"With an inquisitive look at the past decades, we see that a big backward movement has taken place in the states of this region, which was accompanied by the emergence of new and different concepts, particularly in the last decades, foremost among which is the concept of the new world order, or globalization as some call it. It is something different from the world order. But we see there is a mix, knowingly or unknowingly, between the two terms. Globalization which is a political, economic and cultural case, is not new. Islam, since its emergence, has crossed geographical borders and penetrated the various nations and cultures. But it did not cancel them, rather it asserted commitment to the homeland and nationhood, building this commitment on sound foundations that are, to a large extent, different from what we see in our current case. Consequently, the hardships and the negative aspects from which we suffer at present are not an absolute result of globalization, which could be a case full of positive aspects if it rested on justice and equality as Islam rests on, in addition to the other principles of Islam."

" The New World order in its literal sense is not like this. ‘’ World’’ is understood as the participation of all world countries and their agreement on a certain way or method for running the affairs of this world in a manner that realizes their interests without exception. What we see today, however, and what we experienced during the past few years is not a world order; it is the order of a state or a few states on this planet, and the rest are mere states swimming within this world order., Some of them float to the surface with difficulty, and must continually prove their good will, obedience and commitment. They are always wrong and are required to atone for their sins. Others have sunk to the bottom to stay there until further notice. Thus, what conforms to the desires of those states has become democracy and justice, and what realizes their interests is human rights human rights and civilization."

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His Excellency President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad blasted Saturday the Israeli anti-peace policy and practices and called upon Arab countries to halt all forms of cooperation with Israel.

“The Israeli aggressions against the Arab Nation are in full swing and in the increase recently to target the Holy Aqsa Mosque and to threaten the very existence of Palestinians,’’ President Assad said condemning the notorious Israeli Likud Leader, Sharon’s provocative visit to the Holy Mosque in contempt for our rituals, sanctities, believes, and feelings.
"We have ever been honest and sincere in our search for the just and comprehensive peace. The Israelis, however, walk against the tide of peace where their statements contradict diametrically their anti-peace deeds,’’ noted the President in a speech at the opening of the emergent Arab summit in Cairo.
Assad reiterated that Israel has to pay a heavy price for its committed crimes and slaughtering of Palestinian and Arab civilians.

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 Syria’s Hope, Lt.Gen. Bashar Hafez Al-Assad threw his hat into the ring of regional and international politics as to continue the march of construction and modernization initiated and closely watched over by his father, President Hafez Assad. The legacy of the late President would ever illuminate the path for Syrians and all the honest; hence, President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad’s inauguration speech came as a landmark strategy and mechanism of action at all levels and fields. H.E reiterated Syria’s ever cling to the realization of just and comprehensive peace on the related UNSC resolutions, the full return of the land to line of June4 1967 lines, calling on Mideast peace sponsor to actively and evenhandedly be engaged in the process and for more Arab solidarity, cooperation and coordination.

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Our great Ba’ath party has been a strong edifice of liberation will remain firm and invulnerable, the pillar for any stability and the virtual element of any change and achievement. The party will also remain faithful to the values of the first Ba‘athist leader President Hafez Al-Assad. I was brought up by the Ba’ath Party and its ideas, and I was descendant of a toiling family whose faith, ideology and terms of reference belonged to the Ba’ath Party. The B Ba’ath Party will remain our terms of reference. 

I experienced the atmospheres of the Congress and following up all its rich sessions which certainly lived up to the expectations of all people and their aspirations. My main preoccupation will, as usual, to unceasingly work to achieve interests of the people and the homeland.

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Lt. Gen. Bashar Assad / word

Damascus, 20/6/2000
President elect- Dr. Bashar Assad, encouraged by the sincere affection of the Syrian people demonstrated during the funeral of the late President Hafez Assad expressed hop late Tuesday Syria would manage to confront all future challenges and difficulties.
‘’ Comrades, There are solemn missions waiting and grand challenges facing and we will all, God willing, be as responsible as this historic responsibility be,’’ he said.

‘’ We shall confront challenges and will go together through your trust, love and support for the sake of the accomplishing these missions and surpassing those challenges ,’’ Dr. Bashar told the 9th Congress of the Baath Party in his first ever address since his public entry into to the political life after the death of his father.
Bashar, who was unanimously named by the conferees after 4-day meetings as Secretary General of the Baath Party , suggested Arab unity had became a crucial demand and that the Arab world should look forward to achieving unification , even stages by stages and it the unity has not been achieved so far, it remains a legitimate goal.




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