"The Palestine context, since 1948 up till now, has been a complicated one, because the regional context is complicated. Of course, it is complicated because the colonial West, which is particularly supportive of Israel, has always created elements which aim at one single thing. First, to drive to desperation the Arab citizen who is historically attached to the cause of Palestine and who has always considered it a pan-Arab cause that touched him even on the national level. The other objective has been to distract the Arab peoples together with states or societies in general to marginal causes so that they do not have time to think about Israel. And they have succeeded to a great extent, most recently through the so-called Arab spring which has aimed at destroying the political, military, and psychological infrastructure of Arab societies."

President Assad's Al-Alam TV Interview, June 13, 2018.

"Nevertheless, recent development have proven that the Arab people is still conscientiously attached to the cause of Palestine. As for Syria – since it has been part of these plots to undermine the Arab condition in general – first, for Syria to support the cause of Palestine, it should first of all destroy the Israeli army in Syria. Restoring stability in Syria, striking terrorism, and foiling the Israeli plot in Syria is certainly part of supporting the cause of Palestine. The support might be indirect with direct consequences, but these direct consequences are linked to the internal Palestinian condition. We shouldn’t forget that the Palestinians are divided between groups which resist Israel and are genuinely linked to the cause of Palestine, and other groups which are against the resistance and support surrenderist and defeatist peace, while there are other groups which use resistance as a title in order to achieve their political objectives under the slogan of religion. This is of course the Muslim Brotherhood’s approach."

President Assad's Al-Alam TV Interview, June 13, 2018.

"Politically, we haven’t changed. The Palestinian question for us is still as it was ten years ago and decades ago. It hasn’t changed. As to what we can offer, this has to do with two things: first, Syria’s current capabilities; and there’s no doubt that the priority is given now to cleaning Syria of terrorism. Second, it has to do with the Palestinian condition and the parties with which we can deal within the Palestinian arena."

President Assad's Al-Alam TV Interview, June 13, 2018.


''The future of Al-Quds is never to be decided by a state nor by a president; the future of Al-Quds is only to be decided by its history, and by the will of the honest to the Palestinian Cause, which is ever to remain in the conscience of the Arab Nation till the establishment of the Palestinian State with Al-Quds as its Capital.''

The Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic


December 6, 2017.




"the Palestinian Cause is ever our central Cause and based on the principles and reality of the ongoing in Syria and in Palestine. We are to ever stand by the resistance Palestinian People."

From H.E. President Al-Assad- 2014 Inauguration Speech, July 16, 2014.

"Did those states not support Iran under the Shah, only to stand against it when it decided to support the Palestinian people and turn the Israeli embassy into a Palestinian embassy after the revolution? "

From H.E. President Al-Assad- 2014 Inauguration Speech, July 16, 2014.

''That is why those who believe that we can live in safety and distance ourselves from the Palestinian cause are illusioned. It will remain the central cause based on principles and the reality that links what is happening in Palestine with what is happening in Syria.  We need to distinguish between the resistant Palestinian people and the ungrateful Palestinians, between true resistance fighters – who we should support – and the amateurs who mask themselves in the mantle of resistance to serve their interests, improve their image or strengthen their authority; otherwise, we will be – consciously or unconsciously, serving Israel’s objectives of dividing us even further and making us believe that our crisis is local and isolated.''

From H.E. President Al-Assad- 2014 Inauguration Speech, July 16, 2014.

"If for the sake of argument we are to accept the notion that the concept of revolutions change, which would then make what is happening in Syria a revolution, we should then accept that the Israeli acts against Palestinians constitute an Israeli revolution against Palestinian oppression, or that the American invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan was a revolution."

From H.E. President  Al-Assad's Interview with al-Thawra Newspaper, July 4,2013.

"There are countries in the region, Arab and others like Turkey for instance, which have bartered a position for themselves on the Arab and Islamic arena through their ostensible support for the Palestinian cause. It appears that this position has gone far beyond the boundaries allowed by their masters - the large powers, thus forcing them to find a credible retreat. Syria’s transparent position on different issues, including the Palestinian issue and the cause of rights and dignity, exposes these countries and is a source of embarrassment for them."

From  H. E. President Bashar al-Assad's interview with the Syrian al-Ikhbariya TV Channel, April 17, 2013.

"The people and state who bore the brunt of standing with the Palestinian people in their just cause for decades, despite all the challenges and costs that every Syrian citizen has paid materially and emotionally in terms of pressures and threats, cannot be but in the same place towards Palestinians."

From H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad's January 6th, 2013 Speech.

"Any attempt to implicate the Palestinians in the Syrian events is aimed at deflecting attention from the main enemy, and is stillborn. The Palestinians in Syria are doing their duty towards their second homeland like any Syrian. We are responsible, as Syrian people and state, for doing our duty towards them as towards any Syrian citizen. I salute every honest Palestinian who valued the Syrian stances and did not treat Syria as a hotel which he leaves when conditions get a little tight."

From H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad's January 6th, 2013 Speech.

