"The Syrian is stance is firm as far as the Iranian nuclear file; our stance is very well-known as far as any country in this world as to possess the peaceful nuclear power; this very right is guaranteed by related international conventions. As for the casting of doubts over presence of military program, those who present such a presentation have only, for the sake of credibility, to show what they have done regarding the military nuclear program in implementation for decades in Israel; then their such a speech would have credibility, and their doubts would have some credibility," said His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad in a joint press conference with His Excellency President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, Damascus, May 5, 2009. 

President Al-Assad pointed out to the firm correctness of the joint Syrian-Iranian vision regarding their past years taken stances, as represented in two points: first, the relations between Syria and Iran are strategic; the second is related to the continued and relentless joint Arab action for the stabilization and independence of our region, where its destiny is linked to the very region decision by the very owners of this region.


"The relations between Syria and Iran are natural and are never to be an axis, like some like to hint; this very natural relation is not only linked to the relation between Syria and Iran, but with any group of neighboring countries; Syria’s relations with other countries present in the region, and Iran’s relations with all the countries present in our region. Such a kind of relations is in the interest of these countries, in the interest of stability, and in the interest of this region searched-for power. Consequently, it is our duty as countries to seek the reinforcement of this kind of relations," added H. E. President Al-Assad. 

"The Syrian vision for the relations with Iran has been based on the principles as well as interests. It is natural to have good relations; we belong to the same region, nation, with many common things. If we view the issues of past decades, the interests of Syria and Iran have been one, based on a far-sighted vision between them; a clear vision based on the walking forward; we have never dealt much with pressures, though we have taken them seriously, the pressures, however, have not prevented us from walking to our set-forth and clear objective," underlined H. E. President Al-Assad. 

"Once we talk about stability, the Palestinian Cause, the suffering of the Palestinian People due to the killing, terrorism, and torture by the Israelis, can not be ignored, nor can the Palestinian People steadfastness and Resistance. It goes without saying for our discussions today to focus at the how as far as the support for the Palestinian People in their steadfastness and resistance, with all what this Resistance means of meanings and aspects. We have touched upon the way to support the Palestinian People and their steadfastness through their unity, because this People can not be steadfast nor resist once there is a division on the Palestinian political arena. The talks also focused at the mechanism of work as to get the siege imposed on the Palestinian People, especially in Gaza, to be lifted." declared H. E. President Al-Assad. 

"Our viewpoints were identical as for the necessity to support the present Iraqi Government in their persistent efforts for the realization of reconciliation among the Iraqi People, and all Iraqi factions, as to reach to the full withdrawal, and the exist of the last foreign occupation soldier from Iraq," said H. E. President Al-Assad, voicing relief over the recent developments in Iraq, especially as far as the recently held local administrations elections, with their manifestation of the Iraqi desire for unity and territorial integrity.


"The people of our region have become more aware as far their commitment to their interests and their work for their interests; this alone motivates us all to be optimistic," reiterated His Excellency President Al-Assad.


Edited & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Rome, Italy, May 5, 2009.

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