DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Syria's battle with the enemy takes multiple forms and clear goals as it determines the destiny of our people and nation, underscored President Bashar Al-Assad, Commander -in-Chief of the Syrian Army and the Armed Forces.

In a written speech to the Syrian army on the 67 anniversary of the Army Foundation Day, President Al-Assad asserted that the enemy exploited internal agents as a bridge to destabilize the homeland, undermine the citizens' safety and drain our economic and scientific capabilities with the aim of weakening us and preventing us from drawing up our future and improving our society to the level of the developed countries.

President Al-Assad pointed out that "the enemies wanted to prevent our people from their national decision but they were surprised by the Syrian people who stood as one man against their schemes and defeated them, leading them to look for a way out of their defeats, plot more schemes and assign the task of carrying out such schemes to local agents."

The President added that the Syrian people have foiled all these schemes and dropped all bets on influencing their awareness and proved that they cannot be subjugated.

President Bashar Al-Assad greeted the Syrian army who defends the homeland's sovereignty and the nation's dignity, hailing the Syrian army's struggle for more than half a century which plyed a prominent role in preserving the nation's identity and its cultural, social and intellectual components.

President Al-Assad went on addressing the Syrian army: "You wrote the greatest epic of heroism and pride and proved through facing the war waged against our country and confronting the criminal terrorist gangs that you are entrusted with the values of our people to whom you belong and faithful to their history and civilization," asserting that the Syrian army and armed forces personnel will ever remain the title for such authentic belonging.

President Al-Assad added "You represent the aspiration of our people in defending their dignity and honor and restoring stability and security of the homeland due to your determination to implement your sacred duty towards the homeland," asserting that each citizen derives his strength from our soldiers as they are the men who devoted themselves to defend the country by land, sea and air.

The President called on the armed forces for more readiness and continued preparedness to remain the armor and fortress of the homeland, voicing his big confidence in our armed forces, seen by the Syrians as the source of their pride and the defender of their legitimate causes.

President Al-Assad greeted the spirits of our martyrs who sacrificed their souls for defending their homeland, saluting the families of the martyrs and wishing the wounded quick recovery.




JUNE 26, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Tuesday presided over the first session of the new cabinet after the new government members sworn in before him.

The President addressed the new government, calling on the ministers to contact with the citizens in transparency, specifying the priorities and immediately acting to carry them out, providing the basic needs, preventing prices' increase, combating monopoly and reconstructing infrastructure sabotaged by the terrorists.

President Al-Assad gave directives to make the priority to the poorest areas in Syria, putting mechanisms that achieve social equality among citizens, accelerating achievement of the laws related to the administrative reform, combating corruption, rehabilitating human resources and controlling the governmental losses.

"All previous circumstances, particularly the current ones, have proven that the public sector is very necessary to Syria.. but this doesn't mean to keep it loser or be a burden on the state and the budget," the President said, instructing the new government to put a clear vision to develop this sector.

President Al-Assad stressed that the social aspect is the basis for political stability and security, saying " We are here to work… we have to possess an economic mentality with a clear vision".

The President said that the agricultural sector is strategic and no other sector in Syria can be compared to it since the large part of Syrian society lives and works in agriculture and a great part of the Syrian economy is affected by agriculture and the annual seasons.

President Al-Assad underlined the importance of focusing on the small and medium-sized industries because the Syrian economy, and even, the President says, the economies of the big countries will not or didn't grow depending on the great industries or projects, but they were built on the small projects.

The President called on the government to search for greater developmental projects that serve the citizen and wouldn't be a burden on the state like the housing projects which benefit the citizen and the state alike.

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  SANA- June 04, 2012

At the beginning of this legislative course, we remember brothers of ours who should have been with us under the roof of this parliament taking part in this great national workshop, but the bullets of treachery prevented them from doing so. They fell martyrs merely because they were determined to shoulder national responsibility by putting themselves forward as candidates for the elections of the People's Assembly; and so they haven't been able to share with us this historic day.

In respect for their souls and the souls of all innocent civilian martyrs and military martyrs who fell since the early days of these events, we stand with great veneration and send their families our love and say to them that their blood was not spilled in vain. I am not saying this to indicate seeking revenge but in terms of upholding right because a right is never forgotten unless it is forfeited by its owner.

Our only solace – and here I'm not only offering condolences to their families; I am rather talking about the larger Syrian family – is that our country will be once again sound and healthy and that the children of this homeland will enjoy security, peace and stability.

Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen, members of the People's Assembly,

It gives me pleasure to congratulate you on the trust the people has put in you, and to particularly congratulate the new members who have joined this national institution to provide new blood and creative ideas which renew and invigorate the homeland and which fulfill the Syrians' aspirations in a safe and prosperous future.

