''The policies pursued by some western states, on top by the USA,  towards what is taking place in Venezuela and their blatant interference in the Latin State’s affairs and their imposing economic siege and sanctions, have become an approach they adopt with all states that do not agree with their policies. And it is similar to what they did against  Syria as to impose hegemony on the states and control independent decision. Such pursuance do undermine international law and contradict  the most important principles of the UN Charter, namely the respect of states’ sovereignty and right of self-determination.''


H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad upon receiving the visiting Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, April 4, 2019.


"First of all, the Syrian people should choose their president and should hold anyone accountable for any conflict and problem, not the United Nations, it doesn’t have any role, and we all know that since the collapse of the Soviet Union there’s no political balance in the United Nations, because some countries in the Security Council, the permanent countries like France, UK, and the United States, they tried to use the United Nations for their own political agenda and to topple governments whenever they don’t obey or comply with their agendas. So, talking about the president should go or come, for me personally, I only listen to the Syrian people, I don’t care what the UN say, or any other official outside Syria would say about that. I think, when you talk about these refugees and killing, when you started your questions, we should know that part of those killings was by the hand of the Europeans, not directly, but through supporting the terrorists from the beginning, and still calling them till that moment “moderate,” and they know that this is an illusion, there are no moderate militants in Syria, all of them are extremists, and whether they are moderate or not, whenever you hold a machinegun and armament and kill people and destroy properties, you are a terrorist, in your country, in my country, anywhere, nobody can say that there’s a moderate killer or moderate terrorist, we don’t have such a term. Second, regarding the refugees that you just mentioned, especially to Europe where you belong, not all the people left because of the terrorist attacks or the destruction, many of them left because of the embargo, so actually the embargo of the West and Europe is complimentary with the destruction and killing attacks of the terrorists in pushing those people to leave their country to other places, like Europe."

From President Assad's Statements to EU Media Outlets, March 13, 2017



''Talking about the role of the United Nations or Security Council could be illusive, because actually the United Nations is now an American arm, where they can use it the way they want, they can impose their double standards on it instead of the Charter. They can use it like any other institution within the American administration. Without some Russian and Chinese stances in certain issues, it would be a full American institution. So, the Russian and Chinese role has made some balance within these institutions, mainly regarding the Syrian issue during the last five years. But if you want to talk about their role through their mediators or their envoys, like recently de Mistura, and before that Kofi Annan, and in between Brahimi, and so on. Let’s say that those mediators are not independent; they reflect either the pressure from the Western countries, or sometimes the dialogue between the main powers, mainly Russia and the United States. So, they’re not independent, so you cannot talk about the role of the United Nations; it is a reflection of that balance. That is why so far, there is no United Nations role in the Syrian conflict; there is only Russian and American dialogue, and we know that the Russians are working hard and seriously and genuinely in order to defeat the terrorists, while the Americans always play games in order to use the terrorists, not to defeat them.''

From H.E. President Al-Assad’s interview with Cuba’s Prensa Latina. July 21, 2016.

This is a failure of the international system, this international system that’s been represented by the United Nations and the Security Council, and that is supposed to solve the problems and protect the sovereignty of different countries and prevent war. Actually, it has failed in doing so. So, what we have now is a failed United Nations; failed to protect international citizens including in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and in other countries."

From H.E. President Al-Assad's interview  to the Portuguese RTP, March 4, 2015.


“when the resolutions- UN resolutions- reflect but the hegemony of a group of countries over international organizations leading to the issuance of resolutions in violation of the Charter, UN Charter- inflicting damage upon our interests, we have to put our national interests first and foremost over whatever consideration. “

  From His Excellency Speech At the opening of the 2nd Transitional Arab Parliament Session, (November 9, 2008) 


His Excellency, the President the underlined the urgent need for a just balanced and even-handed world international and mechanism and legitimacy ; where, unfortunately, “ the International Community lacks the serious  will when it comes to our rights,” and where “ a big power controls” in the absence of  an “international policy” for justice conditions, and where “some European countries conditioned their policy to that of the United States,”.

