DAMASCUS, AUGUST 1, 2009- “We do seek the Just and Comprehensive Peace; however, the difference is huge between the sincere call for the realization of this Peace in implementation for International Legitimacy Resolutions and the acceptance of the Israeli demands, which contradict the basics of the Peace evading its requirements. The Peace and occupation are contradictory, and are never to meet together. The return of all the occupied territories to the borders of June 4th, 1967 is never to be for negotiations or for compromise. The Syrian Arab Golan is to ever remain Arab in the hand, face, and tongue; Syrian in air, water, Land, and Man, and is to fully return to the bosom of the Motherland.”  His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad, the General Commander in Chief of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces underlined in a speech on the 64th Anniversary of the Syrian Arab Army Foundation Day.

“Syria, People and Leadership, share your Festival joy, while you are contributing to the bolstering of the self-capabilities of this resistant Country. The course of events has proved the correctness of the approach and the right of the drive. Syria today, thanks to her National cohesion and her Army and people rallying behind her Leadership, is more committed to her National and Pan-Arab Basics, and more determined as to restore every grain of the Land, and every drop of the Water,” added H. E. President Al-Assad.

“I do have a big trust in you as well in your capacity to add new glorious pages to the record of our doctrinal Army, which has written many pages of heroism, and sacrifice in manifestation of the best of courage and steadfastness, as well as of belonging and sincere loyalty to the Homeland, and to the inveterate Nation deeply rooted ever living in the profundity of Human Civilization. You have always manifested the willingness to join the convoys of the Martyrs, sacrificing every dear and expensive for the carrying out of your sacred duty, and to the best of performance. With the sacrifices of the Army and the People, the Independence from the colonizer was achieved in demonstration of the Homeland Sons will.” added H. E. President Al-Assad.

“Our Armed Forces have been and would ever be the symbol for our National Unity, of which we are proud, and are keen to strengthen its immunity in the face of all hardships. You have proved, through your preparedness, training acceleration, experience and skill refinements, to represent but the willingness of our dignified and generous People. You have been and would ever be the centre of the hope, and sacrifice, the inexhaustible spring of sacrifice and giving, because its tributaries extend to enter every house in the honoured Syria and her full of life and resistant people, in whose conscience and affection you dwell. Such a noble and remarkable mingling between the Army and the People is the active influential sap from which the Syrian Policy takes the factors of its power.” concluded His Excellency the General Command in Chief of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces.


Edited & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Rome, Italy, August 1, 2009




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