''There exists a popular support in Syria for the continuation of Mideast Peace negotiations, as to achieve the Peace. This –the support- is very important for us, as Government and as State.  The solution, however, is to exist once there would be the partner, who is prepared to go in the same directions, from the Israeli Side,'' said His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad in a joint Press Conference, held with His Croatian Counterpart, His Excellency President Stjepan Mesić, Zagreb, October 28, 2009.

His Excellency President Al-Assad went on saying: '' Of course, we need a mediator, broker, or sponsor for the process of peace negotiations. In the light of our last year experience with Turkey, when it brokered the indirect negotiations for 8 months, the Turkish Mediator was very successful in running the process of mediations,'' pointing out to the importance of a European support for the Turkish role in this regard and  in this phase.

''I have explained to President Mesić the viewpoint of Syria regarding the presented issues, with particular focus at the Cause of the Peace in the Middle East, reiterating the Syrian commitment to the realization of the Just and Comprehensive peace, based on the Resolutions of International Legitimacy, and Madrid Conference. This requires the presence of the partner from the Israeli Side, as to complete the Process of the Peace. The failure of the Process during the last two decades adds but a new burden for the European Countries, as to revive this halted Process, which would guarantee security and stability in the Middle East, as well as for Europe and the World,'' underlined H. E. President Al-Assad.

''The Process of Peace can in way be separated from the human condition in the Palestinian Territories. Consequently, the Crossings, which allow the Palestinian Citizens and land to communicate with World, have to be opened; in addition to the lifting of the siege and the removing of the settlements in the Palestinian Territories.'' added President Al-Assad.

''I have voiced our great satisfaction in Syria over the latest dialogue approach as far as the issue of the Iranian nuclear dossier. Dialogue is the sole means for solving the region crises, taking into consideration the legitimate right of states and people to make use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. I reiterated Syria's firm stance as far as the freeing of the Middle East region from Mass Destruction Weapons.'' His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad affirmed.

''We have conducted profound and transparent talks, as to lay down solid strategic bases for our bilateral economic and political relations,'' declared H.E. President Al-Assad citing the would be signed agreements for economic, investment, tourism, and transport cooperation, pointing out that the talks touched also upon linking the Syrian and Croatian Seaports, appreciating the Croatian participation in UNDOF operations in the Golan Heights, and asserting that the Syrian-European relations are being improved and developed in a good way.

''Syria believes in the Just and Comprehensive Peace, because the Peace forms the appropriate background as to combat violence and terrorism phenomena,'' added His Excellency President Al-Assad in a speech at the dinner banquet, asserting that the Middle East is still living the instability because of the Israeli occupation of the Arab Territories, rejection of the International Legitimacy Resolutions, and because of its continued settlements building practicing every form of aggression, siege, and wars; which expose the region permanently to open wars risks, with a price paid by the region people and the World.

His Excellency reiterated the importance of a European role in complementation for a US role, for the achievement of the aspired to Mideast Just and Comprehensive Peace.
His Excellency President Al-Assad reaffirmed the Syrian-Croatian joint desire as to establish the best of relations on the basis of reciprocal respect, common understanding, and as to have a World, where stability and security prevail, and where every State would enjoy independence and sovereignty. The President cited scores of bilateral Syrian-Croatian cooperation prospects and fields, on top of which come the fields of Oil and Gaz. 

''The priority for Syria in her relations with Europe is to the standing and continued cooperation, and not for the Association Agreement (AA), which has a legal and technical aspect in need for discussion and big improvement. Syria, in line with her National Interest, is to re-study the said (AA) as to define her demands to be re-submitted anew to the European Side,'' said His Excellency President Al-Assad in a meeting with representatives of Arab and Local Media accompanying His Excellency in the visit.

His Excellency explained the delay with the badly-needed for Syrian Economy rehabilitation and bolstering: '' nothing is worst than signing an agreement which does not serve the interest of the country and our interests. A solution for a few years crisis should in way be at the expense of 200 years to come,'' added H. E. President Al-Assad, reiterating that the Partnership should be built on the bases of equivalence and non-interference in the domestic affairs.

In reply to a question about the Syrian-US relations, His Excellency said: ''there is a change in the way of handling the matters; the language of dictations was replaced with the language of dialogue; this is a good point. However, the matter did not exceed the limit of the dialogue,'' pointing out to only some few limited steps as far as bilateral relations.

In reply to a question about the relations between Turkey and Iran, and the relations of Syria with both Countries, His Excellency President Al-Assad: ''Syria's relations with both Iran and Turkey are very good, and so are the relations of Iran and Turkey; the Turkish-Iranian rapprochement has been taking place for years; and we help and support this. These Countries share the conviction that their relations together are important. Turkey's moves as to bolster her relations with the neighbours  are in the interest of Turkey as well as of all Arabs.''


Edited & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Rome, Italy, October 28, 2009.