MINSK, (SANA) - President Bashar Al-Assad held here Monday two sessions of bilateral and plenary talks with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, in presence of the members of the two official delegations.

President Al-Assad, in a word during the plenary session, expressed pleasure over the visit to the friendly country, Belorussia, saying: '' We appreciate the friendship with Belorussia, because it is built on strong and historic foundations,'' referring to several Syrians who have completed their studies in Belorussia's Universities and contributed to the building of Syria.

President Al-Assad referred also to some family relations between Syria and Belorussia and to the presence of a small Syrian Community which contributes to the bolstering of bilateral relations as a natural bridge linking Syria and Belorussia.

''The relations between Syria and Belorussia have always been characterized with reciprocal respect and support,'' asserted President Al-Assad citing President Lukashenko's visit to Syria in 1998, when bilateral relations between Syria and Belorussia were established through the relation with the late President Hafez Al-Assad, and president Lukashenko's second visit to Syria in 2003.

President Al-Assad asserted that as a result of coordination and similarities in policies, Syria and Belorussia have accomplished big and important results in their regions, stressing the need as to transform the standing political relations into economic ones.

"We, in our region, have expanded our relations in an excellent way with the neighboring States and started to build an infrastructure conducive to the political relations, as far as electricity, oil, gas, and transport are concerned, not to mention that the Syrian Businessmen have started to move with this network of relations,'' added President Al-Assad asserting that Syria's relations with Belorussia are not only bilateral ones but are also relations between two regions.

''The positive atmosphere during our closed-door talks is to be reflected upon the businessmen of both countries,'' said President Al-Assad underscoring the need as to eliminate all standing obstacles, of which the most were eliminated, standing in the face of business projects, which are the core for bigger projects.

President Al-Assad thanked president Lukashenko for his country's supporting stances to our just causes and for the firm and continued Belorussian stances on our causes, especially the occupied Syrian Golan and Palestinian cause and rights, reiterating that Arabs, in general, want peace, but Israel doesn't nor does what it has to do as to achieve the peace.

President Al-Assad also reiterated that the peace is to be realized through the implementation of related UN Security Council resolutions and Arab Peace Initiative.

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MADRID, (SANA) - President Bashar Al-Assad renewed Syria's traditional stance that peace can never be realized as long as occupation remains, and can never be achieved without the restoration of the rights, on top of which is the full return of the occupied Syrian Golan.

 In a joint press conference with Spanish Premier José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero following their talks at the Spanish Prime Ministry in Madrid, President Al-Assad said ''the peace can not be realized unless it is a comprehensive one; we can not talk about peace on the Syrian track without the Palestinian track,'' wondering how can negotiations begin on the Palestinian track in light of Palestinian division.

President Al-Assad affirmed that relations between Syria and Spain are traditional and strong, noting that Spain's credibility is acquired through the role played by His Majesty King Juan Carlos and the political stances of Prime Minister Zapatero during difficult conditions affecting the entire world.


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Buenos Aires, (SANA)-  His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad said on Friday that Syria has always worked for peace in the Middle East and the Arabs launched an initiative in 2002 to end the Arab-Israeli conflict.

In a speech during a luncheon held by President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina, President Al-Assad underlined that Syria seeks to develop cooperation with many countries in the world, whether the distant or near countries.

"What makes Syria cooperate with a far continent is this independence in the political decision in addition to the just stances adopted by those countries away from any intentions in hegemony or occupation, among them Argentina," President Al-Assad added.

The President underlined that relations between Syria and Argentina are moving toward a new stage and realizing tangible achievements that link both countries' interests and work to establish a more just international system and end the double standards policy.

President Al-Assad added that Argentina was this refuge in South America which hosted Syrian immigrants, and that the Argentine people opened their doors wide to citizens of different races and religions and gave them all the opportunities available to the country's native sons, treating them without any racism or discrimination.


His Excellency noted that today those people are fully-integrated citizens in the Argentine society, and defend this country, participate in building it, and work for its prosperity, stressing that this example set by Latin America and Argentina is needed today since the world needs openness, tolerance and coexistence which is a natural human condition.

"When we see a state contradicting what we have seen in Argentina and many Arab areas including Syria in terms of coexistence and intermixing among different religions, ethnicities and sects for hundreds and maybe thousands of years, then this means the opposite case that often results in mistakes, primarily political mistakes," President Al-Assad said.

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BRASILIA, (SANA)- His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad said on Wednesday that Syria has always believed that realizing peace in the Middle East is the only way to achieve security, stability and prosperity, not only in the Middle East, but also in other parts of the world.

 Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and his wife held a luncheon in honor of President Al-Assad and Mrs. Asma Al-Assad where the two leaders exchanged speeches, underlining the need to boost cooperation on all levels.

 President Al-Assad pointed out that the Arabs have proven their good intentions and offered the Arab Peace Initiative to achieve permanent and comprehensive peace with Israel, adding that Syria has exerted extensive efforts in cooperation with Turkey to push the peace process forward in addition to the efforts exerted by Brazil in this regard.

 ''All those efforts were always blocked by the Israel rejection of peace and met with more wars, referring to the Israeli aggression on Lebanon in 2006 and the aggression on Gaza in 2008 which claimed the lives of thousands of innocents while the settlement acts continue and the occupied Jerusalem is exposed to attempts of Judaization as well as the latest violation represented by that attack on the Turkish ship which was carrying humanitarian aid to the people in Gaza. All of this proves that Israel is not ready for peace" added President Al-Assad.


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Caracas, Venezuela, SANA_ Nine agreements, understanding memos and protocols for cooperation in the economic, agricultural, tourism and scientific fields were inked between Syria and Venezuela on Sunday in the presence of Presidents Bashar Al-Assad and Hugo Chavez. Following the signature Presidents Al-Assad and Chavez held a joint press conference.

 President Al-Assad said nothing links the two countries as the popular and human link which is mainly represented by the expatriates.

 He added that talks with President Chavez addressed the Middle East and Latin America issues, pointing to Venezuela's fair positions towards the regional issues and the similar aspirations and challenges which combine the two regions.

 The President said Syria is seeking a strategic relationship with the Latin America continent which starts between Syria and Venezuela to link two peoples who have similar strong desire in independence of the national decision and rejection of foreign dictations.

 The President added:" We must be strong, because the world respects only the strong peoples and their national and common interests," saying that strength factors stem from the national unity, independent national decision and not being isolated from friends and others.

 President Al-Assad considered that the activation of the agreements signed between Syria and Venezuela needs maritime transport means and expanding the standing relations, pointing out that Syria can be Venezuela's gate to Asia and Eastern Mediterranean, while Venezuela can be Syria's marine gate towards its relationship with the Latin America.

 He called on the Syrian community in Venezuela to play a direct and effective role to bolster these relations in both directions and remove the obstacles that hinder its progress.

 The President said the aim of his tour of Latin America was to boost political and economic relations and ties with the Syrian communities in this region.

 He stressed on the need to practically link relations between the two blocs and expand the economic interests and stimulate the Syrian community there to help explaining the political position to societies and peoples in the Latin America and to contribute in building strong basis for economic relations.

 President Al-Assad said that he and President Chavez discussed the two countries' national issues and common interests and concerns.

 He said the Israeli government is an extremist government and tries to inflame wars and problems in the region, pointing to Israel's Judaization of Jerusalem, the expulsion of the native Palestinian population from their lands and homes and application of the apartheid policy.


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