk about… there is more awareness on the popular level, there is more adherence to resistance and an awareness of the necessity of good relations between us and other nationalities in the region.''

From H.E.'s Al-Hayat Daily Interview, (October 27, 2010)

 ''The current world order is figuratively called 'order'; but it is rather disorder as said on many previous occasions. This world order is governed by power and domination instead of justice and principles.''  ''Thanks to the efforts of millions of people and leaders like the brave and wise President Al-Assad, we will reach this new world in the coming few years and we'll forget all about the old one which is built on domination and repression.''

From H.E.'s Press Conference with President Chavez, (October 21, 2010)  

''The resistance has been the essence of our politics, today, in the past and in the future. The Resistance with its cultural, military, or any other form, is but the essence of our presence. The New Middle East, we have started to construct, is the Middle East of which the essence is the Resistance,''

From His Excellency's Speech at 5th General Conference of the Arab Parties, Damascus Summit, (November 11, 2009)

 ''We did not talk about the International Community; because the term of the International Community means today a limited number of big states, which want and seek to dominate the world, international politics and economy,''

From His Excellency's Press Statements during the Visit of H. E. President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela to Syria, (September 3, 2009)


''What is the thing to be internationalized in Iraq! All of Iraq is internationalized since 1990, since the invasion of Kuwait. Anyway, regardless of Iraq, this is an Iraqi affair; we talk about the principle: the Palestinian Cause, since its very beginning, has been created because of the internationalization. The situation in Iraq, now in Afghanistan, the international intervention in Lebanon since 2004; has the internationalization, throughout all of our modern history, realized any accomplishments? Has it been neutral? Or has it brought only catastrophes? The internationalization has never been neutral; has never achieved accomplishments; it has only achieved for us the catastrophes. I am not talking about the Issue of Iraq; this Issue is not of concern for us; I am talking about the principal in general; we ever, in the whole of our political discourse in Syria, say that the right solutions come from the region people specifically. The internationalization is but a proof for our weakness, incapacity, and inability; it is a self acknowledgement by us regarding our incapacity to run our affairs, whether small or big one".

From His Excellency's Press Statements during the Visit of H. E. President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela to Syria, (September 3, 2009)

 “The stability of the Middle East and Caucasus Regions is of direct effect to the stability of the entire world; the region between the Caucasus and the Middle East is in the heart of the world from a geographic point, and it is so today from a political prospective.

From His Excellency’s Azerbaijan visit Press Statements, (July 8, 2009)

 “The people of our region have become more aware as far their commitment to their interests and their work for their interests; this alone motivates us all to be optimistic,”

From His Excellency’s Statements in a Joint Press Conference with His Iranian Counterpart, (May 5, 2009)

 “Though of the huge variety of the events witnessed by our region; they have the dominator of the international incapacity to deal with the causes and consequences of these events, which have gone out of control, excluding no country, be it a developing poor one or an advanced country. The so called international impotence is but the international monopoly by a limited number of countries of the resolutions related to policy, economy, and technology and of others at the international level, which has led to catastrophic consequences all over the whole world,”

From His Excellency 21st Arab Summit of Doha Speech, (March 30, 2009)

 “We, as Arab countries, are paying the price which the rest of the world today is paying, as a result for a deteriorating economy, not to mention the price we pay as a tax for the chronic political disorder in the world as well as in our region. Such an international monopoly has created a closed door before whatever participation by other countries and people, which has from few years back been in the process of erosion. This has caused the world to be in the crisis, which could create for us, though of its severity, an opportunity and open door to participate with others in the search for the bases of a new world order in realization of justice among the people, through proving of our stance drawing our future, and by our will, this time, and not by  the will of others,”

 From His Excellency 21st Arab Summit of Doha Speech, (March 30, 2009)

 “The ongoing all-out process taking place in the world of today is similar to a large extent to the world reformulation process of the last half of the past century; when we did beg others for our rights, which were within our hands; we have surrendered our rights to them so that they would return to us our rights; they did ignore our rights and are still doing the same. That we do not seek to repeat the mistake, we have to comprehend that the world does not respect but only those who did respect themselves, never give a post, but to who would take the post with his hands, never return a right, but to who works for the restoration of his rights, to which clings, defends and fights for. Then, we would be at the beginning of the right way towards the future; this is to be completed with will and enthusiasm.”

