DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The Syrian People are fully enthusiastic to participate in the ongoing Parliamentarian voting as the early hours of the voting indicated, outlined H.E. President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad.

Casting his vote along with the First Lady of Syria, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, here Wednesday, President Al-Assad added in a statement that the participation in the elections included all components of the Syrian Society, on top are the families who lost sons at the hands of terrorism, the family members of the Martyred and wounded, who sacrificed their souls or bodies in defense of the homeland.

'The homeland is the territories, People and institutions and all that unites these factors is the Constitution. Accordingly, the President and his wife vote today, as Syrian citizens in defense of the constitutional duty," added H.E. President Assad.

"The Syrians have been waging for 5 years a war against terrorism, which though shed the innocents blood and destroys more of the infrastructure, but indeed failed to destroy the Syrians' national social identity," reiterated President Al-Assad.

"The Syrian People have been aware about the operators and masters of terrorists bids as to strike the Syrians' national identity and social structure; accordingly the landslide immense enthusiasm to participate in all of the previous constitutional duties, presidential and legislative, and in today's elections, which witnessed unprecedented huge numbers of candidature nominations compared to previous parliamentarian elections," added H.E. President Al-Assad.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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