"the Palestinian cause is the core of all causes in our region, particularly the Arab region, and if the Palestinian issue isn't resolved and if the rights aren't restored, then there would be no changes in positions even if one waited for generations, adding " now we are speaking about the third or fourth generation since the occupation of Palestine, and the positions didn't and will not change. "

From H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad's Interview with Iranian TV, June 28, 2012.

"Has the Arab league returned one olive tree uprooted by Israel or prevented the demolition of one Palestinian house in occupied Arab Palestine?"

From H.E. President Al-Assad's Damascus University Speech, January 10, 2012.

"Who, more than Syria, has offered to the Palestinian cause in particular?"

From H.E. President Al-Assad's Damascus University Speech, January 10, 2012.

"Defeat is not necessarily military and it might come true if they succeed in making us withdraw to internal conflicts and forget about our bigger issues on top of which the Palestinian Issue."

From H.E. President Al-Assad's Damascus University Speech, January 10, 2012.

"We believe and we hope we are true that these changes will lead to altering the track the Palestinian cause has been following over probably three decades, which is the track of concessions, to the track of commitment to rights,"

From H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad's a Speech at the People's Assembly March 30, 2011.

 ''We believe and we hope we are true that these changes will lead to altering the track the Palestinian cause has been following over probably three decades, which is the track of concessions, to the track of commitment to rights."

From H.E.'s Parliament Speech, (March 30, 2011)


''Regardless of what is the US previous and current stance on the negotiations and settlements, we reject the settlements to be the core issue…This is wrong,'' stressing that the real issue is the issue of land, which will return.''

 From H.E.'s Statements during His visit to France, (December 9, 2010) 

"Israel continues its systematic killing of the Palestinians in Gaza and all the Palestinian territories, perpetrating aggressions against the Palestinians in the 1948 territories."

From H.E.'s Press Conference with President Chavez, (October 21, 2010)

 "The Israeli siege on Gaza is continuous, and juadizing Jerusalem is a racist process that can not be separated from Israel's latest racist and fascist laws which stipulate for a 'Jewish state' and the 'oath of loyalty' to the Jewish state."

From H.E.'s Press Conference with President Chavez, (October 21, 2010)

 "When we want to negotiate we have to adhere to the rights, and the negotiator should be supported by his/her own people before any other side, and she/he should take responsibility before his/her people and their future." 

From H.E.'s Sirte Summit Statements(October 9, 2010)

 ''There should never be confusion between the tasks of the Arab Follow-up Committee and the Palestinian track. The Committee is specifically concerned with the explaining and promoting of the Arab Initiative and isn't concerned with measures related to negotiations, to how to negotiate and details. The Committee is only concerned with the principles, rights, and basics.''

From H.E.'s Sirte Summit Statements(October 9, 2010)

 "We don't expect anything about the negotiations- Palestinian-Israeli-.. First because this Israeli government expresses an increasing and mounting extremism in the Israeli street.. when extremism is a general state in Israel.. I don’t think there is anyone who is able to offer any real thing to the Palestinian, Syrian or Lebanese sides.. Second, the speech now in Israel revolves around the judiziation of the Israeli state, and this is dangerous issue.. What about the Arabs of 1948… the issue of peace became a matter of settlements, not land, which means that all the Palestinian issue was abbreviated to a number of settlements. It is impossible to be a man of peace and be criminal at the same time.. Gaza Siege, killing the Palestinians; aggression on the Freedom Flotilla… all these issues can't lead or show a will in peace."

From H.E.'s TRT TV Interview(October 6, 2010)

 "We in Syria try to help as much as possible as far as this issue is concerned; but we don't play the basic role as far as the issue of the reconciliation. As you know, this issue takes place in Egypt through the Egyptian mediation,''

From H.E.'s TRT TV Interview(October 6, 2010)


'There are no fuel, electricity, hospitals do not work, people die: children, elderly, ill and others due to the absence of possible treatment in hospitals,'

From H.E.'s Press Conference in Spain, (July 5, 2010)

 ''We are faced with an Israeli government which has not worked in a single day, and will not, as to give the Palestinian People their independent state. In practice this is an extremist government, seeking to ignite wars, spread unrest and problems in the region; what is taking place in Gaza and the siege on the Palestinian People for many years: a million and a half besieged, with no minimum availability of the needed for basic requirements of life for any human being.''

From H.E.'s Press Conference with President Chavez of Venezuela  (June 26, 2010)

 ''First of all, our support is political because Hamas is a Palestinian organization.  The Palestinians have occupied land.  They have the right to have their own state.  They don’t have.  They have the right to have their own land back after ‘67, something they haven’t had yet.''

From H.E.'s PBS Interview  (May 28, 2010)

 ''Without unification in the Palestinian really you cannot have peace.  You need this unification.  It’s not about who is going to sign the treaty.  At the end if you want to implement the treaty, you need unification.  You need unified policy.''

From H.E.'s PBS Interview  (May 28, 2010)

 “If Israel is ready to return the Golan, we can not say no to a peace treaty. However, only a comprehensive solution can guarantee true peace. An agreement limited to Syria and Israel will leave the Palestinian issue unresolved. Rather than peace, it will be a truce. With some five million Palestinian refugees scattered around the Arab world, tension will remain strong. There is popular solidarity with the Palestinians. They will keep fighting for their rights”.

