"We adhered to the choice of resistance as long as peace has not been realized"  

Speech of President Bashar al-Assad at Journalists Union 4th Conference  

Tuesday, August 15, 2006  

The speech of President Bashar al-Assad at the 4th General Conference of the Journalists Union- Al-Umawyeen Conference Palace, Damascus: August 15, 2006  

Ladies and gentlemen members of the fourth general conference of the Journalists Union, Ladies and gentlemen,  

It gives me pleasure to meet you at the opening of the proceedings of your 4th conference and to express my appreciation to you and through you to the honest and honorable journalists who have been fighting a media battle no less ferocious and dangerous than the battles fought by your brothers on the fields of honour and dignity. Your battle aims at preserving the intellect and the spirit of the nation and protecting its identity and heritage against the systematic invasion which violates its dignity, tears apart it unity, distorts its cause, and strikes at its will to resist by promoting a culture of defeatism, submission and blind adherence to agendas set by the enemy and those who support it and promote its projects.  

I am glad to meet you in this new Middle East, new in the sense that we understand and the shape we want, although it is not complete yet. It is new with the achievements of the Resistance; new in that it drew clear lines between the different forces; new in uncovering the games and conspiracies and lifting their masks and fake terminology in an unprecedented manner. This is the new Middle East which Syria has been promoting again and again as the only hope for Arabs if they are to have a place under the sun in the political and material sense. You all know that it was not easy for us to convince many people of our vision of the future. We had to wait for the future to become the present and to speak for itself. Today facts speak for themselves, not only as we imagined them in the past but in a clearer and more expressive manner.

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President Bashar al-Assad Delivers a comprehensive Speech At the Arab Parties General Conference 

In a comprehensive political speech at the opening session of the Arab Parties General Conference yesterday, President Bashar al-Assad said that the Arabs derived their strength from two main sources, the first of which is Islam which is strongly connected with Arabism, and the second is Christianity which emerged among the Arabs in Arabic language which is Aramaic. 

President al-Assad expressed appreciation for the decision of the Arab parties to hold their general conference which he described as very important in Damascus for extending Support for Syria and Lebanon pointing out that such a decision reflects the consciousness and awareness of the Arab political trends and forces of the conspiracies being hatched. 

The President added that the title of the conference supporting Syria and Lebanon’s consolidates a deeply-rooted fact in which Syria and the Arabs believe, that Syria and Lebanon are two inseparable sisterly countries. 

The President pointed out that what happens against an Arab country can’t be isolated from the rest of the Arab countries, stressing that what is happening now to Syria and Lebanon and before to Iraq, Palestine are interrelated. 

The president said that the challenges have grown and by the time they have become chronic and turned into a pain and the Arab nation is living in a chronic case. 

He added that such a pain is being felt on the official and popular levels, and the Arab general weakness is an outcome of foreign conspiracies and self shortcomings which can be attributed to short sightedness which is a dangerous indication that the societies are not developing and history repeats itself when we fall in the same trap more than once and every time the trap becomes deeper and the price gets higher. 

The President added that some have called Syria " an opposition state" which means a static defensive state but this doesn’t express Syria’s position, because Syria has always been moving with the events and has been wrongly understood, because those who called Syria an opposition state were not able to understand these events.

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"Occupation Forces Started to Blame Others for Their Difficulties They Face in Iraq" 

I start my speech…when I met with some foreign officials in Syria; they criticized Syrian stances and accused her of being hardliner… They said that the speech of President Bashar al-Assad was hardliner and the like…they accused Syria’s stances of being radical, and criticized the speeches of President Bashar al-Assad in their meetings with me. I used to tell them: you should not figure out a picture of the situation through your meetings with us as officials….on the contrary we are very quite…the street is boiling and we are quiet. I’m happy about what I heard because they will have the opportunity now on the TV screen to make a comparison with the difference between the stances of man of the street and recognize that concerning official stance we stand behind, not before, the stances of man of the street. Today I will be quiet, so that the picture will be completely clear and the contrast obvious. Dear Sisters and Brothers Members of the General Conference of the Arab Lawyers’ Ladies and Gentlemen… It’s great happiness to meet you in this Conference, which you chose to be held in Damascus expressing solidarity with your country Syria. It’s a great opportunity to extend to you most sincere thanks for your kind initiative for holding your Conference as an expression of solidarity with your brothers in Syria, and to express my own appreciation for the honest efforts you exercise in the field of work and struggle for the victory of right and in defense of the Arab nation’s issue and protect her against the dangers that threaten her. It’s natural the nation calls upon her sons at times of need…it’s a thing taken for granted that the sons stick to their nation at hard times…but in addition to that, this stage through which our nation passes requires a high degree of sense of belonging and readiness to exert more sincere efforts at work coupled with the purity of insight and the clear direction…it’s not a ceremonial to underscore your important role… Dear Arab Lawyers, As you work for your nation’s issues, I would like to focus on your exceptional role in this exceptional stage…you are- - by virtue of your work and proficiency, by dealing with issues of everyday life, by general activities and sticking to the issues of virtue and justice - - closer than others to recognizing the nature of the accelerating ever-changing events in today’s world in which the concepts of right and justice turn into mere goods for bargaining and dealings on the existing international scene, and in which conflicts of interests, powers, ideologies and ideas clash with each other, and where concepts are sacrificed through a systematic course to deface the main aspects of conflict. In such a situation, right and virtue turn into null and void concepts, legitimate rights of peoples are denied for the interest of those who seize them.

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