KUWAIT, JAN. 19. 2009- "Today’s Summit reflects the increasing of the popular as well as official awareness regarding the importance of economic affairs talks, as to achieve the more of integration and coordination among the Arab Countries; especially in light of what our present world witnesses of speedy changes and crises; whereby our Arab countries could achieve some of benefit through the coordination of their policies and economic trends," said His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad at the Arab Summit of Kuwait, citing many obstacles hindering the more of such integration and coordination, especially ‘the weakness of the political will’. 

"Hence economy creates the hoisting gear for politics, and the solid basis for the realization of a better structure for joint Arab Action; the presence of the political will besides the joint awareness among the political leaders of the importance of economic cooperation, would push forward economic integration and activity," said President Al-Assad, asserting that the economic affairs issue is intertwined to many other issues, and that "the more the economic relations get improved, the more the political ones get improved too," calling for a "solid institutionalizing of the economic relations, away from whatever personal moods and political lines."

 "No body would negate that we have made several strides- as far as Arab Economy- especially after the grand Arab Free Trade Zone entered in effect in 2005. All of this would remain, however, merely a few strides, with a very limited effect as far as the realization of Arab Economic Integration, if they were not to be followed by other strides like , for example, the liberalization of services commerce, free movements for persons, and the adoption of some mechanisms to compensate the countries damaged by the negative consequences of the liberalization process, in particular as far as the decrease of revenues, securing equity and benefit simultaneously," said His Excellency President Al-Assad asserting that an Arab Economic Integration would decrease loss and protect Arabs in light of the present global economic and financial crises. 

"What has been taking place in Gaza of crimes, with no precedent as far as their dangerous consequences, which would be reflected on our countries in all fields of life, whether political, economic and human, is the most dangerous for us and is the main preoccupation for Arab citizens and others. For every cause, there are its owners before others; we, however, are not here as to take decisions on their behalf, to issue declarations on their behalf, nor to put pressures on them; rather, we are here to stand by them. Who are they? They are who pay the cost; who are present on the land in the steadfast resistant Gaza, who have insisted to wage by themselves , without authorizing any body to act on their behalf, their honorable battles, the military as well as the political ones. Their cause is a two-fold one: political and human; each of which can be summarized as a genocide , which reflects, with no doubt, the grudge and racism by the Israelis," outlined His Excellency President Al-Assad, calling for an "end to the Israeli aggression, a ceasefire, the withdrawal of the aggressive Israelis forces, the immediate lifting of the blockade, and the opening of border crossings; so that the wounded would remain alive, and the live to remain healthy", pointing out the importance of speedy human aid for Gaza, as well as for the reconstruction of Gaza.


"Of no less importance should be our political, as well as moral support for Gaza, through the assertion of its right to self-defense with all means, and its unalienable right to respond to aggression; with all of what this entails of the necessity for a clear-cut support for the Palestinian Resistance, rejecting whatever might doubt the Resistance legitimacy and patriotism, or whatever might weaken the Resistance. In reply to labeling the Resistance, by whoever, as terrorism, I propose to this Summit to adopt officially the description of the Zionist Entity as the terrorist entity, especially in light of the latest aggression. When somebody intends to or carries out a terrorist action, we do not hesitate to accuse him with terrorism; how could it then be with an entity which has been, time and then, carrying this out for decades, and elect as its leaders only the terrorists!" noting that the Israeli occupation troops are still in Gaza, the blockade is still killing the Palestinians, and the aggressive Israeli intentions and grudge against Arabs have never been changed. 

"As for that part of the world, which calls itself the civilized world, it insists to remain by- will-blind; so it has viewed the problem as a weapon smuggled, and not as crimes perpetrated with internationally-prohibited weapons; this is not to put the victim and the executioner on an equal footing, as some believe mistakenly, it is but to replace the victim with the executioner! All in all, the repetition of the Israeli aggression is possible at any time, until the Israeli policies would change, which is quite far of possibility; or until we change the conditions, which is more fruitful and beneficial, depending on our solidarity with our own causes, but not against our causes," outlined His Excellency President Al-Assad, expressing the hope that the Summit would be that of decisions in the interest of Arab economy, national as well as human principles, would encourage investment among Arab countries, and support the resistance men right to resistance as to restore their right, " If development is the basic for our presence, the Resistance is the basic for our existence and continuity; and we have to be the Resistance profundity, so that it would be our guarantee." concluded President Al-Assad.


Edited & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Rome, January 19, 2009.




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