Lt. Gen. Bashar Assad / word

Damascus, 20/6/2000
President elect- Dr. Bashar Assad, encouraged by the sincere affection of the Syrian people demonstrated during the funeral of the late President Hafez Assad expressed hop late Tuesday Syria would manage to confront all future challenges and difficulties.
‘’ Comrades, There are solemn missions waiting and grand challenges facing and we will all, God willing, be as responsible as this historic responsibility be,’’ he said.

‘’ We shall confront challenges and will go together through your trust, love and support for the sake of the accomplishing these missions and surpassing those challenges ,’’ Dr. Bashar told the 9th Congress of the Baath Party in his first ever address since his public entry into to the political life after the death of his father.
Bashar, who was unanimously named by the conferees after 4-day meetings as Secretary General of the Baath Party , suggested Arab unity had became a crucial demand and that the Arab world should look forward to achieving unification , even stages by stages and it the unity has not been achieved so far, it remains a legitimate goal.




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