DAMASCUS, JANUARY 6, 2009- “Our vision regarding the solution- for the ongoing crisis in Gaza- is as follows: First, an immediate halt for the Israeli barbaric aggression against the Palestinian People; ceasefire, immediate withdrawal of the occupation troops from Gaza. Second, the lifting of the imposed siege, which is like a declaration of war, but not in a military form; once there is no lifting of the siege, it is difficult to have a real and solid ceasefire; once man is given the choice between slow death and quick death; he/she is to opt for the quick death, because it is easier. These are the basic points; there are many details in consequence for these points, which form the principles for a permanent and persistent solution in Gaza,” His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad declared in a joint press conference with His French Counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy.

 “Unfortunately, the Israelis have not learned from the lessons of Lebanon. During the war of Lebanon, the Israelis wanted to uproot the Resistance; the answer was the increase of Resistance thinking in society. The Resistance is not an organization to dismantle, not a person to assassinate, not an arm deposit to destroy; the Resistance is a thought being spread out,” added H. E. President Al-Assad.

 “We are confident that the Israeli aggression would never be able to break the will of the Palestinian People for the realization of their independent state, and for the withdrawal of the occupier from their land. We are ready to exert every effort and cooperate with whatever exerted effort in the region regionally or internationally,” underlined President Al-Assad.

 His Excellency President Al-Assad asserted that the ongoing Israeli aggressions and massacres against the Palestinian People are but a war crime, most of its victims are the Palestinian children, women living inside a mass arrest camp inside Gaza, reiterating the need for the convening of an Arab Summit, even a mini-Summit, as to deal with ongoing Israeli aggressions against Gaza.

In reply to a question regarding the convening of an Arab Summit, H. E. President Al-Assad wondered “If this is not the right time for the convening of an Arab Summit, when and under what circumstances would be the call for an Arab Summit to be convened! Is it possible for us to go for an Economic Summit after two weeks? and to be able to attend it without being able to attend a Summit for the political reason regarding the human political and military issue? This is unrealistic! What is being done so far is unacceptable!”

 “In light of the consultations, we are still determined on the necessity of the convening of this Summit. Syria, the President of the Arab Summit, and Qatar, the country to host the Summit, can reach to the necessary quorum for an Arab successful Summit; circumstance, however, might deem necessary the convening of the Summit, even a mini-one with all who are to be present,” added His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad pointing out that several contacts were held yesterday and the day before, in particular between His Excellency  and His Highness the Emir of Qatar, regarding the convening of an Arab Summit.


 Edited & Translated by

Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Rome, January 6, 2009.




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