“India has always played its role in the interest of the Arab Right. All today speak of India’s emerging role in the field of development as a country which can provide its experience to the developing countries.” said President Al-Assad 

“Syria has always been for peace, worked and would work in the future for the realization of the just and comprehensive peace. The problem, however, is that during the latest years, the current US Administration has been paying no interest for the launching the process of peace.” 

“Syria regards India as a very basic player in Asia as well as in the world. It is not possible to separate the problem in the Middle East from the problems facing the entire world; they are problems related to freedom, stability, security, and sovereignty.”

 “Syria is a very important country in the region, the Arab and regional surrounding; and has ever played her positive role in finding solutions for the region issues.”

 Addressing the gathering of 'India-Syria Industrial & Economic Cooperation' Forum, H. E. President Al-Assad shared his agony arising out of “consecutive wars” in the Arab world, and hoped for early peace and stability in the region. “Consecutive wars and ongoing conflicts, which continue to cause immense human suffering and violence, only strengthen our resolve to achieve peace and stability,”

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H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad presided on the 20th of April 2008 the Central Command of the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) meetings asserting the need for bolstering the BASP interaction with the Syrians in an atmosphere of self and constructive criticism, highlighting the need for tackling the Syrian Citizens’ living conditions and concerns. H. E. President Al-Assad asserted that the BASP is at the service of the Syrians’ needs and aspirations calling for an objective evaluation of what has been achieved in Syria at the economic and development fields as to improve and better the live conditions of the Syrians evading the negative consequences of world economic upheavals resulting for the irrational policies adopted by some international forces which have led to price- skyrocketing. 

" The more our steadfastness and cling to our Arabism are clear, the more fierce are the campaigns against us. We, however, have decided that the resistance and forbearing are our strategic decision to which we cling." said the President. 

" The success of the Arab Summit was the success for all Arabs and for their keenness on Arab Solidarity; as much as it was the success for us in Syria in securing the climate for accord and solidarity. This very success is further the success for every believer in the Arab capacity to make victory against whatever plots hatched against them; in a proof that responding to the Arab public opinion pulse is more important and enduring than turning to any foreign side to get strengthened. This is what we are to follow in the future through our presidency of Arab Summit." added President Al-Assad.

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DAMASCUS, (March29th 2008)- His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad declared here today morning the 20th Arab Summit opened with a landmark speech, in which H.E. outlined the main guidelines for joint Arab action in bolstering of growth, development, solidarity, cooperation, coordination and search for just and comprehensive peace on the bases of related UN Security Council resolutions, legitimacy and Arab Peace Initiative. Here is the full text of the speech: 

Welcome to Syria, who receives you with all Love, appreciations and hope that this meeting among the brethrens would be that of goodness to the Arab Nation, whose sons aspire for the realization of solidarity, dignity, and prosperity during a difficult period of its modern history. The convening of the Arab Summit in Syria in this critical phase is an honour and a great responsibility, of which we are proud, out of our deep faith in the importance of joint Arab Action, and its vitality for our Arab Nation, as to occupy the suitable place in the world of today. We have left no stone unturned as to prepare the appropriate conditions to make of this Summit a success; sought as to surmount many of the obstacles hindering its way; especially that we ,all, are aware of the difficulty of this phase and the exact developments witnessed by our region. It is no exaggeration to say that we are no more on the brink of danger, but rather in its midst ; where we fell the direct consequences of the danger upon our countries and people. Every day passes without taking a decisive decision in the interest of our national interests would make of any bid as to evade the catastrophic outcomes impossible.


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DAMASCUS JANUARY 19 2008, His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad delivered the following speech here today at the opening ceremony of Damascus Celebrations as the capital of Arab Culture for the year 2008: 

Any talk of the Arab Culture should consider the Arab Language as its solid foundation; therefore, we should upgrade this language; the language of the Holy Quran which draws the attention of hundreds of millions; the very language in which half of the world history, the history of the world science and literature is written. Our language is that of the great poetry, thinking, philosophy and science. It is also so important to learn the living languages as to get acquainted with the accomplishments of human progress. This, however, does not mean to disregard our national language, nor to feel inferior before others. We have to be proud of our Arabic Language. Such a pride necessitates the enrichment of our language with all types of knowledge invention as to bolster its vitality, internationality, reactivating its role in the process of human awareness. There is no identity without language, and no homeland without an identity.

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