MINSK, (SANA) - President Bashar Al-Assad held here Monday two sessions of bilateral and plenary talks with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, in presence of the members of the two official delegations.

President Al-Assad, in a word during the plenary session, expressed pleasure over the visit to the friendly country, Belorussia, saying: '' We appreciate the friendship with Belorussia, because it is built on strong and historic foundations,'' referring to several Syrians who have completed their studies in Belorussia's Universities and contributed to the building of Syria.

President Al-Assad referred also to some family relations between Syria and Belorussia and to the presence of a small Syrian Community which contributes to the bolstering of bilateral relations as a natural bridge linking Syria and Belorussia.

''The relations between Syria and Belorussia have always been characterized with reciprocal respect and support,'' asserted President Al-Assad citing President Lukashenko's visit to Syria in 1998, when bilateral relations between Syria and Belorussia were established through the relation with the late President Hafez Al-Assad, and president Lukashenko's second visit to Syria in 2003.

President Al-Assad asserted that as a result of coordination and similarities in policies, Syria and Belorussia have accomplished big and important results in their regions, stressing the need as to transform the standing political relations into economic ones.

"We, in our region, have expanded our relations in an excellent way with the neighboring States and started to build an infrastructure conducive to the political relations, as far as electricity, oil, gas, and transport are concerned, not to mention that the Syrian Businessmen have started to move with this network of relations,'' added President Al-Assad asserting that Syria's relations with Belorussia are not only bilateral ones but are also relations between two regions.

''The positive atmosphere during our closed-door talks is to be reflected upon the businessmen of both countries,'' said President Al-Assad underscoring the need as to eliminate all standing obstacles, of which the most were eliminated, standing in the face of business projects, which are the core for bigger projects.

President Al-Assad thanked president Lukashenko for his country's supporting stances to our just causes and for the firm and continued Belorussian stances on our causes, especially the occupied Syrian Golan and Palestinian cause and rights, reiterating that Arabs, in general, want peace, but Israel doesn't nor does what it has to do as to achieve the peace.

President Al-Assad also reiterated that the peace is to be realized through the implementation of related UN Security Council resolutions and Arab Peace Initiative.

President Al-Assad asserted the right of every country in the world as to possess a peaceful nuclear energy, asserting that the recent agreement between Turkey, Brazil and Iran, shows Iran's peaceful intention in this regard, and that the language of siege, threats isn't appropriate as to solve this issue nor as to solve any other issue. President Lukashenko said that the meeting today comes to assert the close relations between Syria and Belarus, expressing admiration of Syria's success in the economic reform and attracting foreign investments. He praised Syria's role on the international arena, particularly its role in guaranteeing the Middle East stability, underlining the necessity of implementing the international resolutions and the Palestinians' legitimate right to establish their independent state. The Belarusian President said that stances of the two countries are identical on the basic issues in the Middle East.

He added that the meetings and discussions which were held within President Al-Assad's visit will be a turning point for a remarkable step in cooperation between the two countries, saying "Syria is not only a partner, but it is the closest friend to Belarus in the Middle East.

President Lukashenko said that during the last years, there has been a dynamic in growing the bilateral relations in the political, economic and human domains.

Later, Presidents Al-Assad and Lukashenko held a press conference summarizing their talks.

On the common denominators between Syria and Belarus and how to formulate a new world system that preserves the right of decision-independency, President Al-Assad said "if we want to think in an ideal way, we could say that there should be international organizations that sponsor interests among the states and work to find right relations and connect these interests between the countries and peoples, but realistically we don't see this issue is applicable in the near scope."

"The possible solution now is that those countries, whether small or big, have to commit to their rights, if there is an occupation, it is inevitable to resist this occupation.. if there are attempts to snatch the national decision, we have to confront these attempts, this is in the first phase," President Al-Assad said.

The President added "in the second stage, we have to improve our relations with each other as states, and this is what has been done between Syria and Belarus in our regions. Belarus improves its relations with the neighboring countries and establishes strong joint interests; and when we consolidate this relation between Syria and Belarus, sure this will be reflected on the relation between the two regions."

Belarusian President underlined the need for building relations in the world in a fair manner, saying that Syria and Belarus are similar because they struggle for the sovereignty of their countries and work in the interest of both countries.

"Belarus stands against any principle or way to exert pressure on countries whether politically, economically or military." President Lukashenko said.

He added "we agreed with President Al-Assad on several issues… the economic relations have remarkably developed and this is not enough. It is important to push these relations and give them a new momentum."

President Lukashenko expressed readiness to cooperate with Syria in the economic and agrarian domains, establish joint partnerships on the Syrian land including assembling cars and trucks.

He said that foreign Ministers of Syria, Belarus and Venezuela are preparing for a summit that gathers Presidents of the three countries to be held in Damascus to discuss a tripartite joint project in the interest of their countries.

Later on, President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus on Monday held a dinner banquet in honor of President Bashar Al-Assad attended by the two countries' delegations.

President Al-Assad delivered a speech expressing his pleasure to visit Belarus, adding that whoever visits Belarus can not but to admire the greatness of Belarusian people's achievements and the sacrifices made to defend their homeland.

President Al-Assad referred to the links gathering Syria and Belarus for decades, based on mutual understanding and respect.

President Al-Assad said that there are many similarities between the two countries, on top of which is commitment to the independent political decisions and achieving the national interests.

"Enhancing and integrating the economic relations can't be completed in unstable environment, this matter gains a special importance in the Middle East because it still suffers of struggle with no resolution in the foreseeable future, that is because Israel is still occupying Arab lands including the occupied Syrian Golan, and it is still continuously rejecting peace calls, Arab and international initiatives to reach a just and comprehensive solution," President Al-Assad said.

President Al-Assad stressed that solving the Middle East cause requires all concerned sides to coordinate efforts to achieve the just and comprehensive peace on the basis of international legitimacy and the Arab Peace Initiative.

President Al-Assad hoped that this visit will form a firm foundation to promote cooperation relations between Syria and Belarus to the highest levels in the interests of the peoples of the two countries.

For his part, President Lukashenko said this visit will be a strong motivation to boost joint work between the two countries, saying that Syria is the most important and promising partner for Belarus in the Middle East.

President Lukashenko referred to the similar stances of the two countries, adding that Belarus highly appreciates Syria's efforts aimed at achieving the just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

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