From H.E.'s La Repubblica Interview (May 24, 2010)

 "We do not replace the Palestinians , we stand with the Palestinian and that means they should take their own decision and determine their direction and we extend help, but the solution will not come from Syria nor from Egypt  Saudi Arabia , or from any other state. If the solution doesn't come from the Palestinian arena, then we all will fail in any role we play…"

 From H.E.'s Press Interview with Al-Manar Satellite TV, (March 24, 2010)

 "The tragic conditions suffered by the Palestinian People have been at the core of today's talks; I have called upon Italy and the European Union, to redouble efforts as to lift the unjust siege imposed on the Palestinian People, open the crossings, pressure Israel as to end its occupation of the 1967 occupied Arab territories, dismantling settlements, both of which create a stumbling obstacle before the peace, pushing the region toward more of tensions and wars. ''

 From H.E.'s Press Conference with the Italian President, (March 18, 2010)

 I have half a million Palestinians and they have been living here for three generations now. So, if you do not find a solution for them, then what peace you are talking about?

From His Excellency's ''Direct Quotes'' by the New Yorker, (February 3, 2010)



  ''Furthermore, we have discussed the Palestinian Issue; hence the peace is not only the Syrian track; we have talked about the Palestinian reconciliation, the necessity as to lift the siege imposed on Gaza as a basic way for supporting the Just and Comprehensive Peace, which passes through the Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese tracks,''

From His Excellency's Conference with Chancellor Faymann, (December 23, 2009)

 ''Whoever contributes to the blockade imposed on Gaza Strip is responsible for the Palestinians' blood.''

From His Excellency's Conference with Premier Erdogan, (December 23, 2009)

 ''The talks, further, dealt with the situation in Gaza from a human perspective; I asked President Sarkozy to interfere as to stop the daily killing of the Palestinians by the Israel Army,''

From His Excellency's Paris Visit Statements, (November 13, 2009)

 ''The Palestinian Cause remains the core Cause for all Arab Countries. However, no breakthrough to this effect could be achieved without the Palestinian Reconciliation, the basic and the real concern for Arabs,''

From His Excellency's Speech at 5th General Conference of the Arab Parties, Damascus Summit, (November 11, 2009)

 ''We do not have to be deceived by what is being presented regarding the halting of settlements in the occupied Palestinian Territories, as a basis for the return to negotiations, as if all of the problem were to be only in the settlements; settlements halting is not in itself the objective; it is but no more than a phase or a step; what about the dismantling of the settlements rather than the halting; most importantly, what about ending the occupation; therefore, we have to keep the problem within its basic frame and its real reason; that is the Israeli occupation: ending the occupation would secure the halting and then the dismantling of the settlements, and not the opposite,''

From His Excellency's Speech at COMCEC Istanbul Summit, (November 9, 2009)

 ''What has been taking place in Gaza is to remain deeply-rooted in our minds and imagination, as one of the worst war crimes witnessed by the modern history, in which the internationally banned weapons against civilians were used, in demonstration of the Israeli barbarity. The support for Gaza is through the direct lift of the siege to which it is exposed, and is through the securing of the basic life demands-for the Palestinians- by us urgently and collectively. Depending on others would never realize any of our objectives, as it has been proved through the international indifferent reaction, not to mention the recently negative dealing of some Western States with Goldstone Report, which exposed the crimes of Israel, and the bids to cover these crimes. Just solutions, once others decide them on our behalf, would never exist. No body would be concerned about our interests, or would safeguard our rights, when we neglect our rights. The surrender to deceptive promises is but to waste our position, rights and interests,''

From His Excellency's Speech at COMCEC Istanbul Summit, (November 9, 2009)

  ''The events have proved the statements of condemnation to be but the nothingness, if they were not to be accompanied by concrete steps, starting with the putting of pressure on Israel instead of flattering or rewarding it, and by continued support to the original inhabitants of Arabs in the face of the Israeli occupation; and with every means with no exception,''

From His Excellency's Speech at COMCEC Istanbul Summit, (November 9, 2009)

 ''Syria support the Palestinian Reconciliation and the unity of the resistance against the occupation encountering its aggressive schemes and Judaization plans,''

 From His Excellency's Statements to the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) Central Committee,  (November 4, 2009)

 ''The Process of Peace can in way be separated from the human condition in the Palestinian Territories. Consequently, the Crossings, which allow the Palestinian Citizens and land to communicate with World, have to be opened; in addition to the lifting of the siege and the removing of the settlements in the Palestinian Territories.''

