DAMASCUS, (ST)_ H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad received here today the visiting Assistant to the Iranian Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hussein Jabri Ansari and an accompanying delegation.

H.E. President Assad underscored the importance of permanent and pre-planned coordination between Syria and friendly countries about all of the different issues given the critical situation witnessed in the region.

''The Syrian People alone are the decision makers when it comes to whatever future political choices related to Syria and none is allowed to have this very decision making,'' asserted H.E. President Assad.

President Assad pointed out that the ongoing Turkish aggression against Afrin is but a further evidence for Turkey's continued aggressive policy against Syria and that any trust in such a policy and its actors is impossible.

Mr. Ansari reiterated Iran's permanent keen on coordination and consultation with Syria in all fields, asserting that whatever efforts by Iran in support of the political solution for the crisis in Syria would be in concord with the Syrian Leadership, citing the special status of Syria for Iran people and government.

The talks underlined the necessity for shared and clear background for the outcomes of Sochi Conference, which were agreed upon by the participants, asserting the need for the commitment of the UN envoy De Mistura to his role as merely a facilitator for dialogue.

The talks also dealt with the consequences of the continued Turkish aggression against Afrin and the aggressive stances by Turkey against Syria.

In a questions-answer brief stand with journalists, H.E. President Assad asserted that anti-Syria campaign, whether media or political one,  under 'humanitarian' titles basically aim at encouraging terrorism and terrorists after the continued blows they were given.

The talking about humanity –in Syria- according to Western logic means that the Syrian Army is achieving progress against terrorism, added H.E. President Assad.

President Assad pointed out that the majority of Syrians besieged by terrorists in Eastern Ghouta as human shields do need to escape from the terrorists to their motherland, Syria; thus, the operation against terrorism would continue while doors are open for the civilians to come to safety away from terrorists, asserted President Assad.

The issue of chemical pretext has become one of the lies of Western lies dictionary as to launch strikes against the Syrian Arab Army, H.E. President Assad declared, asserting that the illegal international US-led coalition is but the air force for ISIS and is supporting shamelessly al-Nusra, daesh, and the like of terrorist organizations.

In reply to another question, President Assad pointed out that the popular forces entering to Afrin is normal in the face of the foreign aggression, especially when the Syrian Arab Army is busy with fighting terrorists in other places inside Syria.

President Assad reiterated that Syria has no chemical weapons whatsoever and in 2013, and according to OPCW verification and statement, Syria disposed off all of chemical weapons.

H.E. President Assad, in reply to another question, pointed out that the first draft of the UNSC resolution number 2401 was as to protect terrorists in the face of the Syrian Arab Army, pointing out that orders were given by the sponsors of terrorists as to continue bombarding Damascus and its innocent civilians once 2401 was redrafted and issued with the aim of issuing another resolution against Syria.

President Assad blasted the daily illegal bombardment and massacres perpetrated by the western coalition against the Syrian civilians and against the Syrian Arab forces or against the forces fighting with the Syrian Army against daesh.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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