Syria’s First Lady &WAM Interview


 “The woman in Syria has become at the present time present and active in all fields and sectors of work. As far as politics, the Syrian woman has a very good experience and since a long time; the presence of a woman as Vice-President in Syria doses talk by itself, not to mention other important positions for decision making,” said Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, the First Lady of Syria.

 Interviewed by the Emirates News Agency (WAM) on convention of the second Arab Women Organization conference, to be held in Abu Dhabi, 11-13 November, 2008, Mrs. Al-Assad added “We in Syria believe, for many decades, that the building of a balanced society capable of achieving growth deems an increase of women reaching to decision-taking positions, as to invest all of our available human  resources potentialities. We have been working for this purpose. The woman at present is there with a wide participation, and in high level positions like Judiciary System, Economy, Scientific Activity, Information, as well as Armed Forces.”

 “We are very keen on stimulating the popular base as to elect women for decision-taking positions at all levels,” outlined H. E. Mrs. Al-Assad asserting that “The issue of woman empowerment has been part and parcel of the 10th five-year Development Plan- 2006-2010-. This is a very important transitional point as far as the State shouldering of responsibilities in the field of woman advancement.”

 “The Arab Woman Organization (AWO) adopts a clear-cut strategy with plans and projects. One main objective of the AWO is the creation of an Arab woman joint framework with institutional form; this guarantees the interactive exchange of experience,” noted H. E. Mrs. Al-Assad.

 “To separate the problems facing woman from those facing society is a mistake; hence all that is related to the woman, whether positively or negatively, is related to part of the society; that is to the entire society, it is not possible to separate the part from the whole,” declared Mrs. Al-Assad pointing out “ the way is still long, where there are matters and challenges to be faced by us, women as well as men, with an open mentality, unattached to the past, and aware of the nature of the challenges and necessities of the Age. As to achieve this, all efforts, official as well as civil ones, have to be rallied.”

 Her Excellency, Mrs. Al-Assad highly lauded the role played and efforts exerted  by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, chairwoman of UAE General Women Union and Chairperson AWO as far as  the Arab women issues are concerned.

 Edited & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Rome, November 9, 2008.

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