''Israel, in general, is not, at present, or in the short run, prepared for the realization of peace. As far as we are concerned, all the Governments of Israel are alike; since 1991, up to day, nothing serious has been realized in the process of peace. Consequently, the difference among them- Israeli Governments- is a difference in tactics and form; in substance, the essence is the same. The Israeli Polls assert that the Israelis, in general, are not yet willing for the peace; that they do not want to return the entire Land,'' declared His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad, in a joint press conference with Syria's grand guest, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

His Excellency President Al-Assad, however, reiterated Syria's commitment to the realization of the just and comprehensive peace, restoring the occupied Syrian Golan in its entirety, to the line of 1967; citing, further, the Syrian commitment to the role of mediation by Turkey.

''The Israeli siege on Gaza Strip is a massacre against all Palestinians; I have discussed with President Chavez how to move internationally as to nudge even a part of the world to lift the unjust siege imposed on the Palestinian People,'' said His Excellency President Al-Assad.

''We did not talk about the International Community; because the term of the International Community means today a limited number of big states, which want and seek to dominate the world, international politics and economy,'' added H. E. President Al-Assad, pointing out that both Syria and Venezuela call for reforming the International Organization; so that they would be moved from the international disorder status to an International Order Status, Considering the fact that the International Community, as it stands today, is but the hegemony over the International Organizations.

In reply to a question about the so-called internationalization of regional issues and crises, in reference to the recent Iraqi calls to this effect, His Excellency President Al-Assad said: '' What is the thing to be internationalized in Iraq! All of Iraq is internationalized since 1990, since the invasion of Kuwait. Anyway, regardless of Iraq, this is an Iraqi affair; we talk about the principle: the Palestinian Cause, since its very beginning, has been created because of the internationalization. The situation in Iraq, now in Afghanistan, the international intervention in Lebanon since 2004; has the internationalization, throughout all of our modern history, realized any accomplishments? Has it been neutral? Or has it brought only catastrophes? The internationalization has never been neutral; has never achieved accomplishments; it has only achieved for us the catastrophes. I am not talking about the Issue of Iraq; this Issue is not of concern for us; I am talking about the principal in general; we ever, in the whole of our political discourse in Syria, say that the right solutions come from the region people specifically. The internationalization is but a proof for our weakness, incapacity, and inability; it is a self acknowledgement by us regarding our incapacity to run our affairs, whether small or big one".

In reply to a question about the would-be installed US bases in Colombia, H. E. President Al-Assad underlined the Syrian firm rejection for the ongoing militarization of the world saying: ''We stand against the principle of military bases, against the Missile Shield Project- which the US wants to install in Europe-, against the militarization of the world, in embodiment of the international order, which they label as the New International Order! I repeat that it is but the International Chaos. We, undoubtedly, stand against any attack against any independent State like Venezuela, or any other country. All of this is out of question as one of the basic principles for Syria.''

H. E. President Al-Assad described his talks with H. E. President Chavez as very fruitful, constructive, ''our discussions were fully free, based on the national interests of our two countries, which reflect the National interests of our People, meet with, and match the National Interests of other States, Syria, and of Latin America. My meeting with President Chavez has been characterized with clarity, transparency, based on political clarity, rather than on the political hypocrisy prevailing now in the world. The dialogue has been based on just and precise criteria, rather than on the double standards prevailing today in the world,'' affirmed His Excellency President Al-Assad, pointing to the strong will of Latin America People to create strong relations with the Arab World, reiterating the Syrian desire as to bolster her economic relation with Venezuela.

On his part, His Excellency President Chavez highly lauded the wise, steadfast policy pursued by H. E. President Al-Assad saying ''Since I have listened to His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad delivering His Presidential Oath Speech in 2000, I said here we are, President Al-Assad embodies the new leadership, which the world needs. His Excellency is strong, steadfast and firm in the face of challenges, and imperialist aggressions against people. I do congratulate Your Excellency President Al-Assad; you are the real hero of resistance; you deserve our applaud, hoisting the banner of Nationalism and Arab Unity,''

''He who wants to learn how to resist has to come to Syria. The Syrian People are the engineers and designers of the resistance. We, the people who have decided to resist, have to learn from the Syrian People the resistance, as to achieve victory,'' declared H. E. President Chavez, calling for a multi-poled world, with no hegemony whatsoever for anybody, because ' we are born free, and we choose our destiny''.

H. E. President Chavez, who arrived earlier in a two-day visit to Syria, said that Venezuela does call for the return of the Israeli-occupied Golan to Syria, the lifting of the unjust Israeli siege imposed on the Palestinian People, asserting that Israel is anti-peace, and a war-monger even in Latin America launching aggressions against the people there, as an arm implementing the US policy. 


Edited & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Rome, Italy, September 3, 2009.