President-elect Bashar Assad inaugurated his entry official political career in a lengthy meeting with the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to stress the Syrian full support of the Lebanese conditions of Israel’s total pullout from south Lebanon. 

Lt. Gen. Bashar Assad, who would shortly assume Presidency due to the Syrian people’s support for this step, underlined during his first meeting with an international figure ‘’Syria’s willingness to cooperate with the UN to achieve the just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East,’’ a Presidential spokesman said.

‘’ Syria will continue to cooperate with the UN to accomplish the just and comprehensive peace as well as Damascus emphasizes backing for Lebanon’s fair demands related to fulfillment of the complete Israeli withdrawal from the Lebanese lands’’ the spokesman quoted Bashar Assad as saying.

Lt. Gen. Bashar Assad / word

Damascus, 20/6/2000

President elect- Dr. Bashar Assad, encouraged by the sincere affection of the Syrian people demonstrated during the funeral of the late President Hafez Assad expressed hop late Tuesday Syria would manage to confront all future challenges and difficulties. ‘’ Comrades, There are solemn missions waiting and grand challenges facing and we will all, God willing, be as responsible as this historic responsibility be,’’ he said. ‘’ We shall confront challenges and will go together through your trust, love and support for the sake of the accomplishing these missions and surpassing those challenges ,’’ Dr. Bashar told the 9th Congress of the Baath Party in his first ever address since his public entry into to the political life after the death of his father. Bashar, who was unanimously named by the conferees after 4-day meetings as Secretary General of the Baath Party , suggested Arab unity had became a crucial demand and that the Arab world should look forward to achieving unification , even stages by stages and it the unity has not been achieved so far, it remains a legitimate goal. These tasks are very easy because the great leader, Hafez Assad has prepared for us a firm ground, solid basis and a great heritage of values and principles which he defended and adhered to till he parted with us and moved to the after life. Added to this the infrastructure and the great achievements in all fields and throughout the country that will enable us to launch our work strongly and confidently towards a future we all desire. Yet, these tasks are difficult because the approach of the great leader, Hafez Assad, was a very special and unique approach and therefore it is not easy to emulate it especially as we remember that we are required not just to maintain it but to develop it as well. This undoubtedly requires great efforts and work at all levels with the aim of building on the basis of what has been achieved in the glorious period of Assad to continue with what has been achieved and to multiply the steps determined to overcome the difficulties and cope with the challenges without giving up our national principles ordained in our hearts and minds. In all this we have to imitate his wisdom by transforming sorrow to a creative energy and the painful event to continuous work and achievement.

Lt. Gen. Bashar is President of Syria

Damascus, 11/7/2000 

Speaker of the Peoples’ Assembly Abdul Qader Qaddoura on Tuesday announced Lt. Gen. Bashar al-Assad President of the Syrian Arab Republic for a seven years term. The declaration came during the extraordinary session held by the parliament and transmitted via TV.’’ I declare Lt. Gen. Bashar al-Assad as President of the Syrian Arab Republic for seven years term,’’ Qaddoura said. He noted the new President would take oath on Monday July 17 at eleven AM local time. The Syrian constitution termed the President would start ruling the moment he sworn in . It is a norm the new president would specify main lines of his policy in an address to the people.

Syrian Parliament Okays Lt. Gen. Bashar Assad's Nomination

Damascus 27-6/2000

Syrian Parliament unanimously okayed Tuesday the Baa'th Arab Socialist Party Regional Command Nomination of Lt.Gen. Bashar Hafez Al-Assad for the post of Syrian Presidency.

Following a two-day session of debate, the Parliament set July10,2000 as a date for popular referendum as to vote Dr. Bashar Hafez Al-Assad to be Syria's incoming President to lead the March of Syria's modernization and building initiated by his Late Father, President Hafez Assad.

