The humanitarian and welfare of the First Lady of Syria, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, has been non-stop, and even increased during more than 5 years of the war by the foreign-backed terrorists, backed by some Western states! Mrs. Al-Assad's presence in the Syrians' life has but bolstered their steadfastness, and togetherness, consoled and consolidated. In the footsteps of her husband, President Bashar Al-Assad, Her Excellency braves ever danger, moves from Homs, to Lattakia, Sweida to where she would find a bereaved to console, a mother, sister, brother to stretch a hand of oneness, unity, humanity and determination to vanquish against darkness, ignorance and extremism.   

With this in mind, here are some official Excerpts from a talk given by the First Lady Asma Al-Asad while participating today, Sunday, December 4th, 2016, in the 10th anniversary of the foundation of Syrian Organization for the Disabled, which falls on the same day as the international day for persons with disabilities:

''The importance of Syrian Organization for the Disabled a pioneering institution- comes from its concentration on preparing new cadres in an academic and professional manner, because its directors acknowledge the fact that any process needs such cadres in order to succeed and achieve the desired outcomes...This is what makes Aamal a pioneering institution...the strength of which comes from its expertise and performance...especially during the war...because the war increased the need for such cadres...for the issues are now much harder, complex, and important...and of course, I mean the wounded who fell in service of the homeland..."

''We stand with every child born with special needs, we support them throughout their school years, all the way until they complete their university education, and to continue their life the way they are supposed to...
We stand with every child and every family hurt by this war and we support them to carry on to the best of our abilities. As for those who sacrificed a part of their body for their homeland, our homeland, the homeland will stand by them..All of us, individuals, and private, public, and joint institutions are combining our efforts and our capabilities to help the wounded...yet no matter what we do, it will not be enough, they deserve so much more from us..."

The most important achievement after all these that our ''…children can now hear us, talk to us, understand us..."

''When we say that Aamal benefited 46,000 people in ten years, we also have to say that 30,000 of them were affected during the war...when we say that more than 160,000 people graduated in the past ten years, we also have to say that nearly half did so during the war years...and when we say that these achievements across the past ten years were not easy, we have to remember that in six out of those ten years we were witnessing the war on Syria..."

The First Lady Asma al-Assad during her participation in Syrian Organization for the Disabled 10th anniversary

#WeLoveYouAsma #InternationalDayOfDisabledPersons

 The Syrian Organization for the Disabled (Aamal) is a nonprofit NGO, which was founded at the behest of The First Lady Asma al-Assad, and has until today helped more than 46,000 people, most of whom are children. And under its supervision, more than 160,000 young women and men graduate from Syrian universities specialising in providing different services to persons with disabilities.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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