"Syria expresses high appreciation over Malaysia's stances which support the Arab nation's issues," "The relations' progress between the two countries in the latest years have proved that there are wide domains of cooperation in cultural exchange, the grants and student exchange in the fields of information technology and communications." 

Regarding Mideast Peace, H. E. Al-Assad reiterated the Syrian and Arab states' commitment to just and comprehensive peace based on the international resolutions and the "land for peace formula." " Arab peace initiative in Beirut summit reflected the Arab Nation's readiness to achieve peace but Israel reacted by increasing its aggression on the Palestinian people, rejection the international resolutions and continuing building the racial separation wall." 

Regarding the Iraqi question, President Al-Assad called for ending the American occupation to Iraq in order to attain security and stability expressing high appreciation over Malaysia and the Islamic countries' stances vis-à-vis Iraq. H. E. called the UN to create a suitable environment in order to establish a new global order which maintains the security and stability in the world.