H. E. President Bashar Al-Assad, the Supreme Commander of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the Army Foundation Day addressed the following word: 

Your sacrifices and heroism have protected this sacred land, your blood and sweating drops have been mixed with the soil of this sacred land. You have protected this very land with your fathoms and forearms , your persistence and efforts as solid shields protecting the Homeland and the Man, your vigil eyes safeguarding tranquillity and safety, and with your salvos-flames against aggressors and aggression. You have scarified your souls when risks deem it necessary; whereby your brothers have irrigated this sacred land with their sacred blood, as the blessed martyrs by God as well as by the people. Thus, here you are pursuing the march through your sacrifices, efforts, and giving, rushing for training with power and activity, and getting ever ready for sacrifice , every sacrifice, till the landslide victory.

 The realities of the past years and their consequent development of events have proved that Syria is never taken by pressures , never frightened by sticks, nor taken by carrots that are not in line with the correctness of justice and rights. Our national rights as well as our people interests are the objective, and the criterion upon which, and only upon which, the course of our movement, stances and decisions , is to be drawn. Syria, which has shouldered the national responsibility, hoisted the banner of struggle and steadfastness, defended the rights, and chosen the course of the dignified life, is to remain ever loyal to her stances, firm to her basics, and determined as to restore every inch of her occupied land; hence the land is the issue of sovereignty, dignity, and rights, which are never to be subject for compromise nor abandoning. 

In favour of our people and Army, we are stronger than ever, more able and determined as to cling to our national basics, apart from this party or other’s control over the international decision. As a matter of fact, our people rights can never be cancelled by force, never abolished by the course of time. The realities of history assert that the will of the people is the strongest and most durable and the victorious at the end of the course. 

The region has witnessed, during recent years, serious changes, which stormed the region with all of its states due to the trend of hegemony and control by some international powers greedy to our region. Though of the many continued miseries resulting from this, several other facts have also been the result; the most notable of which is the victory of the national resistance approach and its consecration within the depth of our Arab people conscience and identity, as well as the firm consecration of the will of life and liberty in the essence of the Arab conscience. This has blocked the schemes of occupation and hegemony. This blocking ,however, does not mean the abandoning of aggressive trends by the owners of the New Middle East project. Thus, the door is open before all possibilities; which deems it necessary for all as to prepare the means, reinforce the ability, and get self-prepared for whatever consequences as to respond highly to the presented tasks . From this point the Syrian keenness stems as to bolster the factors of her strength, Army and people, in all fields and at all levels; while seeking the just and comprehensive peace on the bases of the International Legitimacy resolutions and the principle of the land for the peace, working sincerely as to achieve this, in strong belief that the real peace is the guarantee for ending tension, serving justice to the rights, realizing security and stability for all of the region. 

Our desire for peace in no way means the renunciation of our rights. Syria, leadership, people, and army, is never to accept but the restoration of the Golan fully to the borders of June 4, 1967. The liberation of our occupied land is the sacred duty, before being the legitimate right guaranteed by the international legitimacy and its affiliated organizations resolutions. You, in the Armed Forces, without fail, are aware of this fact, aware of the nature of our precipitate enemy. Our duty is to defend our homeland, dignity and sovereignty. You are the most able as to maintain the pledge, preserve the objective embodying the national and human values of our nation, people and army.

 We have made serious strides forward on the way of development and growth, realized varied accomplishments in all fields of society and life. Our armed forces and its members have been present as the objective in every work and step; and would ever remain an object and means at the same time for development. Before us remains a lot to achieve and accomplish, though of all of what we have achieved and accomplished. The objectives and ambitions are so expansive as to be halted; A lot of work and of different national tasks are still waiting for us . Just as you have been the pioneers and support for what has been achieved, We pin our hopes on you for the future of the homeland and the welfare of our people. 

Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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