From His Excellency's Press Conference with the Croatian President, (October 28, 2009)

 ''We, further, discussed the Palestinian issue reiterating the support of Syria to the reconciliation process among the Palestinian parties as to reach to negotiations that would achieve peace on the Palestinian track. We also talked about the siege imposed on Gaza and the necessity as to alleviate the Palestinian suffering in Gaza Strip, as an important point of the important ones to find the Peace on the Palestinian track,''

From His Excellency's Press Conference with the Finnish President, (October 22, 2009)

 ''The Israeli siege on Gaza Strip is a massacre against all Palestinians; I have discussed with President Chavez how to move internationally as to nudge even a part of the world to lift the unjust siege imposed on the Palestinian People,''

From His Excellency's Press Statements during the Visit of H. E. President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela to Syria, (September 3, 2009)

 ''Further, we have reviewed the catastrophic human conditions of the Palestinian People because of the inhuman siege imposed by the Israelis, and the necessity for rallying the efforts of the world, including the European Union, as to lift this siege, opening the Crossings, ending this human tragedy,''

From His Excellency's Press Statements during the Visit of President Demetris Christofias of Cyprus to Syria, (August 31, 2009)

 “I have also given explanations to President Aliyev about the siege imposed on the City of Gaza, with what it causes of slow death for the Palestinians, the necessity to lift the siege, in parallel with the achievement of reconciliation among the Palestinians, as to realize peace on the Palestinian track, which is a fundamental part of the other tracks:  for the comprehensive peace process.”

From His Excellency’s Azerbaijan visit Press Statements, (July 8, 2009)

 “The Palestinian reconciliation is the essence for whatever would be solution in the region. Without the unity of the Palestinians, and without the unity of the Palestinian stance, there would never be a peace on the Palestinian track, neither a tow-state solution, nor restoration of a land, nor a return for refugees. If the peace was not to be achieved on the Palestinian track, other tracks would remain incomplete, even peace agreements were to be signed on other tracks, including the Syrian one. So, we have ever reiterated the necessity for the comprehensive peace, tracks concomitance, or coordination; so that we would achieve peace and not only sign peace agreement; hence the peace agreement is but the first step towards the peace, and not the final one, as some believe. The steps which follow the first step are linked to the concomitance or coordination among the tracks of peace.”

From His Excellency’s Statements during Turkish President Visit, (May 15, 2009)

 “Once we talk about stability, the Palestinian Cause, the suffering of the Palestinian People due to the killing, terrorism, and torture by the Israelis, can not be ignored, nor can the Palestinian People steadfastness and Resistance. It goes without saying for our discussions today to focus at the how as far as the support for the Palestinian People in their steadfastness and resistance, with all what this Resistance means of meanings and aspects. We have touched upon the way to support the Palestinian People and their steadfastness through their unity, because this People can not be steadfast nor resist once there is a division on the Palestinian political arena. The talks also focused at the mechanism of work as to get the siege imposed on the Palestinian People, especially in Gaza, to be lifted.”

From His Excellency’s Statements in a Joint Press Conference with His Iranian Counterpart, (May 5, 2009)

 “The Palestinian issue is still the core issue of the peace and the core issue for the Arabs since 1948. For Syria, it has another aspect because we have half a million Palestinian refugees in Syria and half a million in Lebanon and they are linked to each other. So, you can talk about one million refugees in total. You cannot have real stability unless you have comprehensive peace that would solve the problem of the Palestinians in our region.”

 From His Excellency’s Interview with the Austrian Der Standard, (April, 18, 2009)

  “Let us talk about the big picture on the Palestinian track. It is three stages: the first one is to solve the problem of the embargo and cease-fire, the second is to move towards the reconciliation, and the third is to move towards the peace. You cannot take the second step before the first or the third before the second. So, the first one is achieving cease-fire and lifting the embargo. The cease-fire is related to the embargo itself because the embargo means death, but it is slow death. If you have to choose between slow death and fast death, it is easier to go for the fast death. If you are under embargo and the people are dying because of the lack of oil and electricity, causing people to die at hospitals - if they have to be subject to kidney dialysis, for example, this means you are going to die. If you are going to die or be faced with the death of your son, sister, mother, or wife, you are going to fight. You are not going to keep watching. Therefore, you cannot separate cease-fire from lifting the embargo. We start with lifting the embargo and this is very important and the Israelis have to move forward in that direction.”

From His Excellency’s Interview with the Austrian Der Standard, (April, 18, 2009)

  “Anyway, the embargo will not stop the attack; it will make things worse. You have the attack because there is embargo, not vice versa, and the more people die, the more attacks you will have. This is their defense. Whether it is right or wrong, it does not matter. If I am cornered I will defend myself. They have to understand this. The embargo will not make the situation better in Israel. You have to open the borders, keep the situation normal in Gaza, from the humanitarian point of view, and leave internal problems for the Palestinians to deal with, whether Hamas or Fatah, because this is a Palestinian issue. Then, you can talk about the peace and the situation in Israel will become much better.”

