President Bashar al-Assad and the visiting Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan held here Monday a session of talks on bilateral relations as well as on the latest regional and international developments.

 In a joint press conference following the talks, President al-Assad described the visit of President Sargsyan as a ' further pillar following my visit to Yerevan", in bolstering of the Syrian-Armenian relations, pushing them forward.

President al-Assad asserted that the given conditions and developments, witnessed by the world in general, and the Middle east in particular, require the '' more of cooperation, and consultations in every field, especially in the political and economic ones".

 President al-Assad outlined that his talks with President Sargsyan dealt with the standing bilateral relations and prospects of their development,' given the strong bonds binding both friendly people', importance of reactivating the Syrian-Armenian Joint Committee, as well as the conditions in the Middle East and Caucasus.

"The conditions in the Middle East and Caucasus Regions were at the centre of out talks; especially the conditions in the occupied Palestinian territories, and the halted Mideast Peace Process and what we hear every day of Israeli declarations threatening with war, rather than working for peace. Israel meets peace calls with the more of siege, killing and settlements construction; which could portend dire consequences,'' said President al-Assad.

"I have been briefed by President Sargsyan on the latest developments related to the conditions in Caucasus,'' added President al-Assad, reiterating necessity of work as to overcome all differences between Armenia and Turkey, resorting to dialogue as to continue the process of confidence building, ' hence both of them have the good intentions to this effect'', hailing President Sargsyan's decision as go forward towards relations with Turkey as ' courageous' ' based on a far-sighted vision'.

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President Bashar Al-Assad and Italian President Giorgio Napolitano held here Thursday morning a session of bilateral talks, followed by another expanded session in presence of members of the two official delegations 

President al-Assad, at the end of the talks, awarded the visiting Italian President, Syria's highest medal, 'Umayyad with the biggest Sash'; President Napolitano awarded president Al-Assad Italy's highest medal, ' the knight of the greatest cross with the biggest knot'.

 ''Our meeting with our Italian friends is an extension for  the interaction, continued for centuries between the two cultures of our two regions, with all what this interaction has produced of civilization contributions on the Mediterranean shores,'' said President al-Assad, in a joint press conference, following the talks.

 '' We have conducted transparent and deep talks, in which climate of intimacy and respect prevailed; caring through the talks, as to upgrade the level of bilateral relations, in all fields: political, economic, cultural and social, in line with our rich historic relations,'' added President al-Assad, pointing out that the talks covered several 'issues of common interest', ' conditions in the Middle East and in Europe'.


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