Her Excellency, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad has been nominated, February 24th 2008,  by the Arab Woman Participation Studies Centre, in cooperation with the Arab League, as the First Arab Lady for the year 2008. Mrs. Al-Assad has been chosen for this prestigious title in recognition of her strenuous efforts in bolstering of the human development, especially as far as the bringing up, enabling and upgrading  the youth capacity as to deal with the 21st Century challenges.  

Dr. Karim Firman, the Centre Administrative Council President considered the nomination of Her Excellency, Mrs. Al-Assad, as a recognition of her persistent work, patronage and numerous initiatives for educational, rural development, culture and heritage projects, on top of which FIRDOS, the Fund for Integrated Rural Development of Syria,  word links, and Masar. 

Dr. Shikour Al-Ghamari, member of the Centre Administration Council and of the State Council in the Sultanate of Oman, described the Award as a gesture of loyalty from Arab Civil Society Organization for Her Excellency, Mr. Al-Assad for all of what she has been offering of continued sacrifices at the service of the homeland causes and human development.

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