Damascus, 10/6 /2000

The Syrian parliament on Saturday amended article number 83 over the age of the would be Syrian President making it 34 years instead of 40.

More than third of the committee formulated to amend the constitution article voted by majority on a provision to make he who would be nominated to the post of the Syrian Arab Republic President to be ‘’an Arab Syrian who enjoys his civil and political rights and fulfilling the 34 years.’’

 Dr. Bashar Assad Nominated General Leader of the Army

Damascus 11-6-2000

Dr. Bashar Al-Assad was nominated here Sunday as the Supreme Commander of the Syrian Armed Forces.

In a legislative decree, Dr, Bashar's military rank was upgrades as a lieutenant General.

The Baa'th Congress / Decision

Damascus 19/6/ 2000

 The 9th congress of the Baa'th Arab Socialist Party on Sunday nominated Lieutenant General Dr. Bashar Assad the leader of the party and the people's march.

Secretary General of the Baa'th Arab Socialist Party, Abdullah Al-Ahmar, read the decision. "Our struggling experience since the launching of the Correctionist movement aimed to realize integration among the leader, party and the people."

It pointed out that under the leadership of the late President, Syria realized big achievements at all domains and a national unity was consecrated.

"This big change transferred Syria from an unbalanced country to a state of action and influence at all developments and changes, as to confront challenges and to construct a democratic, progressive and united Arabic society," the decision added.

The late leader was great and the work of the great men would not end by the end of a stage but will be renewed and continued drawing the march of history and specifying the future horizons.

The march will continue with the leadership of Dr. Bashar who has good manners, personality and qualifications that enabled him to hold the flag, to continue the way and to win the people's confidence, the decision concluded.

Syrian Parliament Okays Lt. Gen. Bashar Assad's Nomination

Damascus 27-6-2000

Syrian Parliament unanimously okayed Tuesday the Baa'th Arab Socialist Party Regional Command Nomination of Lt.Gen. Bashar Hafez Al-Assad for the post of Syrian Presidency.

Following a two-day session of debate, the Parliament set July10,2000 as a date for popular referendum as to vote Dr. Bashar Hafez Al-Assad to be Syria's incoming President to lead the March of Syria's modernization and building initiated by his Late Father, President Hafez Assad.

The Parliament acceptance of Lt.Gen. Bashar's nomination for a seven-year Presidential Term crowned a stormy parliamentarian session in which speakers, representing Syria's political parties and sections pledged full support and loyalty to the persistence of the Late President's march through the son, 'the hope' for Syria's immunity, dignity and steadfastness.

Thousands of Syrians have been on vigil since yesterday's parliamentarian debate, some of them nearby the Parliament Headquarters in Damascus, chanting pro-Bashar slogans pledging to defend Syria's unanimously-favored candidate with their blood and their soul.

The Late President is largely viewed as the leader who was able, through his 30 years of presidency, to salvage Syria from a coup-plagued country into an oasis for stability, modernization and security.

Lt. Gen. Bashar's nomination for the presidency came to meet the aspiration of the millions of Syrians who see in His Excellency an extension for his Father's legacy of progress and prosperity.

Dr. Bashar, an eye doctor, is reputed for his unmatchable obsession with Information Technology, Modernization, and enhancement. His Excellency has led a campaign, at the directives of his Late Father, as to uproot corruption.

Marches of loyalty to LG Bashar Assad

Syrian Governorates, 29/6/2000

Syrians from all over the country on Thursday continued in a steady way expressing feelings of sadness and sorrow over the death of the eternal leader Hafez Assad and stressed at the same time their support to the nomination of the LG Bashar al-Assad for the Presidency post.

Marches went out in Aleppo, where partakers held photos of The late president and banners while chanted ‘’we would continue the walk with you Bashar.’’

Syrian Embassies were still receiving condolences over the death of the late president ,while women members of the Baath party central committee visited this morning the tomb of the late President in Qirdaha and wrote words in the Condolences book at the site.

Interior Minister referendum regulations

Damascus 29/6/2000

Interior minister Mohammed Harba on Thursday issued new regulations for July 10th referendum to elect Lt. Gen. Bashar al-Assad a President.

The regulations include those people who are legible for the referendum, its committees, and how to announce the last results of the referendum.

The regulations stated that all Syrians, males and females, who have completed 18 years of age at the beginning of 2000, that is any person

born on Jan. 1st, 1982 and before are legible to vote in the referendum unless he or she are prevented from their civil and political rights.

It also considered all governorate centers and the affiliated villages are considered one directorate.

Voting centers , according to these regulations, will be in schools and other government buildings. Special voting centers are allotted to women but it is possible to make the centers for both men and women, the regulations said.

