DAMASCUS, (SANA) – His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad addressed the armed forces in a speech published in the People's Army magazine on Sunday on occasion of the 66th anniversary of forming the Syrian Arab Army.

 In the speech, President Al-Assad saluted the members of the armed forces and wished them well on this occasion, saying that since its inception, the Syrian Army was a model of commitment to the nation's causes and a defender of its rights, proving to be an impregnable fortress foiling the dreams and suspect plans of enemies, allowing Syria to remain a role model of national unity, amity, fraternity and coexistence.

 President Al-Assad said that Syria, destined to be at the heart of this geo-strategic area, is made the beating heart of the nation by the will of its sons, and that Syrians believe that adherence to national and pan-Arab stances increases the enmity against them, yet they still remain fully confident that Syria is capable of foiling the new chapter in the conspiracy through the awareness of its people and national unity.

 The President pointed out that the conspiracy was carefully plotted to fragment Syria in order to fragment the entire area, but the people who concocted the conspiracy forgot that Syria has unique characteristics that make it immune to conspiracies.

 "Syria is used to creating victories and defeating the enemies of the country and nation… today we are more determined to follow the course of dignity with sure steps based on personal abilities… it knows how to do it to add a new victories and leave warmongers and blood merchants to taste the bitterness of defeat and disappointment," President Al-Assad said.

 The President pointed out that the conspirators wished to cause sedition that leaves nothing behind, but the Syrian people proved bigger than plots and managed to end sedition and make a responsible stand to explore the areas of weakness and deal with them, opening prospects of comprehensive reform that will not stop despite the financial, technological, diplomatic, media and military resources that are deployed against Syria.

 "This vicious attack won't fare any better than the previous ones… all of Syria's honest people are confident that we will emerge from the crisis more powerful, more present and more effective regionally and internationally," President Al-Assad said, stressing that the Syrian Army proved its loyalty to its people, country and creed, and that its efforts and sacrifices will be admired, adding that these sacrifices succeeded in foiling the enemies of the country and ending sedition, preserving Syria.


President Al-Assad said that Syria will present its own model of freedom, democracy and political pluralism, paving the way to a future made by Syrians according to their convictions and interests, not according to what the nation's enemies want.

 The President pointed out that those who think that pressures and conspiracies can make Syria relinquish some of its rights and principles are wrong, and that Syria's belief in just and comprehensive peace doesn't mean relinquishing a speck of soil or a drop of water, affirming that the Syrian Arab Golan will remain Arab and Syrian and will return to the homeland Syria.

 "We will remain free in our national decision-making and sovereign in our international relations and our resistant course to achieve just and comprehensive peace according to international legitimacy resolutions that stipulate for Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Arab lands up to the June 4th 1967 line… those who bet on other than that are delusional… hardships make us more resilient, conspiracies make us stronger, and pressure causes it to adhere more to our standards and rights that cannot be liquidated or marginalized," President Al-Assad said.

 The President affirmed that in spite of its enemies, Syria will remain a symbol of amity, peace, security, safety and stability that preserves the dignity of the state and the dignity of citizens.

 President Al-Assad concluded by saluting the members of the armed forces, the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Syria, the families of martyrs, the families of armed forces personnel, and the entire Syrian people who proved capable of preserving national unity and coexistence through national awareness, affirming that a new victory is imminent and a bright future that meets the aspirations of the Syrian people is approaching.

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