I highly appreciate your determination to take part in these elections under the critical circumstances which require more courage, perseverance and a high sense of responsibility. This is only evidence of your willingness to give and to sacrifice at a time where many individuals toil under national responsibilities which are only shouldered by those who believe in the sacredness of national work and those who have committed themselves to serve the people and defend it.

The People's Assembly is an Assembly for all the Syrian people. It is the Assembly of the farmer dreaming of getting better crops and a better future. It is the Assembly of the peasant sweating to feed his children and extended family. It is the Assembly of the public sector employee taking his children to school to ensure a safer and more stable and prosperous future for his children. It is the Assembly of the soldier sacrificing his life in defense of his homeland. It is the Assembly of the intellectual, the educated, the doctor, the engineer, the lawyer, the journalist, the worker. It is the Assembly of the women who have always contributed to the development and progress of Syrian society. It is the Assembly of the people from whom it takes inspiration and for whom it lives, legislates and oversees the performance of the executive authority.

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DAMASCUS, (SANA)_  H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad delivered on Tuesday before noon a speech at Damascus University Auditorium covering domestic issues in Syria as well as local and regional conditions' developments.

President Al-Assad reiterated in his speech Syria's determination to continue the ongoing process of reforms, whose results are known before hand, citing some of the measures and steps taken to this effect including the abrogation of emergency law, authorization for parties, local administration elections, information law, elections law, and the under-discussion anti-corruption law.

President Al-Assad declared that the new constitution is to be soon put into popular referendum, citing some aspects of the constitution as to include 'political and party pluralism', 'the people are the source of power especially through elections'.

The President welcomed an expansion of the government as to include all political forces and national opposition and pointed out to the importance of dialogue.

The second to none priority for Syrians is the restoration of security and fighting terrorism with an iron fist, outlined President Al-Assad hailing the Syrians' steadfastness and awareness.

President Al-Assad underlined that no orders were given to shoot at the citizens and that no cover-up for any person would be given.

President Al-Assad cited in his speech some aspects of the conspiracy hatched against Syria, including the failing media war, blasting the role played by some Arabs as to pave the way for foreign interference in the Syrian affairs.

The President spoke of the Syrian long experience with elected parliaments, parties highlighting the Syrian Arab role in the Arab League, whose Arabism is to be suspended without the participation of Syria, in reference to the decision taken by the League of Arab States to suspend Syria's participation.

The full text of the speech:

I know that I have been away from the media for a long time, and I have missed having direct contact with the citizens, but I have always been following up with the daily occurrences and gathering the information so that my speech can be built on what is said by the street.

I would like to salute you in the name of pan-Arabism which will continue to be a symbol of our identity and our haven in difficult times, as we will continue to be its heart beating with love and affection. I would also like to greet you in the name of our home country which will always be the source of our pride and dignity, as we will remain faithful to its genuine values for which our fathers and grandfathers sacrificed dearly to keep the country glorified and independent. And I am proud of your steadfastness which will keep Syria an invincible fortress in the face of all forms of penetration, and free in resisting submission to foreign forces.

Today, I am addressing you ten months after the outbreak of the unfortunate events which befell the country imposing new circumstances on the Syrian arena. For all of us, these conditions represent a serious test of our national commitment, and we cannot pass this test except by our continuous work and honest intents based on our faith in God, the genuine character of our people, and its solid nature which has been polished over the ages and made brighter and more robust. Although those events have made us pay, until now, heavy prices which made my heart bleed, as it made the heart of every Syrian bleed, yet they require the sons of Syria, regardless of their beliefs and doctrines, to be wise and sensible, and to be guided by their deep national feelings. Only then our entire country can achieve victory with our unity, our fraternity, and our will to go beyond narrow horizons and momentary interests and reach where our noble national issues lie. For this is our destination and there lies the strength of our country and the glory of our history.

External conspiring is no longer a secret because what is being plotted in the pal talk rooms has started to be clearly revealed before the eyes of the people. It is not possible anymore to deceive others except for those who do not want to listen or see; as the tears shed by the dealers of freedom and democracy for our own victims can no longer conceal the role they played in the bloodshed which they tried to use for their own purposes. At the beginning of the crisis, it was not easy to explain what happened. Emotional reactions and the absence of rationality were surpassing the facts. But now, the fog has lifted, and it is no longer possible for the regional and international parties which wanted to destabilize Syria to forge the facts and the events. Now the masks have fallen off the faces of those parties, and we have become more capable of deconstructing the virtual environment which they have created to push Syrians towards illusion and then make them fall. That virtual environment was created to lead to a psychological and moral defeat which would eventually lead to the actual defeat. That unprecedented media attack was meant to lead us to a state of fear, and this fear, which could paralyze the will, would lead to defeat.

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