"Your visit would give a strong push for the return of the relations between both countries to before the war against Syria."

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad upon receiving the visiting Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, Damascus, December 16, 2018.



"In order to know the answer, we should know that what is happening today in Gaza, ladies and gentlemen, is not a separate or passing event. It is an integrated chain of events: from the occupation of Palestine, to the invasion of Iraq and trying to divide it now and the division of the Sudan all planned by Israel and the West and always executed by the states of tyranny and backwardness in our Arab world."

From H.E. President Al-Assad 2014 Inauguration Speech, July 16, 2014.

"Has the Arab league been able to prevent the partition of Sudan or prevent the killing of over a million Iraqis or feed a single starved Somali?"

From H.E. President Al-Assad's 2012 Damascus University Speech.



“The issuance of the International Criminal Court warrant against an Arab President under false titles is one stage from the dismemberment stages of the Sudan, with the aim of weakening it, and then to confiscate its resources, dividing them among a group of countries, seeking to repeat the experience of mandate, through the use of international establishments, paving the way for the return of modern colonization with a more modern form. If the international situation shoulders responsibility for the failure in the realization of stability in our region; we, further, shoulder directly the responsibility in this; when we do not confront the bids aiming at the confiscating of our resolutions, controlling our destiny, and interfere in our internal affairs. What is taking place against the Sudan is a new chapter from the chapters of weakening the Arabs and non respect for their countries sovereignty.”

From His Excellency 21st Arab Summit of Doha Speech, (March 30, 2009)

 “What the Sudan has been exposed to is like to what Palestine has been exposed to at the beginnings of last century, for which we are still paying its cost till today. We are called upon today as not to criticize the warrant- against H. E. President Al-Bashir of the Sudan- nor to describe it; we all agree regarding its politicization; rather we are called upon as to reject it completely, to univocally support the Sudan in this phase of confrontation, as to evade it and evade our countries the consequent definite phases till the dismemberment of the Sudan.”

From His Excellency 21st Arab Summit of Doha Speech, (March 30, 2009)

   “What the Sudan has been facing for decades of fierce attack against its unity, and national cohesion, starting from the South ending with Darfur, is more than interference in its domestic affairs; rather, these are bids as of real dismemberment, which consequences are grave as those taking place in Palestine in 1948. As Arabs, we have to stand firm and determined by the Sudan condemning foreign interference in its domestic affairs whatever be their justifications. We agree with what the Sudanese Government is doing as to solve the human suffering in Darfur within the frame of the National Unity of the Sudan,” said President Al-Assad reiterating that “ when the resolutions- UN resolutions- reflect but the hegemony of a group of countries over international organizations leading to the issuance of resolutions in violation of the Charter, UN Charter- inflicting damage upon our interests, we have to put our national interests first and foremost over whatever consideration. “

  From His Excellency Speech At the opening of the 2nd Transitional Arab Parliament Session, (November 9, 2008)

 “The issue of Darfur was among the important points; there has been a desire by all of us as to witness a solution for this problem soon,”

 From His Excellency Statements at the Quartet Damascus Summit  (September 4, 2008)


"As usual, the only outlet for them is the Security Council which the USA has transformed from a council to preserve security into one that destroys it by issuing a resolution that responds to the demands of Israel and saves it from its predicament at the expense of Lebanon, paving the way for further division and instability.  If we go back to the Security Council resolutions issued in the past two years, i.e. resolutions 1559, 1860 and 1701, and those concerning Darfur for instance, among other resolutions, we would completely comprehend where the Security Council is heading to. It is heading towards interfering in the domestic affairs of member countries and creating turbulence.”

From HE’s Speech before the Journalists 4th Conference, (August 15, 2006)


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