''The youth are the power and should have their role as to develop the future of Syria.''

From H.E's Syrian TV Interview, (August 21, 2011)

     "Ahead lies a huge task, to be considered the basics of our national actions in the future, as to be accomplished through an all-out mobilization of potentialities; on top of which is to accord every care and interest to the growing generations as to fortify them materially and morally, as to care for their practical and vocational future, as to make the issue of unemployment, a cause of concern for the young, the top of our priorities during the coming phase. In parallel with the ongoing wide opening in Syria, we have to care for the upbringing, and education of the Young, consecrating the original Arab features in their characters, as to make of the ongoing opening a constructive positive one."

From HE’s Second Presidential Term Inauguration Speech , ( July 17, 2007)

 "The enthusiastic youths should be given all attention and hope by providing them with proper environment for their progress."

From HE’s Speech before the Syrian Parliament in ‏2007‏‏‏, ( May 15, 2007) 

  "The campaigns which have been waged on the Arab nation, and Syria in particular, in recent years, are extremely dangerous. The danger lies in the fact that they target the intellectual, psychological and moral structure of Arabs, within the framework of a media, cultural and scientific war which targets our young generations in particular with the aim of separating them from their identity, heritage and history and making them lose confidence in themselves and their capabilities, and consequently pushing them to surrender to the illusion of certain defeat at the first attempt to confront and stand fast before outside pressure put on the whole region, and on Syria in particular."

From a Speech by HE at Damascus University, (November 10, 2005) 

"Theorists of this war have targeted our youth, in particular, because they do not recall, or have not lived the details of the political events in the past two decades and earlier. For Syria was able then to stand the storms blowing from every direction and which failed to achieve their objectives. That is why they think that these young people are the week point in any confrontation or any attempt to crack our national structure. I tell you, in all confidence, that your generation will prove to the enemies and the opponents that it is not less capable of standing fast and challenging than those who preceded them. This is because the will to stand fast and challenge is a national heritage inherited by one generation from another. And this heritage is usually enriched and developed by these generations and by their possession of more knowledge. Hence, you and I are going to face these challenges together with the spirit of the age, and will defeat them with the strength of this generation, the determination that we inherited from our fathers and forefathers and by connecting our past with our future."

From a Speech by HE at Damascus University, (November 10, 2005)

 "We have to focus on pivotal sections in our society, and young people come at the forefront of these sections. This needs a comprehensive strategy which includes objectives that we want to achieve and clear executive programs in relation to this vitals sector."

From a Speech by HE at Damascus University, (November 10, 2005)

 "The world is moving very fast. And there are challenges produced by these changes. There have been new opportunities for achievement. Since at the heart of these changes lie information, communications and the digital revolution, we have all to work in order to integrate young people into this information age and to provide the integration mechanisms in all our institutions starting from the school, whether material mechanisms like laboratories, the internet, or activating the institutional, educational, cultural and media structures, in a manner that allows for embracing their creative energies and guarantee confidence in their capabilities on which we pin great hopes, because they are the real guarantee for the greatness and progress of our country."

From a Speech by HE at Damascus University, (November 10, 2005)  

"The Youths and Students of Syria will prove to you that they are ardent comrades, ready to contribute to serious work for achieving the hoped for outcome of this world gathering, and by the positive ideas they bring to the Festival. I am sure that you realize that ideas have their impact as stimulators and motivators of deeds, both positive and negative deeds. It is our duty to combat ideas stimulating evil and to support those which stimulate good, justice, and peace. The Youths of Syria are carrying out their role in national activities through their organization, the Revolutionary Youth Organization, and the Students of Syria are doing the same through their organization, the National Union of Syrian Students. Both of these Organizations exercise their activities side by side with the rest of the People's organizations, those of workers, peasants, women, artisans and professional unions. The main concern of all of them is to contribute to Homeland construction, to elevate the status of Homeland at regional and international levels and to work for the good of humanity. I am glad to mention that we have in Syria a program for innovation and development aiming at raising the level of life and to improve administration performance. The youths and Students play an important role in this program by attending courses at schools, institutes, universities, and informative centers available throughout the country."

From HE’s Youth Message, (August 8, 2001)


"Some people may believe that creative minds are linked to age and that they can frequently be found with the youth but this is not quite accurate. Some people of a young age have strong minds and some elderly people may depart this life with minds that are still so lively and creative."

From HE’s First Presidential Term Inauguration Speech ,( July 17, 2000)


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