From His Excellency’s Interview with the Austrian Der Standard, (April, 18, 2009)

 “We reiterate our unlimited support, as Arab leaders, to Palestinian reconciliation, which we see as immunity for the Palestinian People, and as prevention against any possible Israeli aggression; this, however, should never make us ignore Israel as a state built on aggression and killing, and that Israel sees its future through the expelling of the Palestinians to an alterative home, as to realize its aspired Jewish State. We register satisfaction to see most countries of the world recognizing the reality of the recently elected Israeli Government anti-peace trends,”

From His Excellency 21st Arab Summit of Doha Speech, (March 30, 2009)

 “We have to play a mediation role- among Palestinians- and not to say that this side was right and the other wrong. Once one says that this side is right and that side wrong, one becomes a part unable to play any role as far as reconciliation,”

 From His Excellency Assafir Daily Interview, (March 25, 2009)

  “The Arab role is to outline an approach for the Palestinian dialogue, which would help them and which to be agreed on by two or more Palestinian sides; and then forth the process of reconciliation goes on; but we can not replace them,”

 From His Excellency Assafir Daily Interview, (March 25, 2009)

 “We have an interest when Egypt would make a success; Egypt is present geographically and directly on the borders with Gaza; it is a very influential country to this effect, Whether to succeed or not depends on Egypt’s relations with diverse Palestinian parties. To succeed as a mediator, you have to gain the confidence of all the parties with no exception. This depends also on the performance of the Egyptian officials as far as this issue. So the question is whether this is to be possible; of course, it is possible. But what are the basics and demands? These demands are Palestinian ones coming through and from the diverse parties and the Authority- Palestinian Authority-“

From His Excellency Al-Manar TV Interview, (January 26, 2009)

 “The Israeli embargo against Gaza must end, because sealing the borders is strangling the population. The blockade is a slow death. People don't just die as a result of bombs, but also because their supplies of medications and food are cut off.”

From His Excellency Der Spiegel Interview, (January 19, 2009)

  “If the people in Gaza have only the choice between a slow death caused by the blockade or death in battle, they will choose to fight. This is why lifting the embargo is an indispensable part of an agreement. We agree with Hamas on this point. Basically, Hamas is not the problem in this conflict, but Israel.”

From His Excellency Der Spiegel Interview, (January 19, 2009)

  “There is no truth to the notion that Hamas is holding the people hostage, as some people claim. Hamas captured an absolute majority of votes in the internationally recognized parliamentary election three years ago, a landslide victory. You cannot declare an entire people to be terrorists.”

From His Excellency Der Spiegel Interview, (January 19, 2009)

  “The Europeans have learned from experience. That's why they are now talking to the Hamas leadership here in Damascus -- not publicly, of course. I don't want to mention any names. But I do think it's telling that they include people who are especially critical of Hamas in their speeches. We try to help where we can.”

From His Excellency Der Spiegel Interview, (January 19, 2009)

  “Mashaal- Hamas Political Leader- has changed. He already mentioned the borders of 1967 in 2006. What does that mean? It means that he accepts a two-state solution. Besides, a few months ago he also said that he would sign anything that the Palestinian people see as the right thing to do.”

From His Excellency Der Spiegel Interview, (January 19, 2009)

 “Israel will have to make peace, and not just with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.”

From His Excellency Der Spiegel Interview, (January 19, 2009)

 “Hamas must be included. Nothing will work without Hamas. As the next major step, it will be important to establish unity with in the Palestinian people. There can be no peace without unity. How they manage to do that is the Palestinians' business. I cannot and do not wish to apply pressure to Hamas in this context.”

From His Excellency Der Spiegel Interview, (January 19, 2009)

 “Hamas will not disappear. Hamas will not raise the white flag. Hamas has the trust of the people, and anyone who wishes to destroy it must destroy an entire people.”

From His Excellency Der Spiegel Interview, (January 19, 2009)

 “What has been taking place in Gaza of crimes, with no precedent as far as their dangerous consequences, which would be reflected on our countries in all fields of life, whether political, economic and human, is the most dangerous for us and is the main preoccupation for Arab citizens and others. For every cause, there are its owners before others; we, however, are not here as to take decisions on their behalf, to issue declarations on their behalf, nor to put pressures on them; rather, we are here to stand by them. Who are they? They are who pay the cost; who are  present on the land in the steadfast resistant Gaza, who have insisted to wage by themselves , without authorizing any body to act on their behalf, their honorable battles, the military as well as the political ones. Their cause is a two-fold one: political and human; each of which can be summarized as a genocide , which reflects, with no doubt, the grudge and racism by the Israelis,”

From His Excellency Speech at the Arab Summit of Kuwait, (January 19, 2009)

  “Of no less importance should be our political, as well as moral support for Gaza, through the assertion of its right to self-defense with all means, and its unalienable right to respond to aggression; with all of what this entails of the necessity for a clear-cut support for the Palestinian Resistance, rejecting whatever might doubt the Resistance legitimacy and patriotism, or whatever might weaken the Resistance. In reply to labeling the Resistance, by whoever, as terrorism, I propose to this Summit to adopt officially the description of the Zionist Entity as the terrorist entity, especially in light of the latest aggression. When somebody intends to or carries out a terrorist action, we do not hesitate to accuse him with terrorism; how could it then be with an entity which has been, time and then, carrying this out for decades, and elect as its leaders only the terrorists!”

