DAMASCUS, (ST)- "From the very beginning, orphaned children have been a top priority in Syria," First Lady Mrs. Asmaa Al-Assad stressed on Saturday during her surprise visit to orphaned children attending an entertainment event held at the Tishreen Sport City in Damascus, according to the facebook page of the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic.

"War never affected our caring for them or our following up of their affairs on every occasion. If the world celebrates orphans in a week, here, in Syria, Orphans are the focus of attention on all days," Mrs. Asmaa said, pointing out that orphaned children don't need a festivity, but care and active following up of their life details and successes.  

Marking World Orphan Week and under the patronage of First Lady Asmaa Al-Assad, the "Lamset Shifa" (Touch of Healing) Association and the"Big Idea" for Events and Advertising company on Sunday organized an entertainment event for orphaned children at the Tishreen Sport City in Damascus.

The event, which aimed at making children feel happy and at developing their talents, included several entertainment activities among which were a mini circus, acrobatic games, magic tricks and artistic shows.




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