From HE’s Second  Presidential Term Inauguration Speech , ( July 17, 2007)


 “In the absence of the international community, safeguarding and grouping all, there is no international policy as to provide the conditions of justice and respect in international relations. The big power state in the world lacks the even-handed and rational vision; some active European countries have automatically conditioned their policies ,regarding the region and world, to that of the United States.”

From HE’s Second  Presidential Term Inauguration Speech , ( July 17, 2007)

 “There are big powers controlling the destiny of the International Community; so that such a Community does not exist as far as we understand ,and as far as the International Legitimacy would entail. Such has made of the international community that of public relations one, based upon a great deal of deception and falsification; where the matters are presented outside their natural course, drafts submitted in false forms , and where media mechanism works as to distort facts, blur minds as to make of the rights forgotten.”

From HE’s Second  Presidential Term Inauguration Speech , ( July 17, 2007) 


"As usual, the only outlet for them is the Security Council which the USA has transformed from a council to preserve security into one that destroys it by issuing a resolution that responds to the demands of Israel and saves it from its predicament at the expense of Lebanon, paving the way for further division and instability. If we go back to the Security Council resolutions issued in the past two years, i.e. resolutions 1559, 1860 and 1701, and those concerning Darfur for instance, among other resolutions, we would completely comprehend where the Security Council is heading to. It is heading towards interfering in the domestic affairs of member countries and creating turbulence. Some people say the Security Council is impotent, and this is not true. The Security Council was impotent when there was an international balance. Had the Security Council been impotent at present, the United States would not have relied on it to harm different places around the world. The truth is that the rest of the world, or perhaps most of it, has become impotent before the Security Council. We used to say "the international community". The international community is a group of countries, some of which are members of the Security Council, and some are their allies outside the Security Council. They fight us with or without the Security Council resolutions, which means they will fight us anyway. Yet the Security Council resolutions give them more freedom to move in this fight. On the other hand, our weakness lies in the fact that when we speak of the Security Council -some people in the Arab World and in the world at large say this is a Security Council resolution, or this is what the Security Council wants- as if it were a council with a divine power, or as if its resolutions were sacred or revealed by God, and indeed this is dangerous."

From HE’s Speech to Journalists Union 4th Conference, (August 15, 2006)

“Of course the international community is silent in such cases. When it comes to a simple statement that disturbs Israel a little bit; here the international community turns into an active and influential society with a tongue to speak and some times this tongue become fierce; but when it comes to a statement by an Israeli rabbi accusing the Arabs of being serpents that must be eliminated; or when US Congress says that there is an Arab country which must be pond with a nuclear weapon to eliminate; then this society keeps silent.”

From HE’s Speech to the Arab Lawyers Conference,  ( January 21, 2006) 

“There is a problem with some big powers towards the Arabs and Moslems, and as I said with many or maybe with most countries of the world. We recognize this problem continuously through their statements and our meetings and discussions with them. They don’t want us to commit to anything; their problem is not only the pan-Arabism or Islam. They do not want all those to commit to any principle or religious, national or even economic doctrine. They want to turn the peoples and the world into a set of computers in which they insert information and operation systems and program them in their own way to use as they like whenever they want for their own interests. And when we agree on this, then we are described as nationalist, wise, realistic and democrats, otherwise, we are either terrorist or terrorism sponsors.”                                                                           

From HE’s Speech to the Arab Lawyers Conference,  ( January 21, 2006)  

"We supported international legitimacy and did not support international disorder. International legitimacy is the UN charter, while international disorder is basing resolutions on the interests and moods of certain officials in this world. Those countries, those forces and everybody in this region and in the world should know that the era of tutelage which existed at the beginning of the last century is over, and now the region is in front of two choices, either resistance and steadfastness or chaos. There is no third choice. Resistance prevents chaos. Resistance has a price and chaos has a price, but the price of resistance is much less than the price of chaos. We need to know these things. But if they believe that they can blackmail Syria, we tell them they got the wrong address."