The Parliament acceptance of Lt.Gen. Bashar's nomination for a seven-year Presidential Term crowned a stormy parliamentarian session in which speakers, representing Syria's political parties and sections pledged full support and loyalty to the persistence of the Late President's march through the son, 'the hope' for Syria's immunity, dignity and steadfastness. Thousands of Syrians have been on vigil since yesterday's parliamentarian debate, some of them nearby the Parliament Headquarters in Damascus, chanting pro-Bashar slogans pledging to defend Syria's unanimously-favored candidate with their blood and their soul.

The Late President is largely viewed as the leader who was able, through his 30 years of presidency, to salvage Syria from a coup-plagued country into an oasis for stability, modernization and security.

Lt. Gen. Bashar's nomination for the presidency came to meet the aspiration of the millions of Syrians who see in His Excellency an extension for his Father's legacy of progress and prosperity. Dr. Bashar, an eye doctor, is reputed for his unmatchable obsession with Information Technology, Modernization, and enhancement. His Excellency has led a campaign, at the directives of his Late Father, as to uproot corruption.

President Assad Reiterates Syria's Desire for Peace

Damascus 31-10-2000

His Excellency President Bashar Assad underlined that Syria has been the pioneering in initiating Mideast Peace Process in the region.

"Syria is serious in working for the realization of peace but the aim of returning to peace talks should be the realization of the just and comprehensive peace in the region, which involves the commitment of all parties to this,'' Assad said in his yesterday's talks with the visiting German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder.

" As to realize the aspired for just and comprehensive peace, an end for occupation and aggression should be put, UNSC related resolutions implemented, prisoners released, and Palestinian Refugees rights to return guaranteed,'' Assad underlined.

President Assad blasted the anti-peace Israeli policy in violation of all norms, conventions, legitimacy massacring children, women and the elderly. "What Israel has been committing in the occupied territories and Jerusalem once more proved that Israel doesn't want peace. Once an opportunity for peace advance exists, Israel aborts it in its cradle with a provocation and with an aggression,'' Assad declared. President Assad blasted the double standard policy pursued by the USA in tackling Mideast issues. President Assad Reiterated Cling to Just and Comprehensive Peace 

Amman 27-3-2001

"We have never been aggressors against Israel; We, however, have ever been attacked by Israel,'' President Bashar Assad declared . "The Israelis are afraid of the past with its historical perspective hence they have no history where they have never exist in this region,'' His Excellency added in his historic address to Arab Summit. President Assad noted that the Israelis very well know that they '' don't own this land, which is possessed by Arabs''. The President ridiculed the Israeli claims for security asserting that '' the person on whom aggression falls should seek security. We have to make sure that Israel would never launch an aggression against us, bombard an institution in Iraq, or assassinate an official in Tunisia or in Malta,'' in reference to the Israeli many committed crimes against Arabs. "There would never be a peace without the retaining of the land in full and without the security of each Arab citizen,'' the President underlined. His Excellency belittled the Israeli threats against Syria, Lebanon or against other Arab countries saying that the Israelis '' through their military solutions move from a failure to another'' ,'' The Israelis, furthermore, didn't forget their defeat in Lebanon at the hands of the Lebanese Resistance in less than a year,'' HE called for a closer look at the Israeli public opinion '' The Israelis killed Rabin, when they suspected that he would offer something for peace, a mere suspense made them kill him though he was the hero in breaking the Palestinians' bones during the first Intifada,'' "As Arabs we consider all the Israelis right-wingers,'' HE said recalling '' Peres's present to the Israeli p[public opinion through Qana Massacre' '' Barak presented more than 400 Palestinian martyrs,'' "We are never concerned with names, Sharon, internationally renowned as the man of massacres, killing and hatred against Arabs, hates every Arab-related thing, Sharon was elected by the Israeli street itself.''

''The reality of the Israeli public opinion should be probed; Israel is a racial society and a more racist one than the Nazism,'' President Assad called on Arabs '' as not to fall in the trap of linking our stances and policies on our causes to those on persons in Israel or among the Israeli street,'' "Every single Israeli is responsible for each span of the occupied Arab territories and for every Arab to be killed,'' President Assad added. His Excellency blasted the Israeli violations of International Legitimacy resolutions and of people's rights and lands.