 From His Excellency 21st Arab Summit of Doha Speech, (March 30, 2009)

  “We have to carry out our responsibilities for our causes, instead of waiting for endowments submitted to us from others, who in principle do not have the right. We have to call a spade a spade; war against terrorism is the war against us in the interest of terrorism, and the diffusion of democracy by others is but that of confusion spreading.”

 From His Excellency 21st Arab Summit of Doha Speech, (March 30, 2009) 


“Though of the many continued miseries resulting from this, several other facts   have also been the result; the most notable of which is the victory of the national resistance approach and its consecration within the depth of our Arab people conscience and identity, as well as the firm consecration of the will of life and liberty in the essence of the Arab conscience. This has  blocked the schemes of occupation and hegemony. This blocking ,however, does not mean the abandoning of aggressive trends by the owners of the New Middle East project. Thus, the door is open before all possibilities; which deems it necessary for all as to prepare the means, reinforce the ability, and get self-prepared for whatever consequences as to respond highly to the presented tasks.”

From H. E. ’s Word to the Syrian Army and Armed Forces,  (August 1, 2007) 

“Syria, the Arab Region and the Middle East witness today another transitional point, which is perhaps of no less risks like other risks witnessed by the region through colonialist destructive projects of occupation aiming at the dismembering of our region, creating new Sykes-Picot . What we witness in our region generally is the struggle between the possibilities of these projects success or failure; to put it more clearly, it is the possibility of the failure of the new middle east project. So far, the results seem not to be in the interest of this project in light of the seen now to the East, where stands the resistant Iraq , to the west where the resistant Lebanon stands, to the south, where the resistant Palestinians stand; and here we are in Syria: not in the middle; but rather in the heart, the difference is very big between the middle and the heart regarding all these events.”

From H. E.’ s Speech to the Syrian Citizens in the Governorate of Deir Azzour, (April 30, 2007) 


 “I am glad to meet you in this new Middle East, new in the sense that we understand and the shape we want, although it is not complete yet.  It is new with the achievements of the Resistance; new in that it drew clear lines between the different forces; new in uncovering the games and conspiracies and lifting their masks and fake terminology in an unprecedented manner.  This is the new Middle East which Syria has been promoting again and again as the only hope for Arabs if they are to have a place under the sun in the political and material sense.  You all know that it was not easy for us to convince many people of our vision of the future.  We had to wait for the future to become the present and to speak for itself.  Today facts speak for themselves, not only as we imagined them in the past but in a clearer and more expressive manner.”

From HE’s Speech before the Journalists Union 4th Conference, (August 15, 2006) 

“That reality imposes what kind of a  Middle East , and there are millions of peoples in this reality in the Arab region and there are more than one billion in the Islamic region . The New Middle East will be as its sons want it and this will be determined  by the realities and not by the Syrian view point.”

From HE’s Dubai TV Interview, (August 24, 2006)


“They want a Middle East to be a world that complies without hesitation  with what they want such as a computer which you give data and in turn ,it gives you  results , that what they want.”

From HE’s Dubai TV Interview, (August 24, 2006) 

“It was clear that there was a large American role in  the war as far as the decision of the war and the procrastination with regard to the cease-fire. Such a role serves the issue of the New Middle East , but the steadfastness of the resistance foiled this approach , and the reaction of the Arab street foiled this approach too , and will foil it in the future.”

From HE’s Dubai TV Interview, (August 24, 2006)


“I do not know what they mean by greater or smaller Mideast. What concerns us is whether any proposals contradict our interests or not. When I criticize a terminology, I do so because it comes from abroad. We are the party in the ME which has to define the terminology. It is our main concern to decide whether we call ourselves a greater, smaller or medium ME. What is important is that the content of the terminology should not contradict with our interests, our normal historic relations and our culture. As an accumulation of history, when culture is encroached upon, negative consequences will destabilize the region. Culture can not be separate from other elements."

From HE’s Turkish TV Interview, (December 28, 2005)

  "Irrespective of the intention of those who propose such terminology, I think no one outside our region understands our interests more than we do. Proposals must be made by states of the region. In other words, and with respect to views of others, we can not make research centers decide our future. Our history, our interests and our direct relations as states of the region decide. “

From HE’s Turkish TV Interview, (December 28, 2005)


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