From a Speech by HE at Damascus University, (November 10, 2005)

“We are living in a world under a state of chaos of wrong concepts and false idioms which increase the division among cultures and prepare for further wars and bloodshed.” “These concepts reversed facts where persons who are defending themselves and their homes were branded as terrorists, and those who are making and practicing terrorism were looked at as combatant against terrorism,” “The international institutions which were founded for benefit of the world and achieving peace and justice were transformed into tools in the hands of the superpowers at the expense of smaller states to interfere in their internal affairs and bilateral relations of those countries,”

 From HE’s Speech to the Syrian Expatriates  Conference,  (October 9, 2004) 

 “The ( UN Security Council) resolution 1559 was issued. It was a surprise for many that such a draft resolution was presented to the Council. Syria is known for its constant support to the UN and its affiliated bodies, but this doesn't mean that we don't criticize the mistakes when there are any, particularly the double-standard policy when implementing those repositions, including the resolution 1559 which depicted as if it was issued to protect Lebanon's independence.” “this resolution was not because of the extension of the term of office for President Emile Lahoud of Lebanon,  the resolution was ready before some time. It aimed at other objectives away from what it had been submitted for it aimed at internationalization of the Lebanese internal situation with its meanings, namely the return to the 1980's.”, “there was no relation between the articles of the resolution and the issue of the extension of Presidential term. Let's give a simple example: what is the relation between the article on the militias ( though the original draft resolution spoke about Hezbollah or the resistance) and the Presidential extension ? what is the relation between extending the authority of the Lebanese army or state and the presidential extension.?” The President asserted that the nature of existing relations between Syria and Lebanon is based on strong bonds of history and geography that gathered the two societies as well as the common sacrifices they offered throughout different periods.”

 From HE’s Speech to the Syrian Expatriates  Conference,  (October 9, 2004)


"Today we live in a world that lost its balance. The United Nations is ineffective. Sometimes the United Nations is driven to use or follow double standards. There are supper powers in the world. As far as we are concerned, i.e. small countries, we used to seek the help and support of supper powers in order to establish prosperity and not the other way round. These forces didn't have any colonial experience before the war on Iraq, and that is why I say that wars are results; they are not causes. So we are worried about wrong policies.", "That is what we are worried about: the wrong policies. We see that things are worsening by the day,”

 From HE’s Interview with Greek TV , (December 14, 2003)  

 "There is a weakness in the United Nations and it is reflected on Iraq and the Middle East peace process. "The fundamental factor leading to international chaos is the absence of a role of the United Nations."

From HE’s Interview with Reuters, (November 18, 2002)  


"The United Nations, responsible for international security and peace and arbiter in regional and international conflicts, was once a hoped for authority to help achieving these goals. However, this organization was subjected to pressure, which weakened her capability to protect peace, deter aggression and defend rights. We are called upon to back up this world organization and principles of its Charter, so that its role in spreading peace and solving conflict in various parts of the world may be bolstered."

From HE Message Addressed by President Bashar Assad to the 15th World Festival of Youths and Students, (August 8, 2001)

  "The last of those regrettable matters, yet funny at the same time, is that resolution 242, which is one resolution, is interpreted in the Syrian direction differently from the Palestinian direction, because they believe that UN Security Council Resolutions are to be interpreted according to latitudes, longitudes and coordinates. But this will be change our convictions in the need for reaching just and comprehensive peace based on UN Resolutions and on the principle of land for peace, and Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Golan and from the occupied Palestinian territories back to the lines of 4th June 1967 as well as complete Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Lebanese Territories, and giving the Palestinian people their complete rights including their right to self-determination, repatriation of refugees and an independent and sovereign state with Al-Quads as its capital, in addition to the release of all Arab detainees imprisoned in Israeli jails and detention camps."

From HE’s Speech to the 9th Summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, (November 13, 2000)


"The policy of adhering to the principles of international legitimacy requires the United Nations to carry out its mission as mentioned in its Charter in an objective way and away from different points of influence that might limit the implementation of these principles in the best way possible in order to reach a world with no conflicts and no points of tension, a world where peace, justice and democracy prevail among countries and in which dialogue is deepened and broadened among different civilizations in the world of today. In addition to this, the North rich countries should shoulder their human responsibilities towards the countries of the South with the aim of reaching a more secure, a more confident and as a result a more stable world. We look forward to building the strongest relations with the states, peoples and international organizations on the basis of mutual respect and constructive cooperation and the safeguarding of international peace and security basing our relations on the rights of people to self-determination in a way that secures their lively interest."

From HE’s First Presidential Term Inauguration Speech, ( July 17, 2000)

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