From His Excellency Speech at the Arab Summit of Kuwait, (January 19, 2009)

 “The destiny of Gaza is not that of Gaza Citizens alone; it is our shared destiny; the battle of Gaza is the battle of every Arab Citizen,”

 From His Excellency Speech at Gaza Summit of Doha, (January 16, 2009)

 “Our Summit today is to stand by Gaza, and not to search for settlements at the expense of the citizens of Gaza as to satisfy Israel or to satisfy those who stand by Israel. He who defines the criteria as to define those who stand by Gaza and those who search for the said settlements at the expense of the citizens of Gaza is but the citizens of Gaza and its resistance men, who are the decision makers. Our role is to stand by them with no hesitation in whatever might support their steadfastness and alleviate their sufferings, leading to a solution that secures their security and dignity,”

From His Excellency Speech at Gaza Summit of Doha, (January 16, 2009)

  “The basic for what we decide today is based on our stance by our people in Gaza against the new Israeli Nazi Holocaust, and on our conviction in the justice of the Palestinian Cause and in the legitimate rights of the Palestinian People. This, however, is not complete without understanding the essence of the problem, which is not only the occupation itself, but rather with the nature of the enemy, which we have been facing in light   of the long decades of different experiences with this enemy,”

From His Excellency Speech at Gaza Summit of Doha, (January 16, 2009)

  “Israel has pursued its announced targeted killings during the truce period, to which the resistance was committed to. About 40 Palestinians during the few months of the truce were martyred by Israel. So, what Israel propagates, along with those who stand by its side regarding the responsibility of resistance for what is taking place, is an abject lie,”

From His Excellency Speech at Gaza Summit of Doha, (January 16, 2009)

  “We have to stand by our brethren in Gaza, by its resistance officially, popularly, financially as well as morally, and with all means with no exception; to do whatever might support their steadfastness in the face of the aggression, especially the immediate opening of the crossings before individuals, and human assistance. We do support the idea regarding a Fund for the reconstruction of Gaza with a call for the convening of an International conference for this purpose,”

From His Excellency Speech at Gaza Summit of Doha, (January 16, 2009)

 "They – Hamas- are influential. That is most important. So they have to be brought to any action, otherwise it will not succeed,"

 From His Excellency BBC Interview, (January 14, 2009)

  "Stop launching rockets means stop assassinating Palestinians by your helicopters and your planes."

 From His Excellency BBC Interview, (January 14, 2009)

 “This is the second time they’ve been under attack from Israel even during the truce -- even during the truce by the Israeli airplanes for the last few months. Forty Palestinians were killed. So they have a cause. They are under the aggression, not vice-versa. And actually what they do is they respond, they don't start. So we support their cause. We support the Palestinian state -- independent Palestinian state. And we support that -- their position as they defend themselves.”

 From His Excellency CNN Interview, (January 6, 2009)

 "We cannot talk about the same condition, like what happened a few years ago. Otherwise, we'll keep moving from a cease-fire to another conflict to another breaking of this cease-fire and so on. The more blood you have, the more difficult to talk about peace will be."

   From His Excellency CNN Interview, (January 6, 2009)

 "The support –for Hamas- is political, the support of their cause,"

   From His Excellency CNN Interview, (January 6, 2009) 

 "They are under aggression ... actually what they do is respond, they don't start. So we support their cause. We support the Palestinian state, independent Palestinian state, and we support their position to defend themselves."

   From His Excellency CNN Interview, (January 6, 2009)

 “Our vision regarding the solution- for the ongoing crisis in Gaza- is as follows: First, an immediate halt for the Israeli barbaric aggression against the Palestinian People; ceasefire, immediate withdrawal of the occupation troops from Gaza. Second, the lifting of the imposed siege, which is like a declaration of war, but not in a military form; once there is no lifting of the siege, it is difficult to have a real and solid ceasefire; once man is given the choice between slow death and quick death; he/she is to opt for the quick death, because it is easier. These are the basic points; there are many details in consequence for these points, which form the principles for a permanent and persistent solution in Gaza.”

  From His Excellency Press Conference with President Sarkozy, (January 6, 2009)

 “We are confident that the Israeli aggression would never be able to break the will of the Palestinian People for the realization of their independent state, and for the withdrawal of the occupier from their land. We are ready to exert every effort and cooperate with whatever exerted effort in the region regionally or internationally,”

  From His Excellency Press Conference with President Sarkozy, (January 6, 2009)

 “I have discussed with President Mesic the catastrophic situation of our Palestinian People in Gaza due to the Israeli unjust blockade and the collective punishment policy practiced by Israel. I have made clear to President Mesic the necessity for the European Countries to take a stance in the interest of humanity, through the working as to lift the unjust blockade on the armless Palestinian People in Gaza,”

 From His Excellency Joint Press Conference with His Croatian Counterpart, H. E. Stjepan Mesic, (December 22, 2008)

 “We reiterate our support to the struggle of our Palestinian brethrens as to restore their rights to the creation of their independent State with Jerusalem as its capital, the securing of the Palestinian Refugees return. We do underline that the realization of this objective is conditioned to the unity of the Palestinian stance; consequently, we renew our support for dialogue among Palestinian factions as well as our preparedness to exert every possible effort as to prepare the appropriate conditions to make of success of the dialogue, through which the unity of the Palestinian people interest is achieved,”

  From His Excellency Speech At the opening of the 2nd Transitional Arab Parliament Session, (November 9, 2008)

 “First of all, they are paying the price of internecine Palestinian divisions even more than that of inter-Arab dissensions. We acted to remedy this during the summit, and before the Mecca Agreement we played a fundamental role in this regard. As I have said, we await the visit of President Mahmoud Abbas to see what we can do. We cannot allow this Palestinian situation to continue since it has repercussions on all Arab countries. “

 From His Excellency Monday Morning Interview, (September 30, 2008)

 "Our relation with Hamas can not be at the expense of our relation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas or Fatah Organization. We have historic ties with Fatah and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). Our aim of all such relations is to achieve Palestinian unity without which the Palestinians will be unable to set up their state."

