The distinguished standing relations of friendship and cooperation between Syria and Turkey stem from a joint will and basic foundations of credibility and transparency on the basis of reciprocal respect , joint interests bolstered by the cooperation agreements covering all fields. 

The most of the dangers facing the region is perhaps the absence of will by some parties for the peace which would lead into the realization of stability and prosperity. The resolutions of the international legitimacy and the principle of the land for the peace can only lead to the aspired peace as a de facto guaranteeing the return of the Syrian Arab Golan in full to the lines of June 4 1967. 

 Peace, however, would never be realized without the restoration of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian Arab People, in particular the establishment of its independent State with Jerusalem as the capital and the return of the refugees. It is important to point out that the consolidation of the Palestinian National Unity and the resort to dialogue and interaction would bolster the process of the Palestinian People toward the regaining of the rights. This is the responsibility to be shouldered by all; and Syria is to leave no stone unturned as to provide whatever needed to get this aim realized. 

The situation of the brotherly Iraq has gone beyond every imagination ; we have together – with Turkey, stood against the logic of war and occupation since the beginning ;hence they lead but to destructions and catastrophes. The beginning  for a real solution is never to be but through the giving up of the language of force and violence; hence a political process based on an all-out national reconciliation among all the folks of the Iraqi people is the way towards stability on the bases of the Iraqi independence, sovereignty, and integrity of its people and territory. 

In a joint press conference with His Turkish Counterpart, Abdullah Gul, H. E. President Assad said "The visit comes within the frame of continued consultation between Syria and Turkey crowing our standing bilateral relations in continuation of the exchanged visits by the officials of both States to each others." 

"Syria has a basic role in the Middle East and is directly concerned with its pivotal causes. Similarly, Turkey has an important role in the region. Surely, the concordance and harmony between both Syria and Turkey would immensely contribute to pushing stability, peace and prosperity forward." 

"We have reiterated our support for the Iraqi unity and integrity decisively, for the encouragement of the national reconciliation among all the Iraqis, who alone have the right to determine the future of Iraq. We have also reviewed recent development as far as the terrorist actions carried by the PKK against the Turkish People and Army." 

" We have voiced the hope for a solution for the standing crisis in Lebanon through the national accord among all the Lebanese themselves; voiced our full support for such an accord. Further, we have discussed the condition in the occupied Palestinian Territories, where stress was laid upon the importance of the Lebanese Unity as to safeguard the Legitimate Rights of the Palestinian People with the aim of realizing the just and comprehensive peace; and we dealt with means of resuming the process of Mideast in the Middle East as to achieve the just and comprehensive peace , as well as the role which Turkey can play to this effect." 

In replay to a question about the PPK, His Excellency President Assad said "We condemn every action carried out by the PKK against the Turkish Civilians or against the Turkish soldiers who are defending the borders of the country. AS we think, any peaceful and political solution for any problem is the best. I believe the Turkish Government itself is with the same line . I do not think that the Turkish Government is seeking war." asserting that the PPK is classified as a terrorist organization in Syria and that the occupation troops in Iraq are to be held responsible for all the chaos, and for terrorism spread into Turkey and Syria from Iraq. 

Earlier in the day, His Excellency President Assad held talks with President Gul which dealt with bilateral relations between both friendly States and ways of expanding them at all levels. Both presidents agreed on the importance of expanding trade exchange , joint investment and power cooperation. Both presidents reviewed the regional developments in light of the Syrian Turkish efforts as to end hotbeds of tension in realization of security and stability asserting the importance of the Palestinian Unity in perseverance of the Palestinian legitimate rights to self determination and to their independent Statehood with Jerusalem as the capital. 

Both presidents reviewed Mideast Peace Process and the ways of its resumption as to reach to the just and comprehensive peace that restores rights to their owners and the role that Turkey could play to this effect. Both presidents underlined the importance for a political solution to the issue of Iran’s nuclear file adopting diplomacy away from escalation and the threat of using force and war.

On Thursday 18th of October, His Excellency President Assad met representatives of the Turkish Press, in reply to a question about the forthcoming Lebanese Presidential elections, Mr. Assad said “ Syria has no special characteristics; what is important for us is that any forthcoming president of Lebanon is to believe in relations with Syria; we refuse to get into the list of names, hence all names are to be similar in the absence of consensus. The features of the president should be Lebanese, he has to be a nationalist who realizes accord, consensus in this stage.”

 In reply to a question regarding the next meting for peace called for by the United States, Mr. Assad said “ Syria has not received an invitation to attend the said conference; but it would welcome whatever tangible progress on the way of peace and would never stand nor hinder it.” calling for a distinction between a conference for peace and a forum for speech-makings  asserting  “ The process of peace has its prerequisites , which are absent for the time being,” and that Syria is never to cede her right to restore the occupied Golan Heights in full.

 In reply to a question regarding the Syrian-French relations in light of the French Foreign Minister’s today  phone talks with his Syrian counterpart, President Assad said “ Syria meets this French move with openness and would so do when it comes to whatever concrete French move . Syria and France have the desire to communicate ; the criminal acts witnessed by Lebanon came perhaps in a bid to cut the way before the improvement which began to take place in these relations.”

The president warned against the dismembering of Iraq saying that such an issue would open the door wide before a new bloody conflict in the Middle East as a bomb to explode in all of the Mideast.

Translated & Edited

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




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