DOHA, JANUARY 16, 2009- "Our Summit today shows to our people as well as to the world that we are with ourselves, and not with our enemies, with our people and against occupation, with the martyrs of children, women and the elderly, and before all of this, that we are with the heroic resistance men every where," said His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad addressing the Doha Summit on Gaza. 

"During these difficult moments, our responsibility, as Arab Leaders, seems heavy as to provide serious and definite answers to the many of perplexed questions in the mind of every Arab regarding how to save our Palestinian People from this arrogant brutality, how we can, as Arab Nation, provide the appropriate answer to the crimes perpetrated by the occupation while watching the corpses of the children and their torn-off limbs scattered all over, when we read in the eyes of the yet remaining live children the fear mixed with request for a courageous hand to be extended to them, as to save them from their definite end after they have lost security in the afflicted with disaster but heroic Gaza," added His Excellency President Al-Assad.


"Could we isolate our feelings from those of millions filled with sufferance for the suffering of their brethren, and who hope that we are to fulfill our duty of real solidarity as to help our brethren in Gaza? rhetorically wondered President Al-Assad, "However, to arrive late is better than never to arrive; this applies to our Summit too," underlined His Excellency pointing out to mass Arab and Islamic popular wrath and calls for the convention of the summit as to take concrete actions to put an end to the ongoing Israeli aggressions and massacres against Gaza. "The destiny of Gaza is not that of Gaza Citizens alone; it is our shared destiny; the battle of Gaza is the battle of every Arab Citizen," asserted President Al-Assad. 

"Our Summit today is to stand by Gaza, and not to search for settlements at the expense of the citizens of Gaza as to satisfy Israel or to satisfy those who stand by Israel. He who defines the criteria as to define those who stand by Gaza and those who search for the said settlements at the expense of the citizens of Gaza is but the citizens of Gaza and its resistance men, who are the decision makers. Our role is to stand by them with no hesitation in whatever might support their steadfastness and alleviate their sufferings, leading to a solution that secures their security and dignity," reiterated President Al-Assad.

 "The basic for what we decide today is based on our stance by our people in Gaza against the new Israeli Nazi Holocaust, and on our conviction in the justice of the Palestinian Cause and in the legitimate rights of the Palestinian People. This, however, is not complete without understanding the essence of the problem, which is not only the occupation itself, but rather with the nature of the enemy, which we have been facing in light of the long decades of different experiences with this enemy," noted President Al-Assad citing decades of long experiences ranging from wars, to the failing peace bids. "The enemy, which has built its existence on massacres, consecrated its continuity on the bases of usurpation, and destruction, drawn its future on mass cleansings, is but an enemy which speaks the language of blood," said President Al-Assad, asserting that what happens in Gaza is not a response for the launching of missiles, but as part of an Israeli scheme to free Palestine form its Palestinians. 

"The Israelis have a real peace-phobia; hence those who perpetrate crimes can never be good at the making of peace. Just like thieves who steal something are not used to return willingly what they have stolen; that is they do not return the rights, but only if they are compelled to do so. This is the essence of resistance, which the resistance men very well have understood; their resistance has become the way for peace, which restores the rights from the enemy, which understands but the language of force. Here lies the difference between the resistance and terrorism, the first is Arabic while the second- terrorism- is an Israeli one. The first wants peace, the second wants war; the first was obliged to fight in defense of his rights, the second has been built on killing and aggressions against others," said His Excellency President Al-Assad asserting that the "Resistance has become a fundamental factor for peace", "hence peace without resistance with a criminal brutal enemy would definitely lead to surrender" noting that Israel wants through its aggression on Gaza to change the new realities created by the resistance, especially after the resistance has been victorious in Lebanon, stronger in Palestine, and been spread to the consciousness of the Arab Citizen. 

