Sirte, (SANA) – President Bashar Al-Assad on Saturday stressed in an interposition at the Extraordinary Arab Summit held in Sirte, Libya that developing the system of the joint Arab action can't be achieved in one summit.

President Al-Assad added "the proposed ideas in this regard need to be mature because the process of reform and development is constant." 
"We could approve the things we agreed on whereas we could study thoroughly the issues which we haven't yet agreed on and enrich them with dialogue in order to reach a sort of content," the President said.

"There will not be a will to achieve what has been proposed unless we have content, " the President added, stressing "we do not want a semblance of reform without an essential content accompanied with a real will to put the proposals into practice in a way that serves Arab people's interests."

On the Palestinian issue, President Al-Assad considered that talking about halting settlement activity is not enough, wondering " what about the settlements which are already built on the ground", underlining that the main issue is that of the land and full rights including the rights of the Palestinian refugees. 

President Al-Assad said "when we want to negotiate we have to adhere to the rights, and the negotiator should be supported by his/her own people before any other side, and she/he should take responsibility before his/her people and their future."  

President Al-Assad refused to transform Arab Peace Initiative Committee into a committee for Palestinian negotiation. He underscored the gravity of what Israel is doing for the Jewishness of its state, stressing on adherence to peace process in accordance with the international references and the Arab Peace Initiative.
On the latest developments in the Sudanese arena, President Al-Assad warned of the danger of neglecting the Sudanese issue which could lead to Sudan's division, which would have serious repercussions on other Arab countries. 
On the item related to the Arab neighborhood policy, President Al-Assad said that Syria supports building a healthy relationship with the Arab neighboring countries, underlining that this requires having institutional relations which enable us of constructing these relations starting with dialogue. 
He added we can't have special relations with the neighborhood without mending inter-Arab relations and then lay the institutional basics to develop and enrich them in all spheres. 

President Bashar Al-Assad underscored  that there should never be confusion between the tasks of the Arab Follow-up Committee and the Palestinian track.

In reply to a question by journalists about the outcomes of the meeting of the Arab Peace Initiative Committee on Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, during his participation in the extraordinary Arab Summit, H.E. President Al-Assad added that the Committee is specifically concerned with the explaining and promoting of the Arab Initiative and isn't concerned with measures related to negotiations, to how to negotiate and details. The Committee is only concerned with the principles, rights, and basics. 

President Al-Assad added that this stand by Syria is long-established and declared since the first time the issue of Palestinian negotiations was presented to the Follow-up Committee.
In reply to a question about ' presence of opportunity to enter in joint Arab negotiations with Israel', H.E. President Al-Assad said that the opportunity is always present when Israel would accept to give back the full rights, and isn't linked to a specific timing.

Answering a question about Syria's stance regarding developing the Arab League, President Al-Assad described the idea as 'necessary' ' but needs willingness and realistic phased steps''.
In reply to a question about 'Arab neighborhood Policy' H.E. President Al-Assad asserted that staged, partial steps could be taken, referring to the ongoing Arab-Turkey dialogue and that ' we can initiate similar things with other countries till the idea becomes inclusive of all neighboring countries; every Arab Country can improve its relations with the neighboring countries, as Syria has made with Turkey.''




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