President Bashar Al-Assad said that regardless of any academic or scientific definition of revolution, whether it is basic change or total transformation of history, revolution means a continuous state of development and progress for the better. H. E. underlined that the confidence of the people in the parliament's deputies is an embodiment of their aspiration. And such representation requires shouldering of responsibility with the aim of achieving the interests of the citizens. 

The president underlined that in his oath taking speech he talked about transparency which means clarity and honesty but some have understood it as wearing imported masks. He also indicated that democracy means accepting the opinions of others, while objectivity means seeing all sides of the issue, and freedom means commitment and national responsibility but some people have misunderstood these terms, adding that even tolerance was misunderstood for weakness. The president underlined that dialogue is the way to democracy and is the basis for finding remedy to all wrong doings and negative phenomena and practices that hinder development and prosperity. H. E. indicated that as regard the internal issues there is no other consideration other than the interests of the country, the society and those of the citizens. 

 President Al-Assad indicated that although many legislations have been passed by the previous legislative course, yet the efforts were not satisfactory for all and there is a long way to go in order to approach the aspired goals. He underlined that management is a major point of weakness which should be dealt with by the Assembly in cooperation with the executive authority, and this in turn necessitates the presence of those who understand the law and know how to supervise the execution of these laws. H. E. announced that the first symposium on management is scheduled to be held next April, because management is a large science which include qualification as a first step and this in turn leads to education which is the very core of building in any society and in any sphere. President Al-Assad pointed out that attention should be given to schools where the character takes shape and develops fundamental knowledge.

The president indicated that attention should be also given to the environment because all the environmental treatments are preemptive and when one feels the effect of the pollution it would be too late to deal with it. He added that a priority should be given to the population growth that swallows any economic growth rate and increases the rate of unemployment. The president underlined that on the Arab level, Syria has been exerting effort in the past and at present to achieve Arab solidarity and in this framework Syria has dealt with the current situation and in particular during the past few months with the aim of reaching the latest Arab summit in order to achieve the minimum level that prevents failure which would have regional and international repercussions leading to holding the Arabs responsible for maturing the circumstances for launching war on Iraq. 

The president underlined that following sharp disputes, the latest Arab summit convened and there was a Syrian proposal to form a committee from Bahrain, Tunis and Lebanon and was later joined by Syria and Egypt to deal exclusively with the Iraqi issue. He indicated that the aim of the mission is to convey the Arab decisions and stances to UN. Security Council permanent members, and to make consultations with Iraq. 

The president went further to underline that the position of the European Union is better with regard to the Iraqi issue and the Arabs remain far away from seriously influencing the course of events, and having no initiative to deal with the events. He underlined that Syria has exerted every possible effort either at the Security council or through contacts with the countries of the world to prevent a US. war on Iraq. President Al-Assad indicated that the U.S. threats have been used as a cover to the Israeli massacres which are perpetrated against the innocents in occupied Palestine. The president accused some of the Arabs of drawing their policies according to the rhythm of the Israeli elections and accept initiatives without even reading them. He underlined that Syria supports resistance operations because any people whose land are under occupation has the right to resist. The president underlined that the world new order is consolidating anarchy disturbance, injustice and illogic. H. E. Al-Assad called the Arabs to "keep what they can of cards in their hands" to preserve their future.