"It seems quite clear that Israel has never learned from history lessons," noted President Al-Assad asserting that Israel has been disappointed not only by its bet on time, but further by its huge military machine in Lebanon, Gaza, and later on in the West Bank as well as in the Golan, "The peace of the strong is never to be given to the weak, the peace of the brave is never to be given to the coward. The peace which is not to be given is but to be taken; and the right usurped is but to be restored," said His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad calling on Israel to abide indeed to the making of peace in the Middle East: " The only option left for the Israelis is to abide to peace with its due prerequisites. The peace is never to be attained as long as the title to take pride in Israel remains through whom to more blood-stain his/her hands with the blood of Arabs. We do not see this option- peace option- now, and would never see it tomorrow till we change it through our will in the absence of their will. The big peace starts today from Gaza, small in its size but grand in its resistance and steadfastness, this peace starts with the cease of aggression, which paves for a ceasefire, withdrawal of invading forces, lift of the unjust blockade, which is considered a non military war leading to the slow death of the Palestinians; he who faces death is never to be blamed for any thing." 

"Israel has pursued its announced targeted killings during the truce period, to which the resistance was committed to. About 40 Palestinians during the few months of the truce were martyred by Israel. So, what Israel propagates, along with those who stand by its side regarding the responsibility of resistance for what is taking place, is an abject lie," said President Al-Assad, pointing out that the issue to control the so-called arms smugglings pertains to states, wondering whether Israel recognize the presence of such a Palestinian State, asserting the need for concrete measures to be taken as to end the ongoing Israeli aggression against Gaza, including the immediate closure of Israeli Embassies, severing of direct as well as indirect forms of relations with Israel, reactivation of boycott rules against Israel, citing the Syrian decision to halt the then ongoing indirect peace talks with Israel through the mediation of Turkey. 

"The more we go ahead in providing proofs for our serious desire for peace, and the more of compromises we offer for peace, the more Israel goes ahead with its intransigency and disregard for our legitimate rights," outlined President Al-Assad pointing out that the Arab Peace Initiative of Beirut 2002 Arab Summit, killed one day after by Sharon’s massacring of the hundreds of Palestinians, was based on peace, which has never been realized, and that Arabs have now to transfer this initiative from the record of live to that of dead. 

"We have to stand by our brethren in Gaza, by its resistance officially, popularly, financially as well as morally, and with all means with no exception; to do whatever might support their steadfastness in the face of the aggression, especially the immediate opening of the crossings before individuals, and human assistance. We do support the idea regarding a Fund for the reconstruction of Gaza with a call for the convening of an International conference for this purpose," added His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad asserting the urgent need to take the necessary legal measures as hold Israel accountable for its perpetrated crimes. 

"We are the Nation of peace; our national, Arab, and human morals are built on the peace. Being so, we have tried to forget that there were the massacres of Dei Yassin, Kafr Qassem, Jenin, Qana the first, Qana the second, and many of the Israeli perpetrated massacres against Arabs. But Israel insists to remind us of its reality. Being the owners of a rich memory, the people of history, and the owners of the Land, we promise them that we would ever remember, and most important that we would care as to remind our children too; we would save for them the photos of the children of Gaza, with their open wounds and their bleedings over their toys; we would inform our children about the martyrs, bereaved, widows, and the disabled. We would teach our children that the strong believer is better and closer to God than the weak one, and that an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and who starts is the oppressor, and that what is taken by force is never to be restored; but only with the force. We would explain to our children that who loses the memory of the past, would lose the future. We would stick on the walls of their rooms a placard for every Arab child to be born saying "Do not forget" so that the child is to grow up saying to them that he/she would never ever neither forget nor forgive." declared His Excellency President Al-Assad. 

"Whatever they are carrying out and are perpetrating of war crimes is never to bring for them but the coming Arab generations, who are to be more hostile to Israel. The generations which are equipped with a developing immunity, a solidifying will with a speedier pace and a stronger power, which is more lethal than the development and force of the Israeli military arsenal. This means according to a realistic equation that for every Arab child to be killed, tens of resistance men are born. This also means that they are digging with their own hands graves for their sons and grandsons. They have the alternative today to seed whatever they want for the future, whether good or bad. But after that, they would never have the alternative as to define the kind of harvest. They seeded the blood and would reap nothing else; once a sapling grows up, it is to be bigger more than its original seed." concluded His Excellency President Al-Assad in a clear invitation- but not an open-ended one- for the Israelis to opt for the option of the just and comprehensive peace, so that all the coming generations are to live in stability, security, prosperity and tranquility. 


Edited & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Rome, January 16, 2009.

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