From His Excellency Statements during His Kuwait Visit (June 4th, 2008)

“We stand at the same distance from all sides out of our convention that Israel is to benefit by the Palestinian divisions”

From His Excellency Interview given to the Qatari ‘Al-Wtan’ Daily  (April 27th 2008)

“We do voice our pain and condemnation for the killing, siege and destruction caused by the Israeli mechanism of killing against our people in Gaza. We express sadness over the conditions of division and separation at the Palestinian arena . The priority should be for dialogue among the Palestinians. We say to the Palestinian brethrens that your enemy profits from every division as to carry out the more of massacres against you, and your children, making no distinction between any Arab, whether Palestinian or from any other Arab country; do not fall into the trap of the illusion that the enemy is to distinguish between a Palestinian and another Palestinian, or between the West Bank and Gaza, neither between an organization and another. All this deem it necessary for you as to surmount any reason for difference, whatever this reason might be big; the unity of the Arab stance and vitality regarding the Palestinian Cause is necessarily  influenced with the unity of your stance; the guarantee for you, the safeguard for your people and Cause; and the only path as to restore your rights; on top of which the restoration of the land, the return of the refugees. With this in mind, We voice our appreciations for the efforts of our brethren in Yemen, and support for the Yemeni Initiative as to resume the dialogue, which we see as a suitable frame for agreement among the Palestinian parties. We also call for the immediate lifting of the siege imposed on Gaza, by the Arab countries in prelude for calling on the world countries to do the same.”

 From His Excellency Opening  Speech of  20th Arab Summit  (March29th 2008)

“We have been deeply hurt and saddened by the ongoing developments  of  the condition at the Palestinian field; hoping that an accord among Palestinian brethren on a national project in the face of the Israeli occupation is to be reached. Syria is ready to do her duty, exerting every possible effort among the brethren, as to achieve this objective.”

 From HE’s Second  Presidential Term Inauguration Speech , ( July 17, 2007)

 “Supporting the Palestinian national unity should come first in our responsibilities as Arab states.”

From HE’s 2007 Parliament Speech, ( May 15, 2007)


“Hamas victory is not a triumph for a certain group, but is understood to be an election for resistance. Hamas’ victory is an internal issue. We don’t distinguish between this and that group. We want a good relation with all the Palestinian trends. Our relationship with President Mahmoud Abbas is good. We told him that what concerns us is the unity of the Palestinians. But what concerns us with regard to Hamas’ victory is the great pressures put on us in the last few years for the presence of Palestinian groups in Syria. The election of Hamas proves the correctness of the Syrian position. This means that we were aware and confirmed that the path of resistance expresses the option of the Palestinian public. We believed at that time that this is what the Palestinian people want, we didn’t know that Hamas will enter the elections or not, and we didn’t know that it is going to win or not. But we were aware of this direction. The Palestinian people expressed this direction and the correctness of our position towards these elections. We have been criticized for such position. Colin Powell was the first to ask us to expel Hamas and Jihad, when he visited Syria three weeks following the Iraq war. Before the visit, we talked with brothers in Hamas and Jihad and told them that we expect that we will be asked to close the offices. In fact, they willingly said that they want to ease pressures on Syria and that they will close the offices. We told Secretary Powell about the agreement reached with the Palestinian factions. The surprise was that the required was not the closure of the offices, they asked to expel the organizations. Some Arab countries began pressing in this direction. I told them when you expel a person, we send him away to his country, where can we expel them, since they are not allowed to go home to their country? I asked them if they accept them in their countries, but they refused. Then I asked them to find a solution for them. Now, they found the solution through the elections.”

 From HE’s Speech to the Arab Parties  Conference,  ( March 5, 2006) 


“In Syria, we have half a million Palestinians, and they have eight organizations, political organizations, for (inaudible). We have another two who was expelled from the Palestinian territories and came to Syria. They're not allowed to go back to their territory. The normal thing is that they can go back to their country or to their territory. In Syria, all these organizations, they only work on a political basis. They cannot do anything else. They meet with the Palestinian people in Syria, they express their political positions. Regarding two organizations, they don't have members in Syria. ... They don't have their organization, they don't have their offices. There are only few of the leaders. They were expelled from their territory, and they came to Syria. “

From HE’s Interview with CNN, (October 12, 2005)


“So they don't have offices. They live in houses and they meet with people. So when they say they close -- to close what? Close their houses? They're going to have another house. And they can meet with people. They live normally. But they don't do any action in the Palestinian territory from Syria.”

