His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad, the Syrian Armed Forces Supreme Commander, voiced, August 1st, 2008, appreciations for the Syrian Armed Forces and congratulated the Syrian Armed Forces on the 63rd Anniversary of the Syrian Army Foundation Day. "We are proud that the Syrian Army is a synonym with and twin for the Syrian Independence, following our long and persistent struggle , during which the Syrians have offered every sacrifice and heroism in demonstration of the Syrians will for life, liberty, in demonstration for our human and civilized values, as well as in strong belief in our national objectives. Thus, the pledge for the Homeland and the Citizen has ever been from the Syrian Armed Forces, the Sons of the Light, as to safeguard freedom, sovereignty, dignity defending the Homeland and its causes, the interests of the Syrians and their aspirations, with life-giving pulse, and with the eager- for- the- land blood and sky-aspiring- for souls; thus, the Syrian Armed Forces have ever been the brightest title of the Syrian Modern History." said the President.


" We are pursuing our process of building and development, where working shops are getting larger covering all fields; our Homeland does need us all; every one to exert his/her efforts from his/her position, within the frame of the united national will building, constructing, reforming, breeding and farming. Once the call of the Homeland and duty calls on us, we are present together in the field defending with our blood and souls the land, dignity, and honor. Our Armed Forces members have ever been and would ever be as the source of pride in giving, sacrifice, and defense; as the honorable pioneering in defending our sacred soil, liberating the occupied land, struggling for the restoration of all the rights. I am confident that your persistent contribution with strong determination, characterized with dignity, sacrifice and manhood, and with the unity with all the Syrians would give us the more of steadfastness and immunity factors; bolster our work and march forward, as to build the Homeland forward on the way of prosperity and progress." added President Al-Assad.


"The defense of the Syrian Armed Forces of our Homeland and Nation causes, with heroism and courage, has boosted the unity with the masses of our people, who , in turn, have exchanged the feelings of love, and the values of sacrifice and giving with the Syrian Armed Forces, who were born from the masses womb, carrying their suffering, and messages, giving them hope. Our loyal people have been the deciding factor in every battle we waged, every phase we went through. We, thanks for our people integration and cohesion with their leadership under the circumstances we have lived during the past phase, were able to surmount every difficulty facing us in such a stormy surrounding regionally as well as internationally. The prevailing popular national climate in Syria has provided us and is providing us in every turning point with the factors of steadfastness and cling to our national stances; this is the elixir of our power, as well as the hope for passing forward towards the future, which the Syrians merit." said His Excellency the President. 

His Excellency, President Al-Assad, the Syrian Armed Forces Supreme Commander called on the Forces to pursue efforts as to upgrade their training and professional capabilities carrying out their national duties, asserting that the building of our Armed Forces has ever been the top priority within the frame of the Syrian all-out National Strategy, calling for continued training and preparedness as to upgrade the Syrian Armed Forces technological as well as IT capabilities and skills. "With the men of the Syrian Armed Forces, who have the strong belief, courage , will and determination, we possess every trust in progress, construction, victory, and the liberation of the land; this is the way of the Arab Syria." concluded His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad.


Edited & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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