'' When Syria is accused of killing Iraqis, while Syria hosts about /1.2/ million of the Iraqis-which is ,of course, her duty- this accusation, in the least of words, is an immoral one.'' declared H. E. President Bashar Al-Assad, in a joint Press Conference with the visiting counterpart of Cyprus, His Excellency President Demetris Christofias, August 31, 2009. 

H. E. President Al-Assad added, in reply to a question about mediation between Syria and Iraq, and the prospects of their bilateral relations, '' I can not talk about prospects; hence the prospects are linked to more than a side, we are one of the sides. We, however, can talk about the ambitions of Syria that the relations with all Arab Countries, with no exception, are to be good. If the relations are good, they have to be better; if they are bad, they have to be good. The causes of the problem are clear; when Syria is accused of supporting terrorism, while Syria has been combating terrorism for decades, when the counties of the region, and outside the region, supported the same terrorists; it is a political accusation. But it is with no political logic whatsoever,'' underlined His Excellency President Al-Assad.


'' It is also illegal when Syria is accused of supporting terrorism, though there is no evidence whatsoever for these accusations. Syria does care about the Iraqi People, the lives of the Iraqi People, and the interests of the Iraqi People, and as much as Syria cares about the interests, blood and lives of the Syrian People,'' outlined His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad, declaring that the Iraqi Government, however, has never so far sent a delegation with evidence to Syria, as Syria officially asked them to do. 

''I reiterated to President Christofias that the commitment and cling of Syria to the Just and Comprehensive Peace, based on the Principle of the return of the occupied Arab Territories in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria, in return for peace and the implementation of the United Nations Resolutions, stem from our principled stance; that the stability and security in the Middle East would never be realized, but through the realization of the peace; however, the non-existence of an Israeli partner in the Peace Process, reacting to peace calls with the more of wars, would bring to the region and to the world, the more of instability and terrorism escalation'' said H. E. reiterating the need for a European role in pushing the process of peace forward, hence ' Europe, due to history and geography, is more capable of comprehending our Arab Causes, and hence the realization of the Just and Comprehensive peace in the Middle East would be positively reflected upon Europe, as well as upon the world.''

 ''Further, we have reviewed the catastrophic human conditions of the Palestinian People because of the inhuman siege imposed by the Israelis, and the necessity for rallying the efforts of the world, including the European Union, as to lift this siege, opening the Crossings, ending this human tragedy,'' added H. E. President Al-Assad, pointing out that the talks, further, touched upon the Cypriot issue and that the dialogue was the best means as to find a just solution to this effect, expressing the Syrian support for the exerted efforts as to reach to an agreement satisfying both parties. 

''We have held positive talks, characterized with the feelings of friendship, affection, respect, and with keenness on continued cooperation, pushing our bilateral relations forward politically, economically, culturally, and socially, in demonstration of the joint historic relations binding Syria and Cyprus, as well as the People of both countries,'' said His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad


''We have held a bilateral session of talks, and an enlarged one; during both of which the issue of the standing bilateral relations, which reflect the depth of the understanding of both countries as far as different joint causes, was touched upon. The relations of bilateral cooperation in the economy, tourism, and culture fields were also dealt with. We reviewed the agreements to be signed during this visit, the possibility of the opening of new cooperation prospects in the interest of the future of both friendly people in scores of fields, considering the important strategic location of Syria and Cyprus on the Mediterranean, which enables them to play a distinguished role as far as the economic and commerce cooperation between the European Union and the Middle East region,''

Earlier, His Excellency President Demetris Christofias of Cyprus and the First Lady of Cyprus, Mrs. Elsie Christofia, arrived in a two-day official visit to Syria. His Excellency president Bashar Al-Assad and Her Excellency the First Lady of Syria, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad received the Cypriot Couple with the official protocol ceremony.

''What binds Syria and Cyprus is the long history of fruitful interaction and communication, considering their geographic closeness and similarity in their habits and traditions, forming a bridge across the Mediterranean,'' said His Excellency President Al-Assad, in a speech during a dinner banquet given in honour of the visiting Cypriot Presidential Couple. President Al-Assad underlined the necessity for the bolstering of economic cooperation among the Mediterranean States as to overcome the present international economic crisis consequences, pointing out to the many of present economic cooperation opportunities and investment exchange between Syria and Cyprus

 ''We want the Mediterranean to be the Lake for Peace, cooperation, and to be the Minaret, to which the people of the world aspire against occupation, oppression, injustice and tyranny,'' added H. E. President Al-Assad.

 His Excellency President Al-Assad reiterated that the return of the rights to their legitimate owners would be vital to the realization of the region peace and security, which, in turn, is to be positively reflected upon Europe. President Al-Assad pointed out that the support of President Demetris Christofias of Cyprus to the Golan Cause in the United Nations General Assembly last year has had a big effect on every Syrian, not to mention the support of Cyprus for the Mideast Conflict  just and comprehensive solution, based on the resolutions of the United Nations. Earlier, President Christofias, during the joint Press Conference with President Al-Assad, asserted that there could never be a solution for the Middle East Cause without the return of the occupied Golan to Syria, and as for peace to prevail in the region, the UN Security Council resolutions should be implemented, the occupied territories returned to their owners, and an independent Palestinian State established.


Edited & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Rome, Italy, August 31, 2009.




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