From HE’s Interview with CNN, (October 12, 2005)


“To hold on to the rights of the Palestinian people, which are political rights. This is very clear. These rights are the refugees’ right, because we have half a million refugees from Palestine in Syria and five to six million in other Arab countries who are not allowed to go back to their territories, the right to have a state and the right to have normal relations like any other state.”

From HE’s Interview with CNN, (October 12, 2005)

 "Israel is swallowing up the Palestinian lands, and the Palestinian people are being killed and besieged at a time Israel, backed by the American administration, violates the international law as well as principles incorporated in the UN Charter."

 From HE’s Message to the 16th World Youth and Students Festival, Caracas , Venezuelan,  (August, 10, 2005)

 “Since 1948 up to the present day , the Palestinians have tried all options. They do not run in one direction. There were different currents and the Palestinians were trying one current and supporting it. The evidence is their support to Oslo and then to the Intifada which we view as uprising against Oslo.”

From HE’s Interview with Al Jazeera TV, (May 3, 2004)

 "Syria’s doors are open, but meetings should have objectives, an agenda and certain direction… Syria’s approach is known. We always support Palestinians despite all developments."

From HE’s Interview with Al-Sharq Al-Wsat Daily, (January 29, 2004) 


“Syria's attitude is to support the Palestinian question, but we will not interfere in an internal affair . We side with the cause and our stand will not change.” “In the beginning of the peace process, we believed in the possibility of coordination between the Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian tracks. Then, came the Oslo accords and separated the tracks. There is no link between the two tracks except the issue of Palestinian refugees, the destiny of which is connected with a peace agreement between Syria and Lebanon on the one side and Israel on the other, or Palestinian-Israeli agreement. For this, there is no coordination and there is no connection. The principles and terms of reference differ.”

 From HE’s Interview with  Al Hayat Daily , (November 7, 2003) 

 “Then, our life will be like the jungle with the existence of developed technology. Twelve years have already passed since the convening of the Madrid Peace Conference, but without achieving the objective for which it was held, namely to achieve just and comprehensive peace in the region. And despite what has been accomplished at certain stages regarding peace with Israel, we are today quite far from peace;  more than ever. If some of the good-intentioned people are still adhering to illusions that the Israel government will comply with the requirements of just and comprehensive peace, the present Israeli government, instead of pursuing the road of peace, is escalating its oppressive policies against the Palestinian people, shelling houses, assassinating citizens, murdering civilians, displacing innocent people, and continuing the building of its separation wall in order to annex more of the Palestinian land. In doing so, it is strengthening the Apartheid Policy which drives us to live in a different age.”

From HE’s Speech Welcoming the Spanish King  , ( October 21, 2003)

  "Frankly speaking what we heard from the Palestinians whether before or after the war on Iraq was a refusal of what is called the Roadmap plan. We have many remarks on this plan, but eventually we will agree on what the Palestinians decide and agree.'' The President also said "Syria has adopted the cause of Palestine according to the liking of its owners ( i.e. the Palestinian people). We cannot refuse anything they are convinced of. When we participated in the 1991 Middle East peace process, we thought that this track would lead to one Syrian-Lebanese-Palestinian track. But what we had taken place was the fact that the Oslo process had actually separated the Palestinian track from the other two trails which remained one track.”

 From HE’s Interview with Al-Arabia TV, ( June 10, 2003)

  "Generally, the summit was dedicated for the Palestinian track and the Roadmap. The subject of the Golan was discussed with the European leaders many times. This subject was raised by Arab leaders continuously without asking them to do so with Americans and the Europeans. All must know that there will be no peace without Syria. But this raises another question: Why has the Roadmap been raised without the Syrian track if they worked for comprehensive process? Approximately a year ago, Western-American-European presentation was based on the basis that there is no solution except through a comprehensive peace and no solution but through one basket. They supported the Arab initiative. But putting forward the Roadmap, without talking about basic issues such as the refugees, Jerusalem, and borders, means that there are question marks about it. Some say for election reasons and some say to calm down the Arab public.”

 From HE’s Interview with Al-Arabia TV, ( June 10, 2003)

   “Now, if we are to compare what is happening in the occupied Palestinian territory, it is not necessary that it is happening in one hour, but the accumulation of what Israel has been doing since 1948, the accumulation of killing the Palestinians. We, as Arabs,. when we see a Palestinian killed we feel all the pain that we have been experiencing during the last decades. If you ask any Arab person, he would not say to you that what happened on the 11th of September is more painful to him than what have been happening to the Palestinians for the last fifty years. I am going to give you just one example, what happened in Sabra and Shatila by Sharon in 1982? During one night, thousands of Palestinians were slaughtered in Sabra and Shatila. For us, as Arabs, and for any Arab citizen, this is more painful than anything else on earth. We heard a lot of criticism to this comparison that was made.”

From HE’s Interview with the Italian Corriere Della Sera, (February 14, 2002)

   "The Syrian power chips are at the service of the Palestinian Cause, which has ever been the central cause for Syria and for all Arabs, We never accept to sort the Syrian issue at the expense of Palestinian,'' '' Syria could never be a stick by Israel against Palestinians under any condition,''" Illusion are those who were to believe as to put pressure on Syria through the Palestinian track,''

From HE’s Amman Summit Speech, (March 27, 2001)


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