“As far as the legislative aspect, we across history have on problem in this regard. The woman is in every field; the last of which has been since 30 years in the Army. I think there is a problem for the Woman at the international level. It is how society views the Woman. We develop the status of the Woman, once we develop the society. The Woman could never be developed or advanced, when the Man were underdeveloped. An underdeveloped woman could not bring up an advanced generation. The issue is a comprehensive one. We have to develop the society in general, then, the Woman would be developed, as well as the Man together.”

 From His Excellency Al-Khaleej Newspaper Interview, (March 9, 2009)

 "We , all in all, should work for the more bolstering of the woman role, opening the door wide for her as to be an active member in all fields. Actually, the growth, opening and progress of the society is basically connected to the how-much of the rights the woman actually enjoys , and not on the basis of permanent quota-sharing whether in the Parliament, Syndicates, or others. We want the woman to participate through her potentialities, and through the people conviction of her pivotal role. However, this issue is one of the issues that is connected to the development of society; we can not talk of the woman development without developing the society, hence she is part of this very society."

 From HE’s Second Presidential Term Inauguration Speech , ( July 17, 2007) 

"The steady steps will be pursued in sphere of woman development and in sphere of child's care in order to ensure the growth balance and integrity of the society future."

From HE’s Speech before the Syrian Parliament in ‏2007‏‏‏, ( May 15, 2007) 


"This is a very important and formative stage in the life of every young man and woman. The house and the family are the foundations for a person’s life, the school enhances this process and the university matures not only his/her academic experience, but social and political experience as well."

From a Speech by HE at Damascus University, (November 10, 2005)  

  "It will be very difficult to achieve any of what has preceded if women were not active participants from their positions as they constitute a true half of our society. Women are the ones who bring up both men and women and who prepare them to participate in building their country. Women play an important role in progress and development in various places of work. The appropriate ground for women's participation should be well prepared so that they may become more effective in our society and more capable to play a role in its development."

From HE’s First Presidential Term Inauguration Speech ,( July 17, 2000)



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