"We are living in a world under a state of chaos of wrong concepts and false idioms which increase the division among cultures and prepare for further wars and bloodshed." "These concepts reversed facts where persons who are defending themselves and their homes were branded as terrorists, and those who are making and practicing terrorism were looked at as combatant against terrorism," "The international institutions which were founded for benefit of the world and achieving peace and justice were transformed into tools in the hands of the superpowers at the expense of smaller states to interfere in their internal affairs and bilateral relations of those countries," 

The President added that under these conditions, the ( UN Security Council) resolution 1559 was issued. It was a surprise for many that such a draft resolution was presented to the Council. Syria is known for its constant support to the UN and its affiliated bodies, but this doesn't mean that we don't criticize the mistakes when there are any, particularly the double-standard policy when implementing those repositions, including the resolution 1559 which depicted as if it was issued to protect Lebanon's independence." The President added that "this resolution was not because of the extension of the term of office for President Emile Lahoud of Lebanon, the resolution was ready before some time. It aimed at other objectives away from what it had been submitted for it aimed at internationalization of the Lebanese internal situation with its meanings, namely the return to the 1980's."Al-Assad stressed that "there was no relation between the articles of the resolution and the issue of the extension of Presidential term. Let's give a simple example: what is the relation between the article on the militias ( though the original draft resolution spoke about Hezbollah or the resistance) and the Presidential extension ? what is the relation between extending the authority of the Lebanese army or state and the presidential extension.?" The President asserted that the nature of existing relations between Syria and Lebanon is based on strong bonds of history and geography that gathered the two societies as well as the common sacrifices they offered throughout different periods.

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