"The Palestinian Intifada is ongoing and with enthusiasm amid an increasing national spirit,'' calling for an Arab support for the Intifada through '' Direct financial aids'', '' an international campaign to speak of the Intifada as the legitimate resistance,'', and through ' Arab-Arab coordination,''. HE reiterated Syria's rejection of any unjust, deformed and partial peace which '' gave her the more of power factors and chips,'' HE noted to the failure of ten years of pressures on Syria as to accept a deformed peace in '' the failing ten years of the peace process,'' President Assad stressed the need to learn constructive lessons from the past, saying Syria extends its hands to the Palestinian brethren to best serve the Palestinian cause and the Syrian logic has one objective _ the return of the Arab rights undivided and undiminished. " We stand by Palestinians to help restore Jerusalem, to pull Israeli occupation forces out till the 4 June 1967 line, to give Palestinian refugees a chance to return to their homeland and to establish the Palestinian independent state with Jerusalem as its capital," he affirmed.

He described the Palestinian uprising as a key source of the current national renaissance in the Arab street and stressed the significance to safeguard the uprising because it has a positive impact on all Arabs by uniting Arabs' sentiments and mind. He affirmed the significance to offer financial assistance to the uprising to reduce the negative repercussions of the Israeli closure of Palestinian territories and to initiate an international campaign to explain the legitimacy of the Palestinian uprising as a form of resistance. " Resistance is a legitimate right of people under occupation and through this Israeli plans aiming to picture resistance a form of terrorism are deemed a failure," he added.

President Assad stressed Syria's willingness to achieve just and comprehensive peace based on Madrid referendum that can't be realized unless Israel withdraws from the occupied Palestinian , Lebanese and Syrian territories, in addition to the return of Jerusalem and refugees and the establishment of the Palestinian independent state, saying " Israel rejects these demands which means that Israel does not want to abide by any principles approved by the international community to achieve peace Israel doesn’t have the willingness to achieve real peace. He stressed the need to forge a tribunal to try Israeli war criminals and to try any Israeli who killed any Arab , noting ' some may think this is a dream , yet can be carried out on the ground.' He affirmed the significance to revive the United Nations resolution that deems Zionism as a form of racism, noting to the significance to stop cooperation with Israel by Arab countries. " We represent the Arab peoples and naturally we should talk about what they feel and think and we should not wait for others in the west, the east, the south or the north to define things for us ," President Assad said . " Let's be dare and define the concepts clearly. If we do not move, the world will not move with us,". " We should..... be careful not to turn this summit into a wailing wall to sit by and complain and cry, or turn it into a charity organization asking the world to help us. We must be daring and take daring decisions."

"We were occupied with analyzing the difference between the right and left in Israel .... For Arabs there is no right and no left. In Israel, whoever kills 1,000 Arabs is left, and whoever kills 5,000 is right. For us Arabs, all Israelis are right." 

Dr. Bashar Assad declared Winner

Damascus 11/7/2000

Syria witnessed a jubilant announcement of her new President as to follow the march of her real builder, late President Hafez Assad, who transferred her from a coups-plagued country into an oasis for freedom, progress and prosperity. The results of yesterday's held Presidential elections came up to the expectations of Syrians who have pinned hopes on Assad's Son, Lt. Gen. Bashar. Bashar scored a slashing victory to be the new Syrian President, an offshoot of the late great President, where he was voted for by 97,29 percent of Syrians eligible for voting.

French TV

"We want the Golan, the Syrian land. Syria puts no conditions for this hence the Golan was but her own right,'' added the president reiterating that this very right was enshrined, acknowledged and unanimously agreed upon through the related UN resolutions, Madrid Terms of Reference, by every member of the world community save the Israeli side."Not a single day passes without the Syrians talk of and work for peace; this is our aim, this very aim is the hope where all of us have interest in lasting and genuine peace" the president said asserting '' I believe, sooner or later, there would be peace and stability,''. in reply to a question about the president's statements that the racism in Israeli even exceed Nazism, the president said '' I spoke of the Israeli racism through what it carries on of killing operations whether during the Intifada or during its existence.'' "As for my speech before His Holiness, the Pope, I said that the sufferings of Jesus Christ were similar to those felt by the Palestinians in Palestine nowadays, the treason against Prophet Mohammad were similar to the same Israeli treason against the peace process,'' President Assad spoke of the ongoing process of reform and modernization in Syria citing some hurdles and obstacles on this way voicing determination as to eliminate all these obstacles. "We in Syria have to tackle subjective obstacles, often linked to individuals, and objective ones; we have to tackle first the subjective obstacles, which would give a push for the process of development,'' the president noted. "We are in the process of laying down the basics for democracy, the more solid these basics were, the larger building we would construct,'' asserted His Excellency. In reply to questions about Syrian troops deployment in Lebanon, President Assad said '' The redeployment of Syrian troops in Lebanon was linked to technical considerations estimated by military personnel in both countries and was subject directly to a design by the political leadership of Syria and Lebanon,'' reiterating that the presence of the Syrian troops in Lebanon was '' definitely a temporary one''. In reply to another question, President Assad asserted Syria's support for the Palestinian Cause saying that '' We want the world to applaud for peace and for the signature of a deal''. His excellency also spoke of Syria's call upon the international community, European Union, Peace sponsors, as to play their required role actively for the realization of peace hoping that his visit to France and talks with its leaders would further boost the ever good relations between Syria and France. 

Le Figaro

The president linked development to peace saying '' It was difficult to have genuine development in the region as a whole without reaching to peace; development itself could help the realization of peace. We should work for peace as to contribute to to and as to push the process of development forward,''. "We are determined to follow up the process of development in Syria. As for the factor of time, it depends on existing capabilities of local means of development and of other means, we use through our friends,'' added the president You develop things existed by your predecessor'' noting that this ongoing process in Syria does benefit by the enthusiasm of the youth and by the wisdom and direction of the old. "There are certain things realized in the country since coming to the presidency; however, there are other things which weren't realized as we did wish; at the same time, there are things realized better than what we expected,'' underlined the president. His Excellency touched upon all different aspects of the Syrian life asserting '' conditions in Syria go in a satisfactory form'' noting that several measures would be taken as to deter the reasons behind crimes commitment speaking of a continued determination to pursuer the march of the late president, who on different occasions set prisoners free. The president asserted the temporary nature of the Syrian presence in Lebanon saying ' The Syrian policy in Lebanon has never been that of interference, There are some loopholes or certain points to be improved in the Syrian-Lebanese relations. These loopholes are the responsibility of the Syrians as well as the Lebanese at the same time.

"The Syrian troops entered Lebanon in 1976 as to end the then civilian strife. Lebanon is Syria's underbelly geographically, if it weren't strong, it would damage Syria. Israel still occupies Lebanese territory and still considered a source of aggression for us as to occupy the more of the land,'' said the president asserting that the only legitimacy to speak of the nationality of the Chebba Farms was that of the international law. Damascus, the oldest city in the world, was the cradle for Christianity, from which Paul the Apostle started to spread Christianity to the entire world, and in which the Ommayads established the First Islamic State, stretching from China to Spain.'' President Assad added

In France ,in a word at a dinner banquet given by his French counterpart, Jacques Chirac here Monday, President Assad added '' we have to alleviate humanity to the highest as to guarantee for our children at present and in the future a secure life free of hatred, and full of amity, cooperation, and tolerance. "Furthermore, the Israelis replaced the principle of peace through force with the principle of lad for peace, which means that the culture of peace hasn't been mature yet. So far, they haven't realized that security would never be achieved but through peace and that the realization of peace would bring security.'' the President added asserting that those who have the might without the right would fail. president Assad reiterated Syria's cling to peace saying '' Our stance is very clear, we have no Syrian conditions but rather rights recognized by the international community. Just and comprehensive peace would ever be our strategic option notwithstanding the change of circumstances,''.





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