DAMASCUS, March 21, 2009- Her Excellency Mrs. Asma Al-Assad honored in celebration of Mothers Day  a number of Syrian Women who have eradicated illiteracy.

 “Every mother among those present here has had the ambition and will to seek the best; the way of learning and knowledge is the best of the best for the individual well as for the society. Thus, every mother here has completed her role as a mother and a teacher simultaneously; where she has been able to bring the children up and to teach them,” said Her Excellency Mrs. Al-Assad.

  “Illiteracy eradication is not the objective itself; rather it is the prelude and the means as to enable the individual to learn, improve capabilities, acquire skills in this age, where science and technology get developed quickly. We aim to achieve this goal with focus, confidence and determination,” added H. E. Mrs. Asma Al-Assad.

 “The State in collaboration with Civil societies have been exerting great efforts as to eradicate illiteracy; important achievements have been realized,” said Mrs. Al-Assad expressing the hope as to eradicate illiteracy from all of Syria by 2016, now that the illiteracy was eradicated in the Governerates of Qunaitra, Sweida, Tartous, and to be eradicated by the end of 2009 in the Governerates of Hama and Dara’a.

  “Motherhood is but infinite love, and responsibility throughout all our age. We all, women as well as men, have to take part in the construction, developing, and solidifying of our Homeland, and this is the objective second to none.” the First Lady of Syria, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad reiterated.









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