President-elect Bashar Assad late Thursday inaugurated his entry official political career in a lengthy meeting with the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to stress the Syrian full support of the Lebanese conditions of Israel’s total pullout from south Lebanon.

Lt. Gen. Bashar Assad, who would shortly assume Presidency due to the Syrian people’s support for this step, underlined during his first meeting with an international figure ‘’Syria’s willingness to cooperate with the UN to achieve the just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East,’’ a Presidential spokesman said.

‘’ Syria will continue to cooperate with the UN to accomplish the just and comprehensive peace as well as Damascus emphasizes backing for Lebanon’s fair demands related to fulfillment of the complete Israeli withdrawal from the Lebanese lands’’ the spokesman quoted Bashar Assad as saying.

Annan, for his part, offered the UN condolences for the passing away of the late President Hafez al-Assad and expressed appreciation of his stance regarding the UN role and his cooperation with it in various circumstances to ‘’serve the international peace and peoples progress,’’ the spokesman said.

Dr. Bashar Assad declared Winner

Damascus 11/7/2000

 Syria witnessed a jubilant announcement of her new President as to follow the march of her real builder, late President Hafez Assad, who transferred her from a coups-plagued country into an oasis for freedom, progress and prosperity.

 The results of yesterday's held Presidential elections came up to the expectations of Syrians who have pinned hopes on Assad's Son, Lt. Gen. Bashar. Bashar scored a slashing victory to be the new Syrian President, an offshoot of the late great President, where he was voted for by 97,29 percent of Syrians eligible for voting.

"The number of Syrians casting the Yes vote reached to /8,689,871/ out from the total of /8,931,623/.'' Syria's Interior Minister, Mohammad Harba declared here Tuesday.

The minister added that the number of No voters reached to /22439/ and the number of spoiled vote papers stood at / 21319/. Harba noted to the huge popular support and vote in favor of Lt.Gen. Bashar hence he represents the best successor for the best predecessor, who groomed and brought him up. Harba noted that Syria, under the promising leadership of Dr. Bashar, would pursue the march of her late fond President, at the political level clinging to her rights undiminished, and at all other levels of life.

Damascus, 11/7 /2000

Interior Minister Mohammed Harba on Tuesday handed Speaker of the People’s Assembly Abdul Qader Qaddoura the letter including final results of the popular referendum held yesterday over the Presidency of the Lt. Gen. Bashar Al-Assad for the post of the Republic President for a seven- year -term.

Qaddoura and Harba exchanged words in which they stressed the 10th of July day would always remain a historical day in the life of the Arab people in Syria and because it was the day during which they have chosen Lt. , Gen. Bashar al-Assad as President of the Syrian Arab Republic.

They extended congratulations to the Syrian who had never Knew but the faithfulness and loyalty and hoped the march which would be lead by Comrade Lt. Gen., Bashar Assad full of gifts and accomplishment to serve the Syrian people.

Lt. Gen. Bashar is President of Syria

Damascus, 11/7/2000

Speaker of the Peoples’ Assembly Abdul Qader Qaddoura on Tuesday announced Lt. Gen. Bashar al-Assad President of the Syrian Arab Republic for a seven years term.

The declaration came during the extraordinary session held by the parliament and transmitted via TV.’’ I declare Lt. Gen. Bashar al-Assad as President of the Syrian Arab Republic for seven years term,’’ Qaddoura said.

He noted the new President would take oath on Monday July 17 at eleven AM local time.

The Syrian constitution termed the President would start ruling the moment he sworn in . It is a norm the new president would specify main lines of his policy in an address to the people.

Syrians jubilation/ President Bashar’ s Elections

Damascus, 17/7 /2000

Syrians in their tens of thousands burst into revels, poured Monday onto the streets of Damascus to celebrate the ascent to power of the new President leader Bashar Assad, son of the late President Hafez Assad, who died last month.

Cars festooned with photos of Bashar along with those of the elder Assad, sounded their horns in a chorus of hollers, honks and whoops as the just inaugurated President Bashar took the oath before a special committee of the parliament.

Some Syrians marched in organized groups waving pictures of Assad’s along with national flags and banners, renewing allegiance to the new leader of Syria.

As President Bashar went into the parliament building to take the oath and deliver his speech, jubilant deputies gave a long applause, chanting ‘‘we sacrifice our blood and soul for you Bashar,’’ and’’ Forever, forever with Assad.’’

Speaker Abdul Qader Qaddoura ordered President Bashar after taking oath the Omayyed Great Scarf. His Excellency received members of the parliament who rushed to salute him by shaking hands one by one.





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