The late Mrs. Anisa Makhlof Al-Assad, the widow of President Hafez Al-Assad, had ever  been standing with and by him as his soul mate in thinking, dedication, values, honesty. In fact her role was even greater than what might be seen, as she did not like to be in the limelight and dedicated her life to work in silence, but with the highest level of efficiency and sincerity.

In  a commiseration  article in  Wattani press Website, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, the Political and Media Advisor at the Presidential Palace, added that the late First Lady of Syria, Mrs. Anisa Makhlof Al-Assad, was in a room beside the Late President's room when she heard that the phone handset  dropped on the floor and hurried up to find the handset on the ground! She always used to remember him out of respect as the president, whom she had tried in vain to convince as to go to Lattakia only for short days as take some rest; the late President always used to respond that he had no time to take rest!


The late First Lady, Mrs. Anisa Makhlof Al-Assad, very often used to phone the late President after noon at about 4 o'clock, while we were in a meeting, as to remind him that he had not  taken his lunch yet! The late President used to enter the meeting room smiling that he was not able to schedule his food times.

When ex-President of the USA, Bill Clinton, used to phone, more than once, the late president in his house for the arrangement of Geneva Meeting with President Hafez Al-Assad on March 26, 2000, The late First Lady, Mrs. Anisa Makhlof Al-Assad used to lightly enter into his room putting papers, pens on the table, gazing at the late President wondering whether he was in need for any other thing.

The late First Lady, Mrs. Anisa Makhlof Al-Assad had indeed been a unique example in her upbringing of her children, tenderness for Martyrs' families, follow up for family and woman affairs; the Homeland was an eyewitness for her distinguished and pioneering role, added Dr. Shaaban.

When she received us as members of the Central Committee of the Baath Party, the late First Lady, Mrs. Anisa Makhlof Al-Assad had encouraged us ,as women, for political activities and for distinction in this field, because a mother, wife, should interact and react when it comes to public affairs in a more detailed and with more emotion than a man, underlined the late First Lady, Mrs. Anisa Makhlof Al-Assad, according to Dr. Shaa'ban.

The late First Lady, Mrs. Anisa Makhlof Al-Assad had been an active member of the Syrian Social nationalist  Party  (SSNP) before her marriage to the Late President Hafez Al-Assad. Her contributions to politics and to whatever of interest to Syria and Syrians after her marriage was indeed priceless.

Dr. Shaa'ban concluded: rest in Peace Mrs. Anisa Makhlof Al-Assad, long live H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad , who represents her good upbringing through  character, steadfastness and amity for the soil of the homeland and in defense of Syria with all possible means.

From God we come and unto him we shall return.

Vice-President, Dr. Najah Al-Attar, wrote a commiseration article in Tishreen Daily addressing the late first lady of Syria as the most respected, noble and giant, who offers the ideal example for  a wife, mother and for an educated conscious Arab woman.

"Your son, you the great mother, is leading us on the way of struggle against surrender and the surrendered, in the face of the greedy and anti-Syrians, declaring and as was ever declared by the late President, Hafez Al-Assad, 'no ceding for a single grain of the Syrian soil, watered, for long, by the generous  blood and spirits of our martyrs," said Dr. Najah Al-Attar.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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