Syria’s First Lady &Syrian-Turkish Woman Conference

  Her Excellency Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, the First Lady of Syria, along with Her Excellency, Mrs. Amina Erdogan, the wife of Turkish Premier, inaugurated Monday, October 27, 2008, the Syrian-Turkish Women Conference, under the motto: "Towards the Enhancement of the Women Social Role". Mrs. Al-Assad underlined in her inauguration address the importance of the standing cooperation between Syria and Turkey pointing out to the deep-rooted historic relations and common denominators between the people of both countries." Our Conference tackles a very important issue, closely associated with the issue of Development and Growth. The social enhancement of the Women role is the outcome of their economic, professional role and cultural capabilities," said Mrs. Al-Assad calling for a larger participation for women in decision-making process as to ‘better bring up the future generations and upgrade the status of the Family, Society and the Homeland in its entirety".

 "The recent decades of the last century as well the beginnings of the present century have witnessed an international recognition of the close linkage between the role of the Woman and her abilities, and that of the society as to progress advance and realize growth. Many societies witness the increasing awareness of the importance of the planning and action stemmed from such a close linkage. Thus, the enabling of the woman can not be but through the reformulation of the woman role as a human and as a citizen," said Mrs. Al-Assad pointing out "This research meeting is held amid international circumstances pointing to the possibility of the reformulation of the economic system, and may be the social and political ones of the world. The world of possible changes would open the doors before new formula; that means the more of opportunities in boosting of the woman capacity on the one hand, and in a better investment of this capacity, on the other," in the interest of the society development in general.

 Mrs. Al-Assad said "Syria and Turkey have achieved during the last decades new accomplishments as far as the woman field is concerned; whereby no doors remain closed before the participation of the Woman," calling for the more of action and efforts, as to surmount some negatively inherited models which cause discrimination between the role of men and that of women ,and as to have equal opportunity for both men and women in the building of societies, as well as in the positive contribution in the process of social development and progress.

 The reformulation of the woman role on equal footage with man does not, however, mean a change in the natural role of woman as a mother, hence a safe family and society deem necessary the role of the woman at its best forms, reiterated Her Excellency Mrs. Al-Assad.

 Edited & Translated By

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Rome, October 27, 2008.