"H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad is very intelligent and very thoughtful. He is humble.  He has humility. He is a leader. I met President Assad.  I was with a group from the GFTU conference. There were hundreds of us.  He shook everyone's hand. A person in front of me said that he wished Assad was President of his country.  The president laughed and everyone laughed but I share the sentiment. So, what is Assad like? I was in a group consisting of maybe hundreds of people, but I would be very comfortable sitting and talking with him in a small group. He protects Syria against the worst of the worst. This is why Syrians love him."

 The Canadian political analyst, Mark Taliano, September 2019.




Andrew Ashdown



A few days ago, President Assad was photographed making a spontaneous visit to a restaurant in Damascus with his wife Asma. When the leader of a nation that is fighting a war is able to drive himself, his wife and his son to a restaurant without security and dine unannounced amongst the people, (he regularly makes similar informal visits to schools and factories, cultural events, mosques, churches and family homes, even to soldiers on the frontline) does it not challenge some of the attitudes that the international community project about him and about his popularity? I cannot imagine one European leader doing the same. See the following article:

"Assad “the Animal” Dines Out July 30. 2019.
By Nahed al Husaini, VT Damascus
They say a photograph is worth lots of words? Thousands? The Assad family was out to dinner in Damascus, nothing unusual there. They drove themselves with no security, not that unusual either.
The hat? That’s chemotherapy for breast cancer, not an attempt to upstage Trump’s Slovenian princess. You don’t want to compare the Assad’s and Trumps. Assad, an MD with a specialty in Ophthalmology, gave up his London practice in 1994 with the death of his brother and entered the Syria Army Officer Training Academy.
He had already served 4 years in the army as a physician. He was now destined to eventually command that same army.
President Assad is the only national leader in the world…we are assuming, we haven’t done a full survey, that can drive himself around, even into war zones.
Some say he is foolhardy but the truth is simple, he may well be the most popular elected leader in the world today. I’ve sat in a hotel lobby with VT staffers Bassam Barakat and Gordon Duff while President Assad has walked in alone for a meeting in the coffee shop.
Well, Nixon would head out to Carvel for ice cream from time to time, or so the secret service tell us. Bill Clinton had his cheese burger habit but we suspect its the Secret Service that brings Trump his nightly bag of Big Mac’s, thank goodness for liposuction.
This week, President Bashar Al Assad and his wife and son Elder son Hafez visited Oregano Restaurant in Damascus unexpectedly.

Assad in the photos with the Restaurant manger with his wife and son.
The Restaurant Manger thanked President Assad for Choosing his humble Restaurant and said “very glad to receive you Mr. President with your family. Your unexpected presence, along with your family, created an ambiance of warmth, love and happiness.”
Assad and his family had quiet dinner at the restaurant, and normally they visit public places in different provinces."



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