DAMASCUS JUNE 24, 2009_ "The visit of President Papoulias affirms the distinguished level of the standing bilateral relations between both friendly States, and keenness on permanent consultation and continued coordination. We highly appreciate the stances of Greece, which comprehend our causes." said H. E. President Al-Assad in a joint Press conference with President Karolos Papoulias of Greece, describing the talks as "positive" and "constructive", where agreement was made as to continue the Syrian Greek bilateral consultations at all levels. 

Regarding Mideast Peace Process, H. E. President Al-Assad said: "We have discussed the process of peace in the Middle East; viewpoints were identical regarding the necessity for the realization of the just and comprehensive peace, based on the international legitimacy resolutions, which stipulate the inadmissibility of the continued Israeli occupation of the Arab Territories, on top of which is the occupied Syrian Golan. An assertion was made that the realization of peace demands the partner-Israel- and an Israeli commitment to the principles of International Law, related United Nations resolutions, and the principle of the Land for peace. At present this Israeli partner does not exist." 

"We have presented during the meeting the Syrian vision regarding the conditions in the region; and reiterated the necessity for international efforts rallying as to get the suffering imposed upon the Palestinian People lifted. We have also discussed the national reconciliation in Iraq. We, further, dealt with the Cause of Cyprus, voicing our deep interest in the finding of a solution for this problem," added His Excellency President Al-Assad, citing the importance of the upgrading of the Arab-Euro relations, the necessity of the bolstering of communication and dialogue between the countries of the region and Europe at all levels given the deep-rooted historic, cultural and geographic bonds linking the two regions; so that a solution for the problems faced by the region could be found realizing Mideast stability, which would be reflected on the region security as well as on the world security. 

The viewpoints were identical regarding the necessity for the realization of the just and comprehensive peace, as well as regarding the prevailing of security and peace in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, asserting the need for a genuine active European role in this regard, given the fact that the region crises are interconnected and that the Mediterranean security is part and parcel whether its north or south 

Both Presidents agreed that concerned Ministries of both countries would continue to bolster and strengthen the standing bilateral relations at all levels, with particular reference to the economic ones. 

H. E. President Papoulias reiterated his country’s support for the Arab just rights and its strong conviction in the necessity for the establishment of a Palestinian State, settlement halt, the return of the Golan and the occupied Arab Territories to their legitimate owners.

“Our region is passing through a very grave stage because of the continued Israeli rejection for peace. Syria, in the meantime, has ever expressed her commitment to the peace in return for the restitution of the rights to their owners. Because of the continued presence of anti-peace Israeli governments, we could not have reached to the peace,” said His Excellency President Al-Assad during a dinner banquet speech asserting the need for a rational international will as to end the conflict through a balanced integrated vision dealing with the deep causes of the conflict.

 “The finding of the just solutions for the problems in the Middle East, and for the Cyprus problem too, necessitates a persistent serious work by all parties. Shelving aside these problems would but complicate them more making the objective of the realization of the peace and stability out of each,” added H. E. President Al-Assad pointing out to the distinguished standing bilateral relations between Syria and Greece, prospects of their expanding, and to the great contributions of the Arab and Greek Civilizations to humanity.


Edited & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Rome, Italy, June 24, 2009.

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