Syria’s First Lady &Islamic Countries Businesswomen Forum

"Our Islamic Heritage includes the rich history full of business initiatives and Learning; and the source of our empowerment lies in the unity, values and objectives of Islam. Many centuries ago, the Moslem Scientists have formulated our concept of Social Science; whereby the Islamic initiatives have contributed to the expansion of international trade. We have to be reunited again as to restore our great Islamic Heritage in Science, Research, and Invention. Through our work together, we can create the environment which develops the Youth minds, create real opportunities for our Youth inside the Homeland and abroad; together we can make of our Youth promising capabilities the reality of tomorrow," Mrs. Asma Al-Assad the First Lady of Syria said

In her welcome address to the participants in the Fourth Forum for Businesswomen in Islamic Countries, November 2, 2008, Mrs. Al-Assad added " I urge you to focus during your Forum on the issue of the Youth, who form more than 60 percent of the Moslems; they are the reality of today, and the promise of tomorrow," warning against the continued lack of skillful working power, where, for example, from the Arab World around 70 thousand University Students migrate every year, and were many of them never come back to their Homeland" Consequently, we lose not only their experience, the basic for the future of business, science and learning, but we lose their cultural and national understanding. We do need both and together as to formulate the development of our society securing its economic prosperity," noted Mrs. Al-Al-Assad.

 "It is my great pleasure to welcome such a distinguished group of business leaders to Damascus, the Capital of the Arab Culture, and the historic capital of Islam during past ages; whereby the Umayyad Mosque lies in the heart of this city. This very Mosque is considered one of the most landmarks of Damascus, and one of the most valuable ever treasures of Islam . The importance of the Umayyad Mosque for us as Syrians does not lie only in its architectural splendor, but further in its embodiment of our diversity and National Unity," underlined Her Excellency Mrs. Asma Al-Assad. 

Mrs. Al-Assad added "Moslems form today about fifth of the world populations; not to mention the geo-economic position of the Islamic World. This makes of us a very fundamental factor in solving every big challenge in our times. The question is how to approach these challenges translating our latent capabilities into reality. I think we do not only have to create the value, but to be committed to it too; that is to define, and develop our resources and abilities. Of course, there is no more valuable resource other than our people."

Mrs. Al-Assad discussed for long with the participants in the Forum, held under the patronage of Her Excellency, asserting the dire need for the bolstering of the Woman role in the realization of sustainable development of societies at all levels and in all fields. 

Edited & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Rome, November 2, 2008

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