"Though of the huge variety of the events witnessed by our region; they have the dominator of the international incapacity to deal with the causes and consequences of these events, which have gone out of control, excluding no country, be it a developing poor one or an advanced country. The so called international impotence is but the international monopoly by a limited number of countries of the resolutions related to policy, economy, and technology and of others at the international level, which has led to catastrophic consequences all over the whole world," said His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad at the opening session of the 21st Arab Summit of Doha, Qatar, March 30, 2009. 

"We, as Arab countries, are paying the price which the rest of the world today is paying, as a result for a deteriorating economy, not to mention the price we pay as a tax for the chronic political disorder in the world as well as in our region. Such an international monopoly has created a closed door before whatever participation by other countries and people, which has from few years back been in the process of erosion. This has caused the world to be in the crisis, which could create for us, though of its severity, an opportunity and open door to participate with others in the search for the bases of a new world order in realization of justice among the people, through proving of our stance drawing our future, and by our will, this time, and not by the will of others," added President Al-Assad.

"The ongoing all-out process taking place in the world of today is similar to a large extent to the world reformulation process of the last half of the past century; when we did beg others for our rights, which were within our hands; we have surrendered our rights to them so that they would return to us our rights; they did ignore our rights and are still doing the same. That we do not seek to repeat the mistake, we have to comprehend that the world does not respect but only those who did respect themselves, never give a post, but to who would take the post with his hands, never return a right, but to who works for the restoration of his rights, to which clings, defends and fights for. Then, we would be at the beginning of the right way towards the future; this is to be completed with will and enthusiasm"

"Syria has been tirelessly working for the realization of Arab solidarity and understanding, which has been the motto of Damascus Arab Summit. Naturally, the issue of reconciliations is to be the most important one in this stage, as the platform upon which success or failure is to be built. In the absence of the solidarity or its weakness, every agreement or resolution remains an illusion non implementable. The Arab citizens were about to lose hope that the difference among the Arab countries was a passing one, hence the solidarity has become the in passing case charactering the relations prevailing among our states. This has been very clear a few months ago during the Israeli aggression against Gaza, which was the result for the Israeli criminal mentality on one side, and the unnatural result for Arab weakness because of our dismemberment from another side. However, the changes taking place recently following the Kuwait Economic Summit have restored some glimmer of hope for all of us regarding the possibility of moving the Arab-Arab relations in a better direction."

"The problem is not the presence of difference in itself, hence it is normal and always is associated with the diversity of human beings, whether as far as the one nation, home, or one family. The real problem is in the way through which we tackle the difference; that is through our management of the difference. We can not manage the difference in a perfect way, unless we unify our vision of the solidarity we want."

 "Arab Solidarity does not mean Arab identicalness; rather it means Arab Integration, not a process of copying the stances, and rather it is to coordinate the stances. Identicalness in the stances needs the same conditions as to have one vision. This does not exist because of objective causes. The Difference, rather than seeing it with its negative form as a contrast among us, let us see the positive side of the difference as diversity in reflection of richness. There is no contrast or clash of interests between any two Arab states; it is a difference in presented viewpoints. The prelude in such a case for Arab Solidarity is through the standing dialogue on the bases of accepting the difference, imposed by the dissimilarities surrounding every state. Consequently, there will be no justification nor possibility as to change the difference into bitter discord leading to inflicting damage upon our joint interests, which were not in principle the cause of emerging problem," reiterating the need for definite political institutional mechanisms, like, for example, presenting Arab initiatives before Arab Summit convocation with a reasonable time frame, the non presentation of initiatives related to specific countries without the approval of the basic countries concerned.

"We reiterate our unlimited support, as Arab leaders, to Palestinian reconciliation, which we see as immunity for the Palestinian People, and as prevention against any possible Israeli aggression; this, however, should never make us ignore Israel as a state built on aggression and killing, and that Israel sees its future through the expelling of the Palestinians to an alterative home, as to realize its aspired Jewish State. We register satisfaction to see most countries of the world recognizing the reality of the recently elected Israeli Government anti-peace trends," asserting that this government election has never been a surprise for us proving peace to be as a merely tactical option to camouflage its far objectives, as not to return back the usurped rights, hence all Israelis compete for the Arab Land, life, and blood.

"It is undoubtedly that we as the Arab side, and since we have issued the Arab Initiative for Peace, do not have a real partner in the peace process, which can not be accomplished only by one Arab side. From a practical side, this Initiative is inactive; even if we work to activate it, because the conditions for its activation are not complete; this is because Israel would not accept an initiative bases on the terms of reference which would return the rights to their owners. That is, it is Israel which is killing the Initiative and not the Doha Summit, as some have prorogated. This Initiative is not a new Terms of Reference; rather it is a frame for the Terms of Reference, to which Arabs cling for the realization of peace," asserting that peace can never be achieved with an enemy who does not believe in peace without being imposed on it through resistance and that our desire or peace is the motivation for supporting the resistance, which should be supported in implementation for moral and national duty.


"The peace is never to be achieved with the enemy, which does not believe in peace, without the peace being imposed on it through resistance. Our desire for peace is the stimulus for our support for the resistance, which support is but the moral, national duty. It is our only option in the absence of other alternatives. We have, therefore, to make the resistance beyond our circumstantial differences, as the cause upon which we are united, as the principle to believe in as long as occupation exists, and right usurped. Our belief in and commitment to peace is as strong as our belief in and commitment to the Resistance," underlined His Excellency President Al-Assad. 

"The issuance of the International Criminal Court warrant against an Arab President under false titles is one stage from the dismemberment stages of the Sudan, with the aim of weakening it, and then to confiscate its resources, dividing them among a group of countries, seeking to repeat the experience of mandate, through the use of international establishments, paving the way for the return of modern colonization with a more modern form. If the international situation shoulders responsibility for the failure in the realization of stability in our region; we, further, shoulder directly the responsibility in this; when we do not confront the bids aiming at the confiscating of our resolutions, controlling our destiny, and interfere in our internal affairs. What is taking place against the Sudan is a new chapter from the chapters of weakening the Arabs and non respect for their countries sovereignty."

"What the Sudan has been exposed to is like to what Palestine has been exposed to at the beginnings of last century, for which we are still paying its cost till today. We are called upon today as not to criticize the warrant- against H. E. President Al-Bashir of the Sudan- nor to describe it; we all agree regarding its politicization; rather we are called upon as to reject it completely, to univocally support the Sudan in this phase of confrontation, as to evade it and evade our countries the consequent definite phases till the dismemberment of the Sudan."

"We have to carry out our responsibilities for our causes, instead of waiting for endowments submitted to us from others, who in principle do not have the right. We have to call a spade a spade; war against terrorism is the war against us in the interest of terrorism, and the diffusion of democracy by others is but that of confusion spreading." 

"Not giving pretexts to Israel means not to demand our rights, to be defeated before it. Creating illusionary enemies in our region to replace Israel as the only enemy is a help for Israel. The resistance is an honor for us and never an accusation against us, nor a dishonor. We have to be proud of the Resistance; we have never to let others label our causes, as not to be deficient before our people, as not to lose the support of the countries which have sympathized with us, and as not to give space for whoever wants to replace us, or to interfere in our affairs." concluded His Excellency President Al-Assad. 

Edited & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Rome